Saturday Surprise — A Nice Story And A Cute Video

Every now and then it happens that Saturday Surprise collides with Wednesday’s Good People and the result is … awesome, heartwarming and fun!  Today is one of those times!

The story begins at Thanksgiving 2016, when Wanda Dench made a text-a-boo-boo … or an erroneous text sent to the wrong person.  The story is told in the following text messages … the recipients of the original text inadvertently included Jamal Hinton, a complete stranger …



Wanda DenchJamal HintonAnd so it happened that 17-year-old Jamal went over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house for dinner! Wanda-JamalSince the heartwarming story first broke Dench has named Hinton as her ‘honorary grandson,’ which is quite fitting.  The two stayed in touch, and last year, he was invited back for Thanksgiving 2017.   In an interview with the Arizona Republic last year Dench said, “It was really nice having everybody here, we got to laugh about last year and reminisce about how it all blew up on our phone and how I had to change my number. We had a laugh and a good time.”

The two have stayed in touch, and ‘Grandma’ Wanda even sent Jamal a couple of gift cards at Christmas last year.  And this year … well of course Jamal was invited back and his girlfriend too!


text-6Hinton finds the dinners and his newfound family meaningful. “The world is becoming a better place than it used to be. With all the Donald Trump going on and all the racial comments going on, it’s kind of good to see there’s still good people out there.” Dench gave her new ‘grandson’ an open invitation for all future Thanksgivings at her house, so this is a tradition likely to live on for a lifetime.

A small thing?  Perhaps, but … seems to me that a whole lot of these “small things” add up to a whole lot of good in the world, a whole lot of heart, a whole lot of love.

Okay, so that was nice and heartwarming, but the holiday season has now officially kicked off and I think we need to start the weekend with something funny, don’t you?  So, you know what that means … a funny animal video!!!

Have a great weekend, folks, and don’t let the crowds crush you if you go shopping!  I went shopping from the comfort of my own chair, in my jammies, while sipping coffee last night!  Keep warm & safe!

23 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — A Nice Story And A Cute Video

  1. SATWEDURNESDAY!! My favorite day of the week and I almost missed it! I spent my day from early morning to dusk…wait for it…raking leaves, again. I have lost count of how many times that I have already raked the yard, but this is the last hurrah for the leaves. I was on a time constraint, the weather forecast is for rain starting at 10 P.M. tonight and continuing through late tomorrow. I was determined to get this completed today, no more raking wet or frozen leaves. By 4:45 P.M. I was chanting my mantra out loud, “YOU can do it, YOU will do it!” And I did! There are 20 bags of leaves residing in my garage until Wednesday’s pick-up. My back is aching and my arms/shoulders are sore, but my mission is accomplished. My propensity for loquacity has taken over and I have yet to comment on this post. What a wonderful tradition was started by accident, you have to love these people! Thank-you! P.S. Benjamin will love the video on Monday!

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    • WOW!!! You and those leaves! I haven’t raked leaves since … circa 1994? I can’t say as I miss it, either! I’m glad you’re finally done … until next year! Glad you liked the story, and I hope Benjamin loves the video … it made me laugh!!!


  2. Enjoyed this post so much! A fun, random encounter….hopefully, leading to a lifelong friendship! Great pics, too! Absolutely…. demonstrating the true meaning of love and kindness! Good to know that “There is always room at the INN”. Mi Manger, Su Manger!
    No shopping for me, this weekend! Spending my day, trying desperately to navigate Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing….previously CreateSpace). Have finished my children’s picture book for pre-schoolers and trying to get it up “on line”. A …NOT SO USER FRIENDLY process!
    Hope you have a pleasant and relaxing day! 💙

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it … I found it quite by accident, and thought it heartwarming, just the sort of thing we all need about now.

      Good luck with Amazon’s KDP … I’ve heard from others that it is a pain in the royal patootie! Seems that the more things ‘progress’, the less user-friendly they are. My day was relatively relaxing, though there isn’t likely to be a truly relaxing day until December 26th!!! ❤


    • Awww … your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail … or in cyberspace. I think about how the grandma and the young man got together, and they both took risks, not knowing a thing about each other, not knowing if the other was an axe murderer or what, and yet they still reached out. How many would have done that? Not very many, I think.

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