Abandon Ship!

Passengers and crew aboard the Trumptanic are headed for the lifeboats!  About time some of them woke up and noticed that the ship had no captain, only a madman with a demonic expression at the helm.

The latest in the series of evacuations was none other than Paul Ryan, who had the temerity to say …

“You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order. As a conservative, I’m a believer in following the plain text of the Constitution, and I think in this case the 14th Amendment is pretty clear, and that would involve a very, very lengthy constitutional process.”

Quite so, and well done for standing up to the ‘man’, even though ol’ Paul had nothing to lose, since he isn’t running in next week’s mid-terms and therefore will be requiring no further favours from Trump.

But then, speaking to the same issue, none other than George Conway, an attorney and a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School, not to mention Kellyanne’s husband, also spoke against Trump in an OpEd for The Washington Post:

“Sometimes the Constitution’s text is plain as day and bars what politicians seek to do. That’s the case with President Trump’s proposal to end “birthright citizenship” through an executive order. Such a move would be unconstitutional and would certainly be challenged. And the challengers would undoubtedly win.

He is threatening, with the stroke of a pen, to declare certain people who are born in the United States ineligible for citizenship — despite the plain words of the 14th Amendment.

The president promised to put justices on the Supreme Court in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia, but we have no doubt what Scalia — who preached adherence to the text of the Constitution and the laws of the United States in light of their original meaning — would think about this proposal. To say that he would have declared it dead on arrival would be an understatement.”

Kellyanne, meanwhile, went on Fox News to defend Trump’s claim that with a stroke of a pen he can undo the 14th Amendment.  Can you imagine last night’s dinner table conversation between George and Kellyanne?  Anybody smell a divorce in the making?

And then there were Paul Ryan and even master boot-licker Mitch McConnell, who refused Trump’s offer to accompany him on his misguided visit to Pittsburgh yesterday.  Trump was asked by Mayor Bill Peduto to stay away, saying that it was a time of grieving and the focus should be on the victims, not politics.  Even democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi declined his invitation. But Trump, in his usual manner, did as he wished and went to Pittsburgh where the red carpet was definitely not rolled out, and local officials refused to appear with Trump.  It sent a message, loud and clear.

In the wake of the brutal murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi, five republican senators have declared that negotiations between the US and Saudi Arabia for a deal that could allow American companies to build nuclear reactors in the kingdom should be suspended.  The five, Senators Marco Rubio of Florida, Rand Paul of Kentucky, Todd Young of Indiana, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Dean Heller of Nevada, penned a letter to Trump, which reads, in part …

“The ongoing revelations about the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, as well as certain Saudi actions related to Yemen and Lebanon, have raised further serious concerns about the transparency, accountability, and judgment of current decision-makers in Saudi Arabia.”

It’s only a start, but as Trump blatantly refuses to denounce white supremacy, as he escalates his calls for racism and further divides the nation, and as he continues to support strongarm dictators while disparaging our allies, perhaps those who have blindly supported him are beginning to rub the dust out of their eyes and see that he is bringing this nation down, that he is causing us all to be the laughingstock, the embarrassment and the shame of the world.

15 thoughts on “Abandon Ship!

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  2. Jill, of course, the man who does not study details and is renowned for lying, said Paul Ryan does not know what he is talking about. Speaker Ryan is known to be wonkish. I think I would believe him on any issue over Trump, except for one – how to lie with impunity. George’s wife is also known to separate herself from the truth. This is no exception.

    By the way, I am no constitutional scholar, but even I know that the US President cannot do this. Keith

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    • I agree … I’m not much a fan of Paul Ryan’s, but at least he sometimes exhibits a bit of sense, unlike the prez. George Connelly must have the patience of a saint, since he hasn’t murdered his wife yet!


      • Jill, I agree about Ryan. He has had too many chances to be more outspoken about Trump’s policy comments, bullying and lying. As a result, far too many Republicans believe Trump speaks the gospel truth, when the data shows the exact opposite. I can see George telling Kellyanne to cut the BS, it does not with with me. Keith

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  3. I would jump off that ship too, not that I was ever on it. DJT is not god, nor will he ever be. That the officers on the Trumptanic are jumping overboard at last is a good thing, though it took longer than it should have. I guess Trump juryrigged the lifeboats to not work. The boat is going down. It is time to sink or swim!

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    • I would not have ever gotten on that creaky ol’ bucket to begin with, but I am glad that some are waking up and baling! Those that stay on the ship … sorry, but they deserve whatever happens to them. I have no more compassion for bigots, liars, and cheaters.


      • Question: Will you be able to find that compassion once Trump is gone and, and the repubes become human again ( if they do, or is this a permanent swing to the right?)? (Heh, heh, I threw in two questions, lol.)
        I hate to say it, but I don’t see this rift healing in our lifetime, which might not be much longer, but I do hope to see it healed. What is it going to take to heal it? Can the Dems become the better people they will need to be, or will they say, This is what you wanted, deal with it! Even here in Canada we are seeing some of this split, and what will our next election have to say about it?
        I don’t know, Jill, I just don’t know. If we can avoid an us vs. them war, that will be a giant step, but lately I’m seeing that such a war is unavoidable, and no one can win.

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        • The answer to your question, my friend, is that I don’t know. I like to think so, but I feel myself turning into a harder person, one who I sometimes don’t even like very much. And to the second part of the question, I have strong doubts that those who support Trump today will ever turn into people who would put others before their own greed, and that’s really what it all boils down to. I don’t see this nation … the world, really … going back to the way it was a decade or two ago. The reasons for the change are not going to simply go away, and human nature being what it is, there will always be those who have a sense of entitlement for one reason or another, who believe their wants and needs should take precedence over all else.

          I agree with you … I would bet that we will not see an end to this divisiveness, this insanity, in our lifetime. Will the world ever regain balance? I don’t know, but frankly if all humans don’t get serious about addressing climate change and environmental concerns, the human race will extinct itself in one way or another. That is part of the entire problem, and we are not addressing it in a strict and timely manner.

          I think we are already embroiled in an ‘us v them’ war, and like you, I don’t see a good ending. My friend Roger says that looking back at history, we can see that we have been here before and found our way back to sanity. I like to think he’s right, but I don’t know. The sheer hatred coming from so many is discouraging, makes it hard to believe that the the rift can ever be healed. The fact that it isn’t only here in the U.S., but in Europe, Canada, South America … it is a global problem, and that makes me wonder how it can ever be resolved. Sigh.


          • It will be resolved, peacefully or violently I will not predict. The question is who is going to be happy with the result–us or them? I cannot imagine it will be both, but it could very well be neither. That is the scary ending. But if we extinct ourselves, without destroying the world, those left will celebrate our dkisappearance. I wish them better luck than humanity had..

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            • I don’t think it will ever be resolved in such a way that we all live together in relative peace and harmony. For the U.S., I see an autocracy in the future, and an even larger disparity between those with money & power than we have today. Tonight, my best guess would be that we will destroy the human race with those toys the wealthy like so well. You know the ones I mean … the ones called ‘nukes’. And there was a time that thought would have frightened me, but now I just sigh and say, “bring it”.


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