On Draining the ‘Swamp’ …

swamp-1Remember back in 2015-2016, that long, ugly, disgusting, tiresome campaign Trump conducted?  Yeah, who could forget, right, especially since he doesn’t seem to realize that the 2016 election has ended and the campaign is over, so he keeps holding more and more of his really crappy rallies where he still has his minions chanting “Lock her up!”, even though they have forgotten who it was he wanted locked up.  One of the many things that he spent that year-and-a-half (have I mentioned that it was a very looooooong year-and-a-half?) shoving down people’s throats was how he was going to “drain the swamp”, a euphemism for getting rid of corruption in the federal government.  Well, we now know, thanks to Kellyanne Conway, that Trump uses a different dictionary, a different vocabulary than we do, called ‘alternative facts’, and that by ‘drain the swamp’, what he really meant was he was planning to bring in much more lethal, corrupt, greedy, criminal gators ‘n crocs.

One of my favourite comedians, John Oliver, has applied his own special brand of humour to the notion of Trump ‘draining the swamp’, and it is worth a watch … both educational and humorous …

Thank you, John!swamp-4

34 thoughts on “On Draining the ‘Swamp’ …

  1. Dear Jill,

    John Oliver does a better job spelling things out than a lot of reporters. In this White House, the level of corruption that is out in the open far exceeds anything that the GOP pundits accused the Clinton’s of doing.

    It can be said that one of the main qualifications to be employed by this White House is to be a crook like this guy, the new Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker who also did some TV gigs siding with the president.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Agreed. One of the things I most like about John Oliver is that he is more than just a comedian. He is very politically astute and truly understands the ramifications of what is happening in the world. And, he does not have the same constraints that reporters for the mainstream outlets have, so he has more flexibility to opine.

      Whitaker was involved in some really shady dealings, and I strongly suspect that he will be on the skids before long. Meanwhile, however, how much damage is he doing? That’s what worries me. Sigh.


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  2. Jill, as you note, it is hard to drain the swamp when you are up to your eyeballs with alligators. Mix in several billionnaires with their large egos. Mix in a few billionnaire wannabes who like to travel and eat nicely on our tax dollars. Then, have them report to a man who exhibits the worse traits of both groups and has a hard time with truth. What could possibly go wrong? Keith

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    • Now that’s an expression I haven’t heard in a long time, though I used to use it frequently! What could possibly go wrong, you ask? Just about everything, I think. But take heart, for he has much to be thankful for … after all, he is thankful for the difference he made in this country and for how much “stronger” he has made our nation … everybody says so! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


  3. On this same date 55 years ago, John F. Kennedy was assassinated. A life and presidency that was filled with so much potential cut short by bullets. One can not help but compare the glaring differences between the man and president that Kennedy was and that of Trump. I am often encouraged by the words that remain from those moments in time of Kennedy’s Camelot, such as these…”Every area of trouble gives out a ray of hope; and the one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable.” And, just for you on this day of Thanksgiving, perhaps my favorite and often repeated JFK quote…”We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” Thank-YOU!

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    • I did remember that it was the anniversary of Kennedy’s assassination and, like you, I couldn’t help but note the contrast between him and the oaf who sits in the Oval Office now. So sad that we have gone so far downhill, isn’t it? And thank YOU, dear Ellen, for being a friend and for sharing young Benjamin with me sometimes! And thanks for the quotes … Kennedy and MLK are two of my favourites for quotes.


  4. I insist: the Tramp is a crook. Public record. And talented people like Oliver expose him ll the time. The new York Times, the Washington Post… What have you.
    He’s still there.
    And now he’s picking a fight with the Chief Justice…
    How long is this going to last?

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  5. Hey Jill, another dead video. I’ll look for it later. For now, just thought I would wish you a delectable thankgiving, straight up. No DJTs involved. Enjoy. And relax tonight. Tomorrow, well, don’t think about that till tomorrow…

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    • I’m so sorry ’bout the video. I think there are some that just can’t be played in certain countries. You and another in India are the only two reporting problems. Strange, but I don’t know what to do. Yes, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving, just the girls and I, for Maha & Ali were called out of town due to a family illness. Since I had planned on having 8, I bought a 24-pound turkey, so now I am scouring the internet for leftover turkey recipes! I am relaxing tonight … DJT is no allowed into my head until tomorrow. 😉


      • Freezers keep turkey good for a long time. Gail says she has a good recipe but she has to wait till tomorrow to look. I would eat some for you, but I’m too far away. Then again, you could make turkey sandwiches and distribute them to the homeless. Save the bones for turkey soup.

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        • I’m ahead of you on this one! I froze a little over half the meat, the carcass was in the crock pot simmering with onions, celery & carrots as you wrote this comment. Y’know … that is a good idea … we shall see!


          • What? No parsnips? No rutabagas? No sweet potatoes? What kind of flavourless soup you making? Well, okay, onions, celery, and carrots add some flavour, but where is the sharpness? And the garlic? Please tell me you use garlic!!!

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            • Of course there is garlic! I merely forgot to mention it, but it is definitely in there. No parsnips or rutabagas, though. It is now a lovely stock, sitting in the freezer, waiting for the day I decide to turn it into a full-blown turkey soup, probably turkey & wild rice soup, with green beans, carrots, edamame, corn, turkey and rice. And accompanied by homemade bread, of course, as all good soups must be. Happy now?


              • Unfortunately I cannot eat rice anymore. It gives me instant disrrhea. I don’t know what edamane is, never even heard of it. But parsnips and rutabaga are must-haves in all my soups. They add such special flavours. I took a pot of chicken soup to a Mennonite potluck supper one time, and every woman there wanted my recipe.They had never cooked with those two ingredients before, they weren’t even sold in the Mennonite grocery stores! Now they are.

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