A Snarky Snippet Friday …

It seems that the closer it comes to election day, the more fired up the rhetoric gets, the snarkier I feel.  Having just finished a three-part series on Voter Apathy, I was ready to let loose with some snark this afternoon!

A big deal …

1-mike-pence.w330.h412“I heard Oprah was in town today. And I heard Will Ferrell was going door-to-door the other day. Well, I’d like to remind Stacey (Abrams) and Oprah and Will Ferrell — I’m kind of a big deal, too.”

— Vice President Mike Pence at a campaign event for gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in Georgia, reminding voters he’s a big-ticket name, too.

As one commenter said: “On one side, beloved American institutions. On the other, a man with as much charisma as an empty cottage-cheese tub.”


The judge can’t make up his mind …

Remember two weeks ago when I wrote a piece on some of the ways in which states are disenfranchising certain groups of voters?  One such state was North Dakota, where voter identification laws require an ID with an actual street address. Problem is that many of the Native Americans live in rural areas where their address is a P.O. box.

Late Tuesday, the Spirit Lake Tribe and six individuals filed suit in U.S. District Court to prevent North Dakota’s new voter ID laws from being implemented during next week’s mid-term elections.  Seems reasonable, yes?  Apparently not to U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland, who declined to grant emergency relief and ruled that granting an injunction days before the election “will create as much confusion as it will alleviate.”  Say what???

Daniel Hovland

Judge Hovland

Versions of North Dakota’s voter identification law have been the subject of litigation for the past few years. Earlier this year, the very same Judge Daniel Hovland found the requirements, including identification carrying a residential street address, disproportionately burdened Native American voters.  He also found that thousands of Native Americans were less likely to possess identification that met the requirements or the documentation required to obtain identification.

So, to clarify, the judge has understood for some time that the laws are restrictive and keep thousands of Native Americans from voting, but he feels it would be too confusing to put a hold on the laws in order to allow Native Americans to vote in next week’s election.  This move is almost certain to unseat democratic Senator Heidi Heitkamp who is trailing behind her republican challenger, Kevin Cramer by 7-9 percentage points.  Does anybody smell a rat here?  Fair and honest elections?  Balderdash!!!


Heidi Heitkamp / Kevin Cramer

Another strike against women …

Okay, so the evangelical right-wing republicans are dead-set against abortion under any and all circumstances, right?  No exceptions, life begins before the cigarette is even lit, and is something sacred from that point forward.  So, doesn’t it make sense that those same people would favour birth control so that there would be far fewer abortions needed, and an added bonus, far fewer children in need of help from the government for such luxuries as medical care, food, clothing and shelter?  But no … they want to be able to determine whether their religion allows a woman access to birth control, too!

Trump is attempting to revise the rules of ACA in order to allow companies to refuse to cover birth control in their employee health plans if they have moral or religious objections.  Thus far, the courts have struck his revision down twice, but he has once again made what is said to be a minor adjustment in hopes of getting the blessing of the courts before next week’s mid-term elections.  The average cost of birth control, if not covered under an insurance plan, is $160 – $600 per year.  It may not sound like much, but to a lot of women, that may be two months’ worth of groceries.

I see this as blatant misogyny … an attempt to dictate that “Woman, you WILL have babies whether you desire to or not!” 

Even ice cream goes political …

According to a statement by Ben & Jerry’s founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield …

“We cannot ignore the Trump administration’s attacks on our values, our environment, and our very humanity. We cannot stand silent while disenfranchised groups are silenced and ignored. We must act, we must resist. Introducing Pecan Resist, a new Limited Batch flavor that packs so much more than fudge and nuts under its lid. This flavor supports organizations that are working on the front lines of the resistance, supporting equality, justice, and respect for everyone. Featuring chocolate ice cream with white fudge chunks, dark fudge chunks, pecans, walnuts, and fudge-covered almonds, it’s a nutty delight that’s sending a powerful message. Together, we can resist. Learn more and find it near you here: http://benjerry.com/pecanresist

The reviews on Twitter were a mixed bag …

  • I am never purchasing anything at Ben and Jerry’s again, this is disgraceful.
  • I am proud to announce my next flavor of Ben and Jerry’s I will be eating….. none of the above. Political food makes my stomach turn.
  • My new favorite ice cream!
    That’s how you make a statement
    And take a stand!
    Well done @benandjerrys
    .. if you wanna make another
    flavor called Kid Vicious
    You have my permission!#PecanResist#TheResistance#Vote #KidVicious

And there you have it … another episode of Filosofa’s Snarky Snippets!  Happy Friday and have a great weekend, my friends!Happy Friday

9 thoughts on “A Snarky Snippet Friday …

  1. Jill, well played. I find it interesting that the US President is more focused on the impact of two people on the so-called “Republican momentum,” than he is on the fact people died and others received bombs in the mail. What is also lost is two blacks were killed in Kentucky after the killer was locked out of a church trying to kill more. This last killing did not warrant the President’s attention.

    By the way, Mr. President, I can read and hear you. You have sewn and do sow seeds of division with your hate speech. Keith

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  2. I love your snark! On the strike against women post all I could think of as I read it was The Handmaid’s Tale. It really is scary what men like Pence would really want to do if they had the power to do it. I served in two branches of our military to protect the rights of all people in our country and to protect the constitution. Now my country has a President and vice President who are doing their best to destroy it all and defile what is left. Yes I am angry. Hugs

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    • Thanks, Scottie! Snark seems to just roll off my tongue these days, and I have to be very careful not to let it run over into my personal life! Believe me, I share in your anger … the nation is being torn down, brick by brick, and another two years of this I do not believe we can survive. Hugs!

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      • Hey Jill want to vent your spleen a little? Here is a link, if you read though it you will see where I am in a “discussion” with someone who thinks the caravan people could have simply gone to an embassy and gotten process for entry. I have tried a few times to explain things to him, you might do far better than I . Here is the link. The person is OG. I could use your help. Hugs


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        • Sorry I didn’t jump in sooner, Scottie … been busy all day and just now got to this. I jumped in a bit … left a few comments here and there. The arrogance and entitlement of some of these people makes me so furious!!! Thanks for sending me this link … although I follow Nan, I rarely get to hers (or anyone’s) blog, so I hadn’t seen this. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Snarky is good. Pecan Resist sounds good. If my town was in North Dakota, 95% of the townspeople would not be able to vote, most of us have box numbers on our ID. Women must have babies, but no one cares if they can give them a good life.
    The United States, supposed to be the world’s greatest democracy, has more ways to disenfranchise voters than any country since the end of apartheid. This is not my idea of deocracy!

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