USA…6th November 2018

These words from our friend Roger in the UK are brief, but ever-so-important, and I felt compelled to share them. Thank you Roger, for the words and for the implied permission to share. Hugs to you all!

Raging from the Lectern


If you ever thought it all had nothing to do with you anyway, guess again

If you never cared much for your country before, think about Her now

If you only have a vague idea about the Civil War and no idea about the decades prior to those events, Wikipedia them now, soon and reflect….could it happen again?

If you think the USA is immune from internal collapse through toxic division, think again.

Back when it came out I used to think the song ‘Monster’ by Steppenwolf was a bit over-blown…seek it out and reflect.

US Stars and Stripes

If this means anything to you

If you have never voted before, vote now.

God Speed America,

I care for you like Family


Socialist, Christian, British

North East Wales, UK

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