A Dose of Snark …

I haven’t done any ‘Snarky Snippets’ for a week or so, for the elections and the surrounding detritus have taken up a large portion of my time and energies.  But today, I am settling back in and had a few things to say about this ‘n that.

fires-2California is currently suffering three major wildfires, one of which, the Camp Fire, is now the most destructive recorded in state history. The blaze destroyed the entire town of Paradise, north of Sacramento, and has killed at least nine people. About three dozen more remain missing.

Donald Trump had nary a word to say about the fires until 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning, when he tweeted …trump-tweet-fires.pngWhat a guy, eh?  So caring, kind and compassionate for the people who have lost loved ones, lost their homes and businesses …  But, setting aside his typical inhumanity for the moment, with his words he has, once again, shown his ignorance.  He did not bother to do his homework, to attempt to learn something about the situation before spouting off at the thumbs.fires-1Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has acknowledged that a downed power line is most likely the cause of the Camp Fire, although no official cause has yet been announced.  High winds are the major factor in the rapid spread of the other two fires, and overall, a lack of rainfall contributed to all three.fires-3I’m sure the people of California, not to mention the firefighters who are risking their lives to try to save lives and property, must be heartened by and appreciative of Trump’s words … not!  Think before you tweet should become his new mantra and somebody in his administration should plaster it over all the walls in his office and living quarters!

Either Trump’s handlers have not learned their lesson, or they are not up for the job and we need to hire new handlers, aka babysitters.  I would have thought that by now they would have learned not to let the man leave the country.  He does not play well with others. He does enough damage here at home, but every single time he has traveled abroad, he has further damaged our relations with our allies.  Friday was no exception.Trump-MacronTrump arrived in France Friday to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I and meet with world leaders including French President Emmanuel Macron. Moments after landing, Trump tweeted an attack on Macron …trump-tweet-macron.png

Given the level of venom Trump has directed toward European leaders in the past, who can blame members of the EU for feeling a need for protection, even against the U.S.?  Yet another case where “think before you tweet” might have been sound advice.

Remember a week or so ago, right before the mid-term elections, when Trump was so scared of his party losing their majority in the House that he was grasping at straws, trying to inject a new level of fear in voters in hopes of winning their votes?  And remember how, as a part of all that, he sent U.S. troops to the southern border, claiming that the caravan of migrants that was, at that time, some 1,000 miles away, was just filled with ruffians, criminals and even … gasp … Middle-Eastern terrorists!!!  And the whole thing, he claimed, was funded by George Soros and his band of merry democrats!

Well, everything was a huge lie, except that he did send troops to the border.  No reason, really, but he couldn’t very well claim there was an impending “invasion” without looking tough by sending troops, now could he?  Besides which, the ‘man’ has been dying to play with his new toys (the military) for nigh on two years now, and here was the perfect trumped-up (pun intended) excuse!

playing cardsOnly thing is … while there is a migrant caravan, it is not anything but poor, starving migrants fleeing the violence in their own country, trying to protect their innocent children.  And they won’t even arrive at our southern border until sometime in December.  So … what’s going on now with the nearly 6,000 men and women who were ordered to go down there and quell the “invasion”?  Gin rummy.  Poker.  Sitting ‘round a campfire telling dirty jokes.  No electricity.  Won’t be home for Thanksgiving.

Pentagon officials privately derided the deployment as an expensive waste of time and resources, and a morale killer to boot.  ‘Privately’ … I guess they are all afraid to do their jobs and advise their commander of the realities.  But the other thing is … guess who’s paying for all this and guess how much it’s costing?  Yes, my friends, you and I are paying for it, even though we neither need nor want it.  As to the cost … a final cost estimate of the deployment has not been made available. But Defense Department budget officials say that if the number of troops sent to the border does reach the 15,000 Trump has threatened, the price tag could hit $200 million, with no specific budget allocation from which to draw.  Remember those “tax cuts” that only benefited the wealthy 1%?  Do the math.

So concludes today’s batch of snarky snippets … but I still have more in me, so … stay tuned!

39 thoughts on “A Dose of Snark …

    Nobody can make the world hate Americans like a SMUG, ARROGANT AZZHOLE AMERICAN! And once again you have let the unDignified Junkfood Thrower loose into the larger world. Contain him! Or someone else will!

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      • Dearest, your options are only as limited as you allow them to be. Is Trump really going to use bullets if a million Americans march on the White House? The Orange Clown would turn tail and run all the way to Russia. I hear Americans are all about duty to country! Do your duty, and chase the snakes out of DC.

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  2. So the election is over (nearly) and it’s OK to insult California and it’s brave firefighters.If the WH ever catches fire with him in,, I’m sure they’ll try to see who can be last to get there and forget their hoses. He may have a complaint about the NATO fee so I’ll let Macron answer that himself but he’d best be wary of casting aspersions at the ordinary people of Europe who have long been friends of the US.
    Time for some generals and some penny pushers to explain to Trump that the country is not best served by having troops twiddling their thumbs at the border. The elections are over and the show of strength is wasted now.If his minders can’t do a better job then it might be best to claim he’s too ill to cope and get rid for the sake of the Country and it’s reputation.
    Nice snark.

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    • Yes, it seems that he was being held in check until after the election, and now the gloves have come off. Funny, I could have sworn he wasn’t wearing any to begin with. But alas, when he spouts nonsense, it is we the people who pay the price, not him. I shuddered when I heard he was going to your side of the pond, for I knew he couldn’t help but make a fool of himself, and by extension of us all. And when people complained that he hadn’t commented on the fires in California, I was silently holding my breath, knowing that once he did, it would not be words of compassion but some sort of toxicity. While I would love to see him declared incompetent and unfit, sigh, it’s about as likely as me growing a beard. Thanks … snark seems to just roll off my tongue these days. Sigh.
      Cwtch Mawr


  3. Amazing?-not… The times we are living in! This is all beyond bad fiction. From past experiences, decades ago, that “thing” in the White House would have been hounded out of office long ago. I can hear the {silent} chants from millions in the streets: Out with Trump! Down with Trump! Impeach! endlessly, day and night. Can’t the outrage of millions not outweigh the “outrage” of a single psychopath? As long as America tolerates that “thing” to lie on behalf of its population and does essentially nothing, I will repeat what I said a couple of years ago: Trump IS the voice of America. In a democracy, there can be no other explanation. Please, Americans, please, prove me wrong. Do Something!
    I read a story yesterday about the CPR ship the SS Sophia that sank a hundred years ago. Here’s the link to that incredible story, https://notestoponder.wordpress.com/2018/11/11/pondering-100-years/
    and one of the comments:
    “Someone had to say it and I guessed it would be me—you had a real twat at the helm?”
    Come on, America. You have a twat at the helm… before he sinks the ship and all of you with it, do something.

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  4. Jill, I read this morning the troops on the border have shed their bullet proof vests. It is too hot and the troops said they do not need them. But, I thought we were being invaded because the President said so….

    With tomorrow being the 100th anniversary of the end of The Great War, we should reflect that it states because of nationalistic fervor. And, WWII and the strife in places in the Middle East resulted from not handling the end of WWI well.

    Now, there is a nationalistic bent led by a short-sighted man in the White House and other places that are threatening efforts that kept the peace for 73 years. What the US President fails to grasp is what the US gains by peace and commerce in Europe. Keith

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    • It seems to me that some people, and Donald Trump is one, thrive on conflict. Peace is alien to them, for it denies them a venue for gaining attention, for speaking out loudly, for ranting rhetoric. The populist movement seems to have brought out more than a few such characters, people who would rather stir up controversy and conflict than to use tact and diplomacy to resolve issues. Let us hope that somewhere, at some point (preferably soon!) cooler heads prevail, else we are likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.


      • Jill, Bob Woodward was on Bill Maher’s show Friday night. He said it gave him chills to know that the generals had to continually explain why we have military in certain places – to prevent WWIII. He closed with Trump’s attorney John Dowd’s comments who worked with Trump for eight months on the Mueller investigation. What Dowd realized as the greatest fear is his boss is a “f**king liar.” Keith

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  5. It is typical of right wing governments to complain about expense of everything except defense . I do not know what the tax contribution of California is but I expect it’s pretty substantial. We have a problem on the railway in the U.K. which has been in private hands for years , private hands are best cry the government they know how to make savings , they do indeed but most of the savings go to the shareholders.
    The proper solution to the climatic damage , which will only increase , is to cut the expenditure on defence and allocate money for coastal defences and other reoccurring effects of a warming climate. After all Americans , who come first in Mr Trumps eyes , deserve to be protected with their own money.

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    • Yes, our government has been hoping to privatize the postal service for decades, but so far haven’t been successful, for which I am grateful! That said, though, the service is going downhill these days, for while I used to always have to sign for my insulin, it is now just left outside my door where anybody could walk off with it if they wished.

      The proper solution is indeed to direct funds away from military buildup which, at least for the U.S., is totally unnecessary as we already have a bloated military complex, and toward such life-threatening things as climate change, poverty, etc. But, sigh, it will not happen anytime soon, for those things are not popular causes. Trump is the only one who comes first in his eyes, I’m afraid. The rest of us are pawns to help him get his way.

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  6. Saturday Night Live did a hilarious putdown of Trump’s version of the caravan coming as supposedly reported by Fox News. I hope he never lives that down. It’s already a sore spot for him as poor Jim Acosta found out. Sarah Sanders needs to apologize bigly but Jim shouldn’t hold his breath. —- Suzanne

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