♫ The Happening ♫

Tonight I just thought we all needed something really upbeat, and I can’t think of a single song that is more upbeat than this one by The Supremes.

This song was written for the 1967 movie The Happening, which starred Anthony Quinn, George Maharis, Michael Parks, Robert Walker Jr., and Faye Dunaway. The film flopped, but the song went to #1 in the US, giving The Supremes their 10th chart-topper in that country.  The songwriting team of Holland-Dozier-Holland co-wrote this with Frank DeVol, who was the musical director for the film.

So now, how ’bout I shut up and just play the song …

The Happening
The Supremes

Hey! Life, look at me, I can see the reality,
‘Cause when you shook me, took me outta my world, I woke up.
Suddenly I just woke up to The Happening.

When you find that you left the future behind.
‘Cause when you got a tender love you don’t take care of,
then you better beware of,
The Happening.

One day you’re up, when you turn around,
You find your world is tumbling down.
It happened to me and it can happen to you.

I was sure, I felt secure until love took a detour.
Yeah! Riding high on top of the world, it happened.
Suddenly it just happened,

I saw my dreams torn apart
when love walked away from my heart.
And when you lose a precious love you need to guide you
something happens inside you,
The Happening.

Now I see life for what it is.
It’s not of dreams, it’s not of bliss.
It happened to me and it can happen to you

And then it happened.
Oo, and then it happened.
Oo, and then it happened.

Is it real? Is it fake?
Is this game of life a mistake?
‘Cause when I lost the love I thought was mine for certain,
Suddenly it starts hurtin’.

I saw the light too late when that fickle finger of fate.
Yeah! It came and broke my pretty balloon,
I woke up, suddenly I just woke up, so sure,
I felt secure until love took a detour.
‘Cause when you got a tender love you don’t take care of,
then you better beware of,
The Happening.
The Happening.

The Happening lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

18 thoughts on “♫ The Happening ♫

  1. Even good drugs couldn’t help “The Happening” movie. I saw it straight, came out entirely confused. So I saw it stoned, and came out even more confused. A “happening” might have been kinda like a flash mob these days, but not planned. Someone would do something in the straight world of ties or high fashion, and others would take it up, showing the straights how ridiculous their money-hunt was. There were happenings all over the Americas, Britain, France, etc. It was the straights who were supposed to be confused. But the movie, hell, I don’t think they got anything right. Even Winnipeg could not save that one, we didn’t even try.

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 Only you, my friend! It must have been a really bad movie, though, for I didn’t even know it existed. Not, mind you, that I am exactly on top of pop culture and have only gone to about a dozen movies in theaters in my entire 67 years! The song is good, though, yes?


      • The music is happy and bouncy, though the words should be sad. It is as confusing as the movie was.
        As far as 60s culture, I saw just about every movie about hippie and related culture that came out at the time. Butterflies are Free, The Strawberry Statement, and Tribes are three excellent movies of the era. Others were almost as good, but I cannot remember their names anymore. The Rose could have been great, but the music was not up to par, in my mind. Monterey Pop Festival was a good representation of the music world at the time, and Altamont encapsulated the end of an era.
        I wish my “culture” memory was better, but too many things are gone. Oh, well…

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        • I did see Butterflies Are Free, albeit not until it came out on television, but I did love that one. Goldie Hawn, yes? But the other two you mention I have not heard of … I think I lived in a vacuum sometimes. Your ‘culture memory’ is far better than mine! But then, these days I can barely remember why I went into the kitchen. Sigh.


          • I have the same problem, it seems to come with age. But when it comes to the 60s and 70s I do remember the things I especially liked. The Strawberry Statement was a movie about an accidental takeover of a college dean’s office, and how it grew into a big deal. It ended with peaceful students being violently hauled off to jail by the National Guard. It was not a critical success, but it was a success with me. The same for Tribes, which was about a hippy and ex-yoga student being drafted into the armed forces, and confusing the hell out of his drill sargeant with feats of “mind-over-matter” strength. It ends with the peace-loving hippy going AWOL and the sargeant finding him and telling him to head for Canada because he was not made to ever go to war (Viet Nam). A beautiful movie–if you were anti-war. I doubt you could find an existing copy of either movie. But maybe…

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            • Actually, I did find Tribes on YouTube … the full movie. No, I didn’t watch it yet, but I might one day. Isn’t it odd that we cannot remember yesterday sometimes, but can clearly remember events, films, books, from decades ago? I can remember kindergarten better than I can remember yesterday … or at least I can remember beating the crap out of a boy for calling me ‘four-eyes’ in kindergarten 😉


              • You meanie, lol. Actually, when it comes to books I read way more than I can remember now, but some stuck in my mind whereas others did not. I guess it’s similar for us all. I too remember my first and only fistfight. Don’t remember why it happened, but my best friend threw a punch at me, and missed. So I threw a punch at him, and connected. He saw blood on my fist, thought it was his, and ran home crying. I was the one who was bleeding, but I guess I won thst gight. After that, I refused to fight back. I took a lot of punches, but I never threw another punch myself. I got beat up a lot, but most people won’t fight a non-contender very long. It takes the fun out of fighting. I spoiled a lot of fights that way, lol.

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