Turn a Blind Eye …

Consider this from yesterday’s Washington Post

“A group of prominent U.S. evangelical figures, including several of President Trump’s evangelical advisers, met Thursday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, whose role in the killing of Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi remains unclear.”

What strikes me about this is how these same evangelicals openly condemn women who have an abortion, take birth control, or leave their abusive husbands, but they are willing to meet with a man who has blood on his hands and is a known violator of human rights.  Can anybody explain to me how a woman who refuses to be a punching bag is worse than a man who just this year threatened to behead a woman and her husband for being human rights activists?  Or how the marriage of two men is somehow more terrible than the bombing of innocent men, women, and children in Yemen?khashoggi-posterAll indications are that Mohammed bin Salman authorized or ordered the brutal murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi last month, yet Donald Trump continues to throw his support behind bin Salman.  And why?  In part, because his friend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked him to, but also because Trump has significant financial interests in Saudi Arabia.  Trump has denigrated the leaders of many of the nations who are our allies, such as Canada, the UK and Germany, but at the same time, he is willing to befriend a cruel dictator … a man who almost certainly murdered one of our own.toon-3That Trump is such an unconscionable ‘man’ should not surprise us, but I am highly confused by a group of so-called evangelical Christians who are willing to turn a blind eye to bin Salman’s many human rights violations and sit around the fireside chuckling and telling jokes as if he were just another of the ‘good ol’ boys’.Evangelicals meet MBS.pngJust as an aside, does anybody remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia?

toon-4The Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act allows the president to impose sanctions, including freezing of assets, against individuals or entities responsible for or acting as an agent for someone responsible for “extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of internationally recognized human rights,” or if they are government officials or senior associates of government officials complicit in “acts of significant corruption.”  In other words, Trump could freeze any assets held in the U.S. by the Saudi government or by bin Salman.  Instead, Trump sends a delegation of his trusted ‘religious advisors’.

The group was led by author/activist Joel Rosenberg (pictured at top).  As to why they agreed to meet with bin Salman, an article in Religious News Service (RNS) sums it up …

“U.S. evangelical leaders decided to meet with the Saudi crown prince despite the Khashoggi controversy because Saudi Arabia is among the wealthiest, most powerful, and most important nations in the Middle East, in all of history.”

So … still have any doubts about what takes precedence in the evangelical community?

The Saudi royal family is consistently ranked among the “worst of the worst” in Freedom House’s annual survey of political and civil rights.  Their human rights violations include capital punishment, torture, human trafficking, censorship and imprisonment of journalists, killing of homosexuals and transgenders, and the list goes on.  But, the religious leaders seem to have no problem overlooking those minor details.toon-1Trump’s evangelical advisory board has come under fire before for having tested the limits of separation of church and state by advising Trump and White House staff on issues including taxes, health care and judicial appointments.  And now, they are assisting in setting foreign policy, supporting a cruel dictator.  Ah well, they’ve been turning a blind eye to Trump and his obscene behaviour for two years now, so what’s a little bit of murder, beheading and dismemberment among friends, eh?  Especially when there’s a profit to be turned.toon-2

20 thoughts on “Turn a Blind Eye …

  1. Just as an aside, does anybody remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia?

    Didn’t you know? There are times and circumstances when memories must be laid aside for personal gain.

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  2. Jillybean, Barbaric? Yes, disgusting, Yes. Expected? … kind of. A crystal ball is not in my possession. Yet, this family of Wahhabists so-called Royal House of Saud, are propped up by the bankers.

    Saudi Arabia, is their conduit as the oil is distributed throughout the world. Remember the banker’s God, is money. The family Kashoggi sailed the sea of Wahhabism for their enrichment, too. Funny how all the other journalists killed pursuing stories around the globe, are ignored? Turkey knew which way was up, from the start? But the Kashoggis were in a league almost alone? One shot by Israelis in Gaza but anyway…

    His brother.Jamal, also sailed close to the wind. The US administration is owned by the Federal Reserve bankers. The same ones that run Israel. So, not really surprising .. ? Is it? Cheers Jamie

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    • Thanks for the link … interesting info. I was aware that Adnan was an arms dealer, but did not know much else. Jamal, by the way, was his nephew, not his brother. And, from all indications, Jamal was a good man who had openly criticized Mohammed bin Salman, hence the retribution. Cheers!!!


  3. Jill, quite simply, the number of unfathomable excuses for the killing by Saudi Arabia reveals clearly they did it and it was sanctioned by a very high up official. The fact someone thought this was a good idea shows extremely poor judgment.

    I heard on NPR regarding the Tianamen Square massacre by China on June 4, 1989, that President Bush condemned and sanctioned China. But, he also deployed several emissaries to China to explain why this was important to do. In other words, they wanted a relationship with the Chinese, but said this actions is unacceptable.

    This would have been (and could still be) an action this President could take with Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, this President has too much personal and country money tied up with Saudi Arabia to be counted on for doing the right thing. Keith

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    • You’re quite right … and I would add that in all likelihood, Trump secretly wishes he could act with such impunity and get by with it. I firmly believe that MBS ordered or sanctioned the killing of Khashoggi and am appalled that Trump has basically brushed it off as being irrelevant. What’s next, I wonder?


  4. For a percentage of Americans (most if not all call themselves “conservatives”), the only difference between them and those in other countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc are the language and religion… Donald Trump, fueled by his ego, gives them what they want… 🙂

    “When we begin to build walls of prejudice, hatred, pride, and self-indulgence around ourselves, we are more surely imprisoned than any prisoner behind concrete walls and iron bars.” Mother Angelica

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      • In today’s world, more and more people are closed minded by belief… they were not persuaded, the hate and belief were already there, they just found leaders who think like they do (“birds of like feather flock together”) and by making “laws” justifies that belief/hate…

        As I have said before, the leaders are not all the problem for they are there to follow the bidding of those that elected them into office.. the issue starts at home, perhaps your neighbor… 🙂

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        • True, and I quite agree with you … but those people learned to hate somewhere along the line, for they weren’t born with hate in their hearts. Where does it start? Parents sharing their own bigotry with their children?

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          • Family , friends, churches, schools, social environments… there will be those that take in the ideologies for thought and in time move on, perhaps change, compromise and there will be those that accept the ideology as truth and become closed minded… 🙂
            As I have said before, if one wants progress or change, one needs to start in their own backyard, not at the top… 🙂

            “Life is a process of becoming… a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin

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