That white privilege thing

Our good friend Keith wrote this post nearly three weeks ago. I intended to re-blog it at the time, and as seems to happen more and more with me these days, I got side-tracked and it fell by the wayside. No matter, for his words are timeless … they were as true 100 years ago as they are today, and I suspect will still need to be heard in another century. Thank you, Keith, for this post, for reminding me of it, and for your generous permission to share.


Usually when Dr. Phil comes on, I leave the room. Seeing people yell at each other is not therapeutic for me. Yesterday, my wife said you need to see this one as it was an interesting group discussion on race relations and white privilege.

In one powerful, illustrating exercise, young adults of both genders and several races, religions, sexual preferences, and countries of origin stepped forward or backward based on answers to a series of questions. At the end of about thirty or so questions, white people tended to be at the front of the room, while other races tended to be at the back.

As a now 60 year-old white man, I can pretty much go anywhere I want without repercussions. And, I need not have to worry for my life when I am stopped by the police or state patrol. A black man in his Sunday best has…

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2 thoughts on “That white privilege thing

  1. Jill, a great many thanks for the re-blog. Thanks to you and an email I sent, I have had thoughtful input from more than a few. People who look like me have a hard time understanding systemic discrimination to people of color. Similarly, we have a hard time understanding the benefits of white privilege. Yes, reverse discrimination does occur, but it is dwarfed by the systemic discrimination of others. That was the point of the Pee Wee Reese example. Thanks again, Keith

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    • It is always my pleasure, dear friend. It was, in fact, your email that jogged my memory and I couldn’t remember whether I had re-blogged it or not, but knew that I had intended to. My mind is easily distracted these days 😉 It was an excellent post and food for thought.


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