Jolly Monday — Funny Furries

Hey guys!  Come in out of the cold … I hear some of you got dumped on over the weekend … last night I heard that Chicago’s O’Hare Airport had canceled some 700 flights!  Luckily, I think it’s supposed to go north of us and land in Maine somewhere.  Mr. LePage deserves it!  So how was your weekend?

I had a really difficult time doing ‘funny’ last night, and even Jolly wasn’t much help.  All the humour in my usual ‘go-to’ sources seemed a bit macabre, like the guy who was trying to steal gasoline from a U-Haul and set himself and the U-Haul truck on fire.  Somehow … it just didn’t make me laugh.  So, instead of a variety of humour today, I am falling back on the one thing that always works, funny animals.  Jolly, by the way, is still in bed … I think perhaps he’s coming down with something.

Grab a snack and a nice hot cuppa java, and settle in for a bit of furry funnies before you set out to start the week off.

juice boxMonday-coffee-potsprinkle donuts

And let’s wrap up with a few jokes, shall we?



And I’m sorry, folks, but that’s all the funny I have in me for today.  Share a smile, a laugh, or even a hug today with a friend, a co-worker or a stranger, okay?  Keep warm, keep safe, and have a great week!!!Monday-smile-2

20 thoughts on “Jolly Monday — Funny Furries

  1. Benjamin and I were outside at 8:30 A.M. this morning to do the positively, absolutely, without a doubt, last raking of my front yard. We had moved the bags of Saturday’s marathon from the garage to the curb and added 3 more bags. When the town makes their last pick-up this afternoon, I can pack my clean rake and leaf grabbers away until Spring. We just came back inside and Benjamin asked : “Gem, did we forget to visit Miss Jill on Monday?” Good Grief, indeed we did! He is delighted : “Wow, a juicebox and a sprinkled donut too! Miss Jill didn’t forget!” Benjamin also loves the cat videos. We are having a jolly Wedmonesday! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • WHAT??? I thought your LAST leaf-raking was your absolutely, positively last one of the season??? How the heck many trees do you have, my friend?

      I had been sorely missing a visit from you and young lad Benjamin on Monday, but it was a royal treat to see you both on Wednesday! I’m glad Benjamin enjoyed the juice and sprinkled donut! I do my best to remember, but … I am old. I forget sometimes. I’m glad he liked the cat video … of course I thought of him as I posted it!

      Hugs to you both! Keep warm! And knock off the leaf-raking! Enough!


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