The Real ‘Fake News’

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

It’s unclear who first said this.  It has been attributed to Sun Tzu and sometimes to Niccolò Machiavelli or Petrarch, but there are no published sources yet found which predate its use by “Michael Corleone” in The Godfather Part II.  But to the point … it is why I do sometimes pop over to such uber-conservative sites as The Daily Wire, from whence came the inspiration for this post.  ‘Inspiration’ may not be quite the right word …

I was first appalled, then infuriated by the headline I saw last night …

Democrat Calls For Gun Confiscation, Suggests Nuking Americans Who Fight Back

The story put forth by The Daily Wire, Fox News, MSN and others is this …

“Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) caused a firestorm on Friday when he suggested using nuclear weapons against American citizens who oppose his far-left gun control agenda, which includes forcing Americans to give up their semi-automatic weapons.”

Now, if that were the truth, it would be quite a “WOW” moment and I would have to ask myself if Mr. Swalwell had gone and lost his bloody marbles!  Turns out there’s more to the story that the aforementioned news outlets conveniently left out … or perhaps didn’t understand.

This is yet another example of taking a sentence out of context and giving it an entirely different meaning than the speaker ever intended.  The danger is that some people will look at that headline, believe it without ever giving it a thought or checking on its veracity, and will be all in a fizz,  running inside, grabbing the old rifle, and sitting on their porches waiting for the band of merry democrats to show up to try to take their guns!

Let’s look at a few of the comments from Representative Swalwell in response to the madness:

  • We should ban assault weapons by buying them back or restricting them to ranges/clubs.
  • Don’t be so dramatic. No one is nuking anyone or threatening that. I’m telling you this is not the 18th Century. The argument that you would go to war with your government if an assault weapons ban was in place is ludicrous and inflames the gun debate. Which is what you want.
  • It’s sarcasm. He said he’s going to war with America if gun legislation was passed. I told him his government has nukes. God forbid we use sarcasm.

And finally, his nutshell summary of the entire situation:

America’s gun debate in one thread.

1) I propose a buy-back of assault weapons

2) Gun owner says he’ll go to war with USA if that happens

3) I sarcastically point out USA isn’t losing to his assault weapon (it’s not the 18th Century)

4) I’m called a tyrant

5) 0 progress

Sigh.  C’mon, folks … get real for a minute, will ya?  Mr. Swalwell was far more generous than I would have been, or than he should have been, in offering a buy-back program.  In my mind, assault-type weapons that were designed for only military use do not belong in the hands of civilians.  Period.  No argument.  Ban ‘em.  Confiscate ‘em.  Destroy ‘em.  They do not belong in your hands, Joe Cracker!!!

No, nobody is going to nuke you, and frankly if I had my wishes, and if there were a safe way to do so, every nuclear weapon on the planet would be destroyed.  Mr. Swalwell’s comment was rather like one that I myself make every so often, when I hear of somebody who has an arsenal in their basement or garage, just waiting for that day when the military ‘comes for mah guns’.  Says Joe Cracker … “Just let ‘em try … hworf, hworf, hworf (picture Beavis & Butthead here) … I’ll blast ‘em into the next county”.  Say I … “Oh really … and when that tank rolls right on through your arsenal, taking most of your house with it …???”

There is this concept these days in both political parties that we must always look for the ulterior motive, the hidden threat in every word that is uttered by “the enemy”.  Why must we be enemies?  Because we cannot be bothered to take the time to understand one another!  Republicans haven’t bothered to ask themselves why the democrats feel as strongly as they do about gun control.  Well, dear right-wing, conservative friends, even though you didn’t ask, let me tell you …


Eric Swalwell is not a bad guy, folks.  During his congressional career he has advocated to increase spending on education, for renewable energy jobs creation, to raise the cap on the Social Security payroll tax so that wealthier Americans would pay more into the program, and he has argued against legislation that would allow people to bring knives on airplanes.  He is a strong supporter of LGBT people and is staunchly pro-choice.  In other words, he is in favour of policies to protect and enhance the common people – people like you … and me.  And he wants to see a curtailment of guns in civilian hands.  Most of us do want that.  Those who don’t?  Explain it to me, please, Mr. Joe Cracker?

The far-right and far-left media outlets play on our fears, our sympathies, our desires.  The headline at the beginning of this article is but one example.  Fox News, Breitbart and others do it every day.  The trash that can be found on Twitter and Facebook is astounding.  Americans need to grow up.  They need to learn to distinguish between news and rhetoric.  They need to learn to do their own digging, to separate the bullshit from what is real.  The Great Divide just keeps getting wider and wider … it is to the advantage of people like Trump and his minions to keep us divided, to keep as many as possible in the dark.  Are you willing to let them win?  Are you willing to believe the myth?  Or do you still care about truth?

34 thoughts on “The Real ‘Fake News’

  1. Dear Jill,

    I hate when the right wingers disseminate this “fake news” which does incite the base. I wish there was a weekly TV show to review in a game show style what was the fake news or the accurate depiction of an event for the past week. The participants would be from the left and the right.

    It is tough to break trough to President Trump’s GOP base as to what is real vs. fake because these folks are cult-like and they believe whatever the right wing media outlets disseminate especially as the president and the right wing media validate and repeat the same fake news stories.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Good idea, but I just wish that all news had to back up what they say with those funny things we call “facts”. It would save a whole heck of a lot of problems, wouldn’t it? Fox News might just as well be called “State t.v.” for with a few notable exceptions, they are all Trump’s boot-lickers.

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  2. Fascinating post, Jill. I firmly believe that nukes are the only reason why we avoided world wars since 1945. I’m sure that if we found a way to rid the world of all nukes, WWIII would erupt the next day. However, destroying all nukes won’t prevent someone from building new ones.

    Humanity needs a huge attitude adjustment. We have to eliminate the thinking that results in the reality of “enemies”. There are many days where I’m so disappointed in humankind that I succumb to the feeling that we deserve extinction. For all the progress in science and technology, we have never emerged from the cave in terms of our thinking. If there is a God, he/she must be thoroughly ashamed of this particular creation.

    Humanity is more polarized and hateful today than ever before – and the species delights in its prejudices and self righteousness. There are many good people today all over the globe but clearly, they are not the most influential ones.

    I apologize for my negativity, but the rants from extremists everywhere get my goat.

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    • Thanks John! I suppose you are right about the nukes, but I would still see them all destroyed if there were a way to do so safely, for I know that it is only a matter of time before either an “accident”, of the itchy finger of a very irresponsible leader (and you know we have a few of those around) wreaks havoc and wipes out half the planet. If we destroyed the nukes, the factories where they are made, and the blueprints for making them, then perhaps it would take another century or so for them to be ‘re-invented’ and arsenals re-built?

      You have just given voice to the thoughts that plague me most days. I am so disappointed in humanity as a whole that I honestly think this species deserves extinction, which I do believe is where we are headed, since we aren’t exactly taking care of our home, planet Earth. Time was I cared, but right now, if the radio said there was a North Korean nuke headed this way, I would likely say, “Bring it”. I think the human race was likely a failed experiment. In people’s arrogance, they think the human race is the ‘be all, end all’ of the universe, but in truth, we are a microscopic blip.

      No need to apologize for your negativity, for these days I share it. Hugs, my friend.

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  3. Jill, people can be made to believe anything. It disappoints me greatly when people and news go out of their way to air or print obvious BS. Fox attempts to be a news organization, but they would do the country a service to condemn their entertainers more when they say inane and untruthful things. That was the gist of Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters reason for resigning as a subject matter experts on Fox. They should also condemn the President and politicians when they do the same. There is no hope for InfoWars and Breitbart as conspiracy BS is their mission. Keith

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    • I agree … and I was proud of Peters for resigning, for putting truth ahead of the lies that Fox is famous for. Did you see the interview Chris Wallace did with Trump? I was pleased that Chris Wallace didn’t take any guff from Trump, but attempted to stick to the topic, attempted to get some truthful answers from da prez. Of course, it didn’t work, but he didn’t pander to him and truly, Wallace’s attitude vs Trump’s showed just how big a fool Trump is. It was one of the few times I saw somebody on Fox attempt to hold Trump accountable. InfoWars and Breitbart … they would be laughable, except that people are fools and actually believe them, which has led to death threats and a near disaster at the Cosmic Ping Pong pizza parlour, not to mention the threats against Sandy Hook parents. I support free speech, but I still think it must be tied to responsibility.


  4. Fake news. Or is that Real fake news, or is that… Fake real news? Or is it news at all or opinion? Or Fake opinion?
    Quite honestly, I don’t believe much that I see in the media anymore. Look outside – if there is a blinding flash, a mushroom cloud visible, run, duck and cover. And kiss your Ass goodbye, cos now you know it’s real!

    I think a lot of disinformation is going on. a) To confuse us, b) To make us complacent. If we don’t believe the dangers around us (because they are fake) then we will be totally unprepared when they become alarmingly real. By then, it is too late to do anything.
    Sad reality of humanity, is that it is losing its humanity!

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    • Y’know … at this point, if there was a flash and then a mushroom cloud, I would run toward it, for it is better to go quickly than suffer months of radiation poisoning. And in the same vein, I almost think being bombed by Kim Jong-un might be preferable to the next two years or even six years with Trump in office.

      Your assessment has merit. I also think it is to make us inured to chaos, to lies, to corruption, so that we are no longer surprised, but merely shake our heads, roll our eyes, and say, “whatever”. Some people are already at that point and don’t want to hear what anybody says, for it might penetrate their lovely little world of ignorance. Sigh. Yes, humanity is losing its humanity, pedaling backward and … well, remember the dinosaurs?


  5. When someone posts something on social media, with an inflamatory heading, I usually post and article from Snopes or another fact checking site.the other day someone responded ” we don’t believe snopes either.” Of course you don’t. It is an up hill battle. Thanks for sharing

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  6. It’s not your readers, Jill. 🤔 Rather it is those who don’t read your blog who are 😴. (Of course, you know this.) I have a suggestion what to do with those nukes! Drop them on every munitions facyory in the world. Then you won’t have to worry about who owns the guns. No one will! 🙃

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    • True, it isn’t my readers who are blind, deaf & dumb, but there are far too many who are too lazy to search for facts, and I think they are bored with their shallow little lives, so they just love hearing scintillating and scandalous things. Trying to get them to listen to facts is like trying to get an elephant to sit on the potty. For just a minute, I liked your idea about the nukes, but … sigh … too much collateral damage. Hundreds of thousands of people would die, and I just can’t wish for that.


  7. I fear this is why the old Roman ‘bread and circuses’ was such a clever idea. Human nature seems to demand a periodic blood letting, perhaps as a way to purge the aggression society doesn’t allow it to express. Without an outlet, this aggression builds and builds until it has to find an outlet somewhere, somehow. I believe the Salem Witch Trials were one such outlet, the McCarthy era communist witch hunts another. In between, we have wars, both large and small.

    Homo sapiens is basically an aggressive, small minded ape with flashes of brilliance. Do those flashes justify the evil? Some days I think yes. Other days I think no. Haven’t made up my mind about today, but it’s not looking good.

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    • I … your view is … interesting, and after a bit of thought, it is spot on. And I think I have decided about today … and tomorrow and the next … I think the human race was a horrible experiment gone terribly wrong. We are, fortunately, but luckily only a blip in history and the world, the universe, will heal from the damage we have inflicted. Sigh. Hugs.

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      • -hugs back- It’s been that kind of a day? Mine wasn’t bad so I’m thinking of those flashes – the music, the art, the great stories. If only we could get rid of the nutters, the rest of us wouldn’t be so bad. 😦

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        • Heck, they’re ALL that kind of a day anymore! The rest of us aren’t so bad … there is a lot of true humanity out there, but … the evil seems to be spreading. And then there’s the atmosphere and climate change. We are on a path toward our own extinction … already in some places water and arable land are in short supply. That is part of what led to the Arab Spring, which led to the refugee crisis, which led to the populist movement, which led to Brexit and Trump. And now we have Trump doing everything in his power to add more CO2 into the atmosphere … it seems he is telling that crazy taxi driver … faster … Faster … FASTER! Until … 💥 CRASH 💥 Sigh. Don’t mind me … I live in the U.S. … that explains it all.


          • -hugs- I can’t argue with any of that but…I had a good 8 hours of sleep last night so today, I hope that tRump will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and focuses the silent majority on what needs to be done to fix things.

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                • My mother-in-law, whom I loved dearly, used to come stay with us for a night or two sometimes on the weekends. She and I would sit up way into the night, talking and laughing, getting into bed maybe around 3 or 4 in the morning. I would wake up the next morning at 8 or so, after just a few hours sleep, to find her in the kitchen, rearranging my cabinets or cleaning the fridge, singing and fixing breakfast for my kids. I would ask her … “Clara … how can you be so energetic and cheery with almost no sleep?” Her answer was, “Honey, when you get older you just don’t need to sleep as much.” I guess she was right, for my average is around 4-5 hours a night, sometimes as little as 2. And yet, I function. Somehow. 😀


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