Another … sigh … Trumptian Terror

On Wednesday, the day after the mid-term elections, Donald Trump demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  We all knew it was coming, and I think others will follow. While I have no love for Jeff Sessions, who is a proven racist, I am greatly disturbed by his termination.  With Sessions gone, the door is open to either terminate or stifle the Mueller investigation.  The Mueller investigation is no ‘witch hunt’, as Trump has claimed, but I strongly suspect has uncovered scandal and corruption beyond what we can even imagine.  Methinks Mr. Trump doth protest far too much, and his claims of innocence are a joke … a bad joke.

Let us take a look at the man who will be serving as a temporary replacement for Session.

Matthew-whitakerHis name is Matthew Whitaker.  He is an attorney with a rather unremarkable career thus far, his biggest ‘claim to fame’ being that he has run for public office three times … and lost ‘bigly’ two of the three.  Whitaker ran as a Republican for Treasurer of Iowa in 2002 and lost by 12%.  He ran for the Iowa Senate seat vacated by Tom Harkin in 2014 but came in only 4th in the republican primary with less than 8% of the votes.  After the 2014 loss, he became a paid advisory board member for a company called World Patent Marketing, a fraudulent business based in Florida that deceived inventors into thinking that the company had successfully commercialized other inventions.  The company was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2017.

In September of 2017, Whitaker was appointed to be Jeff Sessions’ Chief of Staff at the Department of Justice.  The month before, he wrote an opinion column for CNN titled “Mueller’s Investigation of Trump is Going Too Far.”  His premise was that the Mueller investigation should be limited and should not probe into Trump’s finances.  And in June 2017, three months before becoming Chief of Staff, he said publicly …

“I also think, you know, we have another hearing in front of Congress where there is no evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Democrats continue to conflate the collusion issue, which there is no evidence of, with, with the fact that Russians did try to interfere with the election.”

His views on the Mueller investigation are high priority and would take an entire post to discuss, and while that is the most urgent issue that he will likely face in the coming two months, there are others that are equally appalling.  Let’s take a look at a few …

  • On gun control“The mass shootings we’ve seen in our country have been often times and always executed by mentally ill individuals who those laws never would’ve impacted in the first place. So I don’t think infringing on Second Amendment rights will prevent those types of events.”  Right-o … why bother to try to save a few thousand lives every month … they aren’t your lives, after all!

  • On climate change“I think the evidence is inconclusive, but there may be a human component to global warming. But that’s very small and it may be part of the natural warming or cooling of the planet. I’m certainly not a climate expert, but I don’t believe in Cap and Trade or those types of regulations that try to hamstring the U.S. economy as other countries continue to put carbon into the air. I don’t believe in big government solutions to a problem that doesn’t appear to be that significant or quite possibly isn’t man made.”  Yeah, again … what’s a few million lives as long as they aren’t yours?

  • On education“I think the Department of Education should be disbanded and the resources either returned to the taxpayers or put into the schools. Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. shouldn’t know how to better educate my kids than I do.”  Heh heh heh … like you’ve shown yourself to be so bloomin’ smart???  🤣🤣🤣

  • On marriage“I believe marriage is between one man and one woman. Throughout history it’s traditionally been up to the churches and to God to define that. I don’t have an omnibus solution. Certainly it’s affecting all sorts of parts of our country. Here in the state of Iowa we can’t even get our elected officials to do anything about it and that’s really frustrating. It’s affecting our military. There are chaplains in the military under a lot of pressure to go against their religious beliefs.”  Bigot.  Homophobe.

  • On federal judges“I’d like to see things like their worldview, what informs them. Are they people of faith? Do they have a biblical view of justice? — which I think is very important. And what I know is as long as they have that worldview, that they’ll be a good judge. And if they have a secular worldview, then I’m going to be very concerned about how they judge.” Hey Jerkface … every hear of separation of church and state???  Has anyone ever told you that this is a SECULAR government???

Add to that he has indicated his belief that Social Security is unconstitutional and that basic labor laws like the minimum wage must be struck down.

In an interesting twist yesterday, a number of prominent attorneys including none other than George Conway, Kellyanne’s husband, have claimed that it is illegal for Trump to appoint Whitaker as acting Attorney General because he is evading the requirement to seek the Senate’s advice and consent for the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.  Don’t hyperventilate over this one, folks.

Under Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, otherwise known as the “appointments clause” of the U.S. Constitution, a principal officer, that is one who reports only to the president, must be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate under its “Advice and Consent” powers.  Legally, I agree with Mr. Conway and the others, but … this is the reign of Trump, where Trump considers himself above the law, and the relevant people in Congress and the Supreme Court have upheld his lawlessness more than once.  And the bottom line is that if Trump is forced to bring Whitaker before the Senate to confirm his nomination … well, need I say more?  It will mean not much more than a delay of a few days.  Remember Brett Kavanaugh?

12 thoughts on “Another … sigh … Trumptian Terror

  1. Dear Jill,

    I am convinced that the president had this plan of planting Matt Whitaker to replace AG Sessions in the works for months before he finally acted. This is just another nail in his coffin for an ‘Obstruction of Justice’ charge.

    The tell for me, was when he stated over and over again on 9th Nov. that he hadn’t met Mr. Whitaker and that he did not know him.

    That’s a major lie.

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    • There isn’t a doubt in my mind but what this has been part of his “grand master plan” for at least a year. It is said that Whitaker was in his office for lengthy chats almost weekly, and that he was Trump’s “eyes and ears in the Justice Department”. Nefarious. Hugs!!!


  2. Trump is going to do whatever he wants, as he has time yet before the house changes in Jan. He has full support of the senate and currently the house and the support,thanks to his two appointees, the Supreme Court.

    And when you have 40% of Americans that have signed up to be a cult member and set aside their morality and brains, this is what you get. And some of this 40% didn’t have either to begin with.

    The Mueller investigation is in peril and this is just the beginning. The next two years will be horrible. And it’s not just about the democrats being able to block some of what he wants to do, but of somehow awakening people to see just what is at risk and seeing just how negatively it will effect them. It will take a lot more than blocking trump. The democrats need to become inspirational, set a decent moral standard and become positive. The churches (the sane ones) will need to speak out against extremism and exclusion. The decent republicans need to speak up and realize that they are letting trump ruin their party for a very long time and are dragging them down the pithole as well.

    Will they do this? Will we? The next two years are crucial

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    • Quite true … I expect him to do as much damage as he possibly can over the next two months. I’m hoping the next two years will be somewhat less destructive than the last two, for at least there will be some oversight, but no, it won’t be a complete turn around, and he will be bitter for the loss of the House and will take it out on everybody, using every dirty trick he can find. Such is politics in the U.S. in the 21st century.

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  3. Jill, it is time to write our Senators to move on the bill by Senator Thom Tillis that gives Mueller due process in case he is let go. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell did not want to take this bill up unless he had to. I wrote him as well, as that time is here. A sample of the letter I used is in the comment section to a recent post. Keith

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    • Here is the sample letter I used:
      Senator, with the firing of AG Jeff Sessions, two things are apparent. The President never fully understood the AG works for the people, not the President. Also, the President has difficulty understanding that Sessions’ recusal is the ethical thing to do, a concept foreign to him.

      The time has come for the Senate to act on behalf of the country to preserve the role of Robert Mueller. He needs to finish his work. To be frank, as GOP Congressman Trey Gowdy said, it would help if the President acted more innocent.

      We need to get to the bottom of this. While the President can fool his base of voters, this former Republican understands he lies more than he does not. And, it has gotten worse. As his former Economics Advisor, Gary Cohn said the President is a “professional liar.”

      Thanks for considering my request.

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