Election Night Observations …

I wasn’t sure what I could write tonight for my morning post, for the election is really the only thing on anyone’s mind, and the results won’t likely all be in by the time I need to have this post finished.  Watching the election results has been much like watching a ping-pong game, but knowing that the stakes were quite nearly a matter of life and death … the life or death of a nation.  But here, at the end of the day, I have decided to go with a couple of observations … probably snarky observations, given my current mood.

georgiaThe Georgia election is a sham and should be declared null and void.  Never in my life have I seen so much blatant corruption in one single state in a single election.  Brian Kemp should be on his way to the federal penitentiary for his tricks to suppress the vote, but instead he is likely on his way to the governor’s mansion in Atlanta.  While running for governor in this election, he was serving as Georgia’s Secretary of State, and thereby overseeing this farce of an election!  Talk about putting the fox in charge of the henhouse!

So, under Mr. Kemp’s watchful eye …

  • Some 390 absentee ballots were thrown out in Gwinnett Country alone … a county that is largely comprised of African-Americans, Latinos and Asians. Thrown away!
  • Approximately 53,000 voter registrations were “placed on hold” for minor discrepancies between the registration and other form of voter I.D. such as a driver’s license or passport. The discrepancies were as minor as a missing hypen in a hyphenated name, or one letter off in the name of a street address.  Kemp insisted on every registration being an “exact match”.  Even an extra space was enough to disqualify the registrations.
  • There was the bus filled with about 40 African-American senior citizens being taken to the polls for early voting, but when they arrived, a county clerk forbade the elderly people from getting off the bus.
  • An African-American city commissioner who spent the day driving citizens to the polls one day during early voting, was arrested twice in one day on trumped-up charges.
  • On Sunday, with absolutely no evidence to support the claim, Kemp claimed there were hacking attempts and ordered an investigation … two days prior to the election and with zero evidence.
  • Yesterday morning, the lines to vote in Fulton County, Georgia, were long and the average wait time was three hours. Why?  Because somebody mistakenly sent only three voting machines to the polling place, when many more were required.  Fulton County covers a large portion of Atlanta.  Many voters left … you know how it is … they had jobs and had to get to work!  The idiot responsible for the mistake apologized.    Gee.
  • And back in Gwinnett County, where 60% of voters are minorities, somebody forgot to bring power cords for the machines, so once the batteries died, the voting machines were … dead. The lines stretched, people left to go to work, and there was a 4.5 hour-long wait for most voters.  Mostly African-American voters, that is.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?

There has been no integrity in the Georgia election for governor and I personally am declaring it null and void.  My solution is to send every single registered voter an absentee ballot and allow them 10 days to fill out the ballot and return it.  This process and the counting of the ballots should be overseen by either the Georgia Supreme Court, or else members of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Nothing less is acceptable.

Stacy AbramsThe candidate challenging Brian Kemp is Stacy Abrams, an African-American woman.  In addition to all the above shenanigans, she has had to put up with lies, lies, and more lies told by none other than Donald Trump.  Trump has claimed that Abrams plans to “get rid of” the second amendment (false) and also that she would turn the entire state of Georgia into a giant sanctuary city (both false and irrelevant).  Now, to those of us with a working brain, these are blatantly made up rumours by the ‘man’ who calls himself a president, but how many of the under-educated white people in Georgia believed him and cast a vote for the bigoted Brian Kemp?  Another blow against election integrity in the state of Georgia.

My second observation is that I think we need some rules here.  Why is the so-called president of this nation allowed to put his two-cents’ worth in?  The U.S. Congress is one of three branches of the United States government, and per the U.S. Constitution, is intended to be entirely independent of the executive branch and is supposed to serve as a check on the power of the presidency.  Isn’t that independence lost when the president is actively and avidly campaigning for specific candidates, those of his own party?  Isn’t this a matter of carrying partisan politics too far?  Donald Trump has not likely spent a full hour doing his job — the one we pay him to do — for the past two months, for all he has done is attend rallies on behalf of republican candidates where he spoke ignominious lies about the democratic challengers. voting toonElection reform is needed, for this has been a year of dirty pool all the way around, in the congressional races and governor races alike.  Can we not at least require honesty, if not integrity, from our candidates?  We have blatant white supremacists running, people who are affiliated with hate groups, and yet we have a president who is championing these abominable people.  Is this civil?  Is it even sane?  Is it fair?  Is it just?  The answer to all of these questions is that no, it is not.  The 2018 mid-terms, no matter the outcome, has been the dirtiest, most unfair, nastiest election in the history of this nation and it has left me with a terrible taste in my mouth, pain in my heart, and a feeling of deep shame for the country I once respected.

One result made me happy … the defeat of Mr. Voter Fraud, Kris Kobach by Laura Kelly for the Kansas governor’s race … Kobach is a Trump clone, filled with lies and dark toxins.

On the downside, I was deeply saddened by two losses in particular … Andrew Gillum in the Florida governor’s race, and Beto O’Rourke for the Senate seat held by Ted Cruz.  Both of these men would have been valuable additions to our government and both were defeated by two of the most corrupt the GOP has to offer.  As of this writing, there is still hope, albeit slim, for Stacy Abrams in Georgia, despite all of Kemps unconscionable manipulations.

And as I close up shop for tonight and head up to bed for a bit of shut-eye, it appears that the democrats have gained a majority in the House of Representatives!!!clip-art-wooo-clipart-4.jpg


32 thoughts on “Election Night Observations …

  1. Hi Jill,
    My bet is that all the numbers have been tampered with, especially in close repub won ridings. Trump is not trustworthy enough not to cheat, and the Russians will know how to hide their dirtyworks a lot better than last time. I don’t know how ballots are checked these days, but I would want them all checked by hand and sight. Maybe it is time to have UN observers at all elections in every country, and see who refuses to be observed. If Ametica can get away with cheating, so can everyone else…

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    • It would not surprise me to find that the entire election was dishonest. That said, the fact that the democrats did win a majority in the House, even by a slim margin, but against heavy odds, speaks volumes. Unfortunately, if I were to project ahead two years to the next presidential election, I would expect that the corruption and election-tampering will be rampant and that even if he only got 10 actual votes nationwide, he would be declared the winner. The UN is unlikely to take an interest beyond issuing a verbal warning in the integrity, or lack thereof, of our elections. I think that the world in general is pretty much ready to simply cut Donald Trump and the U.S. loose and let us sink or swim. Despite the bit of encouragement from the results of the House, I am feeling quite cynical tonight. I see far more wrong than I see right, and little chance that it will be fixed.


  2. This election shows that generational change does not happen all at once but needs time to fully resonate. . I feel much better waking up today to signs of progress in the House takeover by Democrats. I remember the sick feeling I had when Trump was elected that night.

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    • You are right … Rome wasn’t built in a day, although we might wish change to come much faster. I, too, remember the sick feeling around 2:00 a.m. on the morning of January 9th when I finally gave in and accepted the reality that there was no way Hillary could possibly get the electoral votes. My heart, I think, stopped for a few minutes. I was pleased with Tuesday’s results, but still have grave concerns, especially after today’s events.


  3. Well, since my greatest fear was that we’d win nothing, not even the House, this is not bad. Pretty much as expected. Very sad about Beto and Florida, and, like you said, Georgia’s election is a total disgrace and a sham. Like someone said here, Georgia seems to be becoming more of a battleground state, and that’s good. Thing is, we MUST keep the energy alive for 2020. We MUST keep fighting. To listen to tRump and the GOP talk, you’d think they should won the emperor-ship of the universe. Their House loss will hurt tRump and hopefully help Mueller finish his investigation. I’m encouraged and a bit relieved. Now, to gear up for 2020!

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    • Several things about the election did encourage me … how close Stacy, Gillum and Beto came to actually winning, against all odds. The fact that the democrats gained a majority in the House. And I laugh at Trump’s bumbling attempts to make it appear that he was a grand winner in all of this. But the events of today have diminished that encouragement a bit, for it appears that Trump is kicking into high gear to accomplish an agenda over the next two months, before the next Congress is seated. I believe he fully intends to shut down the Mueller investigation, and it appears now that he has plans to curtail the freedom of the press before the end of the year. Perhaps I’m paranoid, but … I have no trust in him or the current Congress.


  4. Jill, good news about the House and the needed governance over Trump’s untempered actions. Also, the diversity of the new Congress is wonderful to see. While the Senate result was expected, I hoped a few that won did not. I was hopeful Cruz and Scott would lose as they both have done harm to their states and country. In fact, the only good thing about Trump winning is Cruz did not.

    Since I went to college in Georgia, I wrote a letter to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I said win or lose, I now know Brian Kemp’s name. Top of mind, when I think of Kemp, I will think of the words unethical, untruthful and Jim Crow-like. Keith

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    • The democratic majority win in the House was good news indeed, although the battle was hard won and by a very narrow margin. I knew the chances of a democratic majority in the Senate were slim-to-none, but am disappointed by the number of seats the republicans gained, for it makes it even more of a sure bet that Trump will get any and all nominees confirmed. Odds are good that he will get to nominate two more Supreme Court justices in the next two years. I was saddened that Beto, Stacy and Gillum did not win, but also encouraged by how close all three came … within 1-2 percentage points. Like you, Brian Kemp is the face of corruption, but when I first reported on his campaign ad earlier this year … the one where he was holding a rifle and pointing it at the young man who was dating his daughter … I knew he was far from a nice guy. Sigh. The world is full of ’em, my friend.

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      • Jill,I forgot about the ad. A couple of things. We must not forget some states were still fighting gerrymandered districts. Here in NC, the Democrats won about half-a-dozen seats each in the State House and Senate to overcome a veto-proof super majority. But, while the US Congressional seats were competitive, the numbers remained the same. The gerrymandered districts were ruled unconstitutional again two months ago, but it was too late t change them for this election.

        The other thing is the Florida ballot initiative to reduce the restrictions on former felons passed overwhelmingly. The current law was featured on John Oliver’s show and was akin to the old Jim Crow laws. This will make a big difference in 2020. But, the demographics continue to work against the GOP, so more states like Texas, Georgia will become more purple and when the economy comes down from the sugar high, it will cause people to question this President even more.


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        • Agreed on all points. Just a minute ago I got breaking news from WaPo that a federal judge halted the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline … Trump ain’t gonna be happy about that! Funny how whatever makes him unhappy seems to make me happy. And yes, I think the Florida initiative to restore voting rights to convicted felons is long overdue and would have made a big difference in the outcome of Florida on Tuesday had it happened last year. There are some good things happening … I’m just having trouble, I think, seeing the forest for all the bloomin’ trees!


  5. The corruption and racism in Georgia was awful. But there is a silver lining: Georgia, which used to be reliably red, is turning into more of a battleground state. Additionally, while Kemp may win in Georgia, he may have disillusioned so many voters for the future that Georgia could conceivably go blue in future elections.

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    • That’s true … I’m just disgusted that Kemp has gotten by with so many instances of voter suppression and nothing was done to stop it. I still think he is guilty of criminal interference with free elections and ought to be in Leavenworth! (Can you tell I’m not in a good mood? 🙂 )

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  6. Very disappointed for Gillum, Beto and Stacy. I hate that Florida has shown its racism so clearly. I did see some comments that maybe Beto would run for President. And Georgia…forget it! They never left the civil war era. Rampant corruption and racism.

    The Dems did take the house which is good. And there were some other good wins…first gay governor in Colo.
    More women wins, Native American win, a Muslim win. But some bad ones…King in Iowa who is an outspoken white nationalist.

    The telling will be the next two years. There will either be signs of hope or evidence of very very dark times coming. My nerves, stomach and mind are dreading it. I’m older, so it won’t affect me as much as the younger generations, but they must somehow see the impact of their not voting. Same for minorities.

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    • I feel exactly the same as you on every point you’ve made! The situation in Georgia was predictable, but should have been stopped weeks ago … there was definitely a conflict of interest with Kemp overseeing his own election, and it should have been dealt with long before the election. Though they lost, I am still encouraged by how close Beto, Gillum and Stacy all came … within just a percentage point or two.

      After today, I am afraid of what the next two months, before the 116th Congress is seated, will bring. It appears that Trump is going into high gear to try to shut down the Mueller investigation and perhaps curtail the freedom of the press as well, before he is held accountable by the House. I think we are in for dark times for a while. Like you, I am old and these days, I’m glad of it. Then again, if I weren’t old, perhaps I could be out there fighting harder and making a difference. Who knows?

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  7. I figured there might be some problems in Georgia based on pre-election rumors so I’m curious to look into these other reports. Problems with voting equipment and very long waits at the polls have also been reported at multiple locations throughout NYC. Some are also suspecting fraud there.

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    • Yes, I read about some similar problems in New York, as well as a handful of other states. That the democrats were able to win a majority in the House despite all the attempts at disenfranchisement and voter suppression speaks volumes. I wish I had confidence that it was a fair and honest election, but I’m certain it was not, especially in Georgia and Florida.


    • ‘Tis a little hope, a step in the right direction. But some of that hope is fading, in light of today’s events: the firing of Jeff Sessions, and Trump revoking the press pass of a notable reporter for simply asking questions that needed to be asked. I suspect he will take full advantage of the next two months while he still has nearly unfettered power to do as much damage as possible. Sigh.

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