Stone Cold Criminals???

The migrant caravan that Donald Trump said we should be so afraid of, that he said was filled with murderers, rapists, and even some Middle-Eastern terrorists, the one he sent troops to the border to defend against, has finally arrived.  Here is what all those “bad hombres” look like:


Lesly, age six, sits in her donated stroller. She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk


María Cáceres and her 15-year-old son Javier.  Javier has Down’s Syndrome.


Migrants pushing strollers on the road to … ???


A migrant and her young daughter, who have just had teargas thrown in their faces

Yes, folks, these are but a few of those “stone cold criminals” as Trump referred to them in his early morning tweet:Trump tweet migrants

I cannot say, nor would I, that out of the thousands of people in this caravan, there may not be a few who have committed crimes.  Take a thousand people at random from the middle of any city in the U.S., and odds are that you will find a few who have committed crimes.  But overall, this is a migrant caravan comprised of families fleeing the violence in their native countries, primarily Honduras.

Let’s talk to María Cáceres (pictured above).  María was a tortilla vendor in San Pedro Sula, Honduras when gang members killed two of her brothers and burned down her house. She said she wants asylum in the United States, but really just “wants life to get better now.”

These are people who have, over the past two months, crossed mountains, walked through forests, crossed rivers, been soaked by rains, bitten and stung by insects, all because they are seeking a better life for their children and themselves.  When they crossed into Mexico, riot police attacked them with clubs and teargas, yet they persevered.

And then yesterday, U.S. authorities closed off the busiest port of entry along the U.S. border with Mexico and fired tear gas.  What a welcome to these poor travelers … these human beings!  soldiers at the border.jpgHomeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement Sunday that the port of entry was closed “to ensure public safety in response to large numbers of migrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally.”  Frankly, Ms. Nielsen, I would be more afraid of these soldiers than I would be of the migrants.  Public safety???  I think not.

Donald Trump, Kirstjen Nielsen and others calling to close the border, to deny these migrants asylum, lack normal human compassion.  They would deny thousands the right to opportunity, the right to safety, for political purposes.  The U.S. was once known as a country that welcomed asylum seekers, that understood what a wonderful thing diversity was.  Somewhere along the line, we lost our compassion, we lost our humanity.

Trump’s threat to “close the border permanently” is against the law, however as he believes himself to be above the law, believes that the laws do not apply if they are at odds with his whims, I suspect there will be legal challenges and hate-filled rhetoric bouncing about for the next several months.  Just another step in our decline toward becoming a third-world country.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t wish to live in a country where the borders are closed, a country that treats human beings seeking asylum as if they were criminals.  migrant-5

38 thoughts on “Stone Cold Criminals???

  1. Dear Jill,

    The cruelty of this President Trump, his supporters and the GOP lawmakers who give him cover know no bounds. That some who claim to be Christians fellow this man who is the face of evil, is hard to take.
    I was recently talking to one of these folks who was into the end-of-life stories. Before she could continue, I said great. This is when the angels separate the wheat from the chaff and that there will be lots of false Gods. You can tell the false Gods by their Fruit. She agreed. I continued to say, I had always wondered how this would be done but now I know. Anyone who follows the likes of President Trump are the chaff. They are following a false God. You can tell by just looking at his fruit.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I agree with you … I think that at this point, two years and thousands of lies into his presidency, anybody who still supports him lives by what I would consider a highly questionable code of ethics. When somebody proclaims themselves to be “Christian” and yet is not highly offended by much of Trump’s actions and speech, then by most people’s definition, that person cannot possibly call themselves a Christian. I’m to the point where I don’t even call those people ‘human’ any more.

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  2. The migrant crisis is the consequence of violence toward the poor, the disabled, the forgotten, the hated races. Will there be criminal elements? Yes, most certainly a few… This is what desperation does to downtrodden masses.

    The polarisation between the rich and poor is getting very far apart. When one faction tries to enter the other, with pleas for compassion and humanity, they are gunned down in cold blood.

    We will see more of this. And it will not stop with the people who are strangers to us, but will progress into the polarisation of people within home towns, streets, even within families living together.

    I see this, because I am experiencing it. It starts out small enough. Jokes about differences, then irritation and claims that one or other is being so negative or critical or has stupid ideas. It developers into strained but tolerated relations. There might be occasional truces, pacts to respect each other, but meantime, differences gnaw away at the underlying fabric of what we think. Dogmatic thinking (without true foundation) takes over. Then we find others who think the same and turn on those that we once cared about.

    At this stage, separation begins and we become ever more certain, that our particular dogma is the right, and truthful one. We meet strangers, and within seconds, based on just a few preconceived ideas, we fit those strangers into our dogmatic boxes. They are either ‘with us’ or ‘against us.’

    America is dividing… But then so are most countries. We are seeing outcomes of decades of the small signs we should have noticed and done something about. Instead corruption has fanned the flames of hatred. This will be very hard to undo, and we are likely to see a lot of conflict over migrations. The casualties will be enormous.

    We started this trend with lack of compassion for other life forms on the planet. As they all dwindle, it is no surprise to see that we will turn on each other.

    It is present in social media already. The polarisation of comments is telling.

    Be careful people… We are entering new times. And they will not be safe for anyone. When people talk of building walls, arming borders, separating from deals, ending trade pacts, turning away migrants, and increasing weaponry, you know that they have already seen the signs, are reacting with fear, and getting ready for conflict.

    History, is repeating itself. Our Karmic collective has learned nothing in yet another doomed civilisation.

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    • Your analysis is very astute, Colette … chillingly so. What I refer to as ‘The Great Divide’ in this nation is tearing the country apart. It is, as you say, the division between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-not’s’, the wealthy vs the other 99% of us, and it is only made worse by a president whose policies favour the wealthy to the exclusion of the rest. Yes, history is repeating itself … with two major differences: Climate change and nuclear weapons. We will not survive the next World War.

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      • To go a little further with this, we need to look at the whole AI development. So far, our media use fairly traditional means to share the information we receive (fake and real). Our interaction with that, in the form of comments, is held largely on single databases held by the various media platforms. But artificial intelligence (AI computer technology that learns from itself and the stored data bases of knowledge, to reapply it uniquely to problem solve) is now very close to taking over from traditional systems. Combined with block chain technology (where every connected computer stores a simultaneous copy of everything that occurs), AI will follow our every move, see every response and even interact with us in a human like interaction. We will no longer be able to do anything without everyone, everywhere knowing about it (potentially). If used for good, it can hel with a safer world full of self help. Used for bad, none of us would have any freedom and will be controlled by those in possession of the control mechanisms.
        There will, inevitably have to be a polarisation of people on this new matrix of all information. The first group will have microchips inserted in our bodies in order to function, work, buy things, live in a city, etc. The second group will become nomadic, leave technology behind and hope they will survive outside of the matrix.

        I bet that sounds futuristic, science fiction like, or perhaps ridiculous. It’s not. Block chain Artificial Intelligence is already in production. So are fairly sophistic Robots (See Sophia from Hansen Robotics).
        And check out

        Technology could make or break us in the polarisation that is hitting the world. That is the chilling part Jill. 😟

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  3. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” – Emma Lazurus 1883. When was the gold torch in Lady Liberty’s hand replaced with a can of tear gas? When did this nation of immigrants forget their own history? When will the plans for building walls be replaced with bridges? When will man’s inhumanity to man end?

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    • I think of those words often these days … unfortunately, Trump, his wealthy friends, and the white supremacists have forgotten their own roots. It was only two generations ago that Trump’s German ancestors were welcomed to this nation, yet he acts as if he were a native son. The white supremacists? Their ancestors came here, some were responsible for murdering and displacing the true Native Americans, and yet now they claim superiority. Lady Liberty has tears in her eyes these days, as she is held at gunpoint. I’ve said that we should send her back to France, for we no longer deserve her. When, you ask, will man’s inhumanity end? My only possible answer is that it will end when the human race ceases to exist.


  4. Remember, it was the Obama administration in 2010 who authorized the program to use this teargas and it was his administration who used this biological agent as a way to push back people storming the border multiple times in 2013. I don’t remember any outrage when it was happening then and I wonder why that is? I am sick and tired of fake outrage in these situations when you and your readers would know good and well that it happens when others are in charge. See the following article as a source if you and your readers want to read something contrary to the comfortable little mainline media propaganda that is blindly accepted as the unshakable truth every single day.


    • A) We aren’t talking about President Obama, we’re talking about Trump. You say you’re tired of the outrage, well I’m tired of all the “yeah, but whaddabout _________”. And believe me, my outrage is NOT fake, nor that of my other readers. Read Nan’s comment … does that seem fake to you? Read Dr. Rex’ … she is from Puerto Rico, Hispanic origin … can you imagine how she feels. These are HUMANS, Mr. Lawlor, not terrorists, not criminals … humans … children. Have you truly no empathy?

      B) Obama never once sanctioned or ordered the sort of human rights violations that Trump has ordered on our southern border. Not one time. Obama did not close our borders to Middle-Easterners. He was not an isolationist and not a cruel man. Trump is both, and this is no longer a good country for people of conscience to live in.


  5. Jill, I worry most about the vigilantes that feel empowered to be there. Between our military, who I trust more, but who are armed, border agents and vigilantes, someone is going to get shot as this thing has been blown way out of proportion which is modus operandi for this divisive President. Keith

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    • This is true and adds yet another layer of danger to an already explosive situation. Yes, I agree that I believe there will be blood shed before this is over, and every single death that occurs rests squarely on Donald Trump’s shoulders.


  6. the stone cold criminals are the ones who were throwing rocks at border patrol agents, people who are not interested in actual asylum or protection from violence in their home countries because, if they were, they would have taken the offer of asylum and jobs from Mexico. Some of them did take this offer.

    Also, if these are mostly peaceful people as you and others claim, why were they storming and rushing the border of which there is plenty of video evidence to support?

    How are border patrol agents supposed to defend themselves against the tossing of rocks and bottles? Are they supposed to do nothing and risk injury while trying to do their job of protecting the border or should we just not have a perimeter and simply not be a nation anymore?


    • Of all the nasty, stupid, ignorant, mean things this president has done, this is the worst. He has NOT ONE SELFLESS BONE in his body.

      Just shoot ’em! Get rid of ’em! Send them back to wherever they came from! Kids and all! Crippled and all! Why? Because sneaking in among them are (at least one or two) mean, ugly CRIMINALS and TERRORISTS who want to come into the U.S. and sell drugs and rape our women and shoot up our schools.

      Sorry, Jill. Got a little carried away.

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      • No need to apologize, Nan … I feel exactly the same and have done my share of ranting and cussing about it. You know what the biggest terrorist threat to citizens of the U.S. is? Not radical Islam, not Mexicans or Hondurans, but lily-white U.S. males. But, Trump’s fear-mongering plays well to his base, riles them and earns him kudos from them, and he could care less about anybody else. We have an opportunity to help people, to give people an opportunity, to show our compassionate side, and instead we are throwing them, children and all, to the wolves. Shame, shame, SHAME on the United States of America. We have no reason to be proud!


    • Rocks and bottles vs. rifles? Hardly seems like an equally matched fight, does it? Migrants who have traveled long distances on foot, who are exhausted, hungry and ill, vs ICE agents who have been warm and cozy, well-fed and are ready for action. Nope … not talking a fair fight here at all. If one needs a rifle to defend against a rock, then one needs further training in hand-to-hand combat. Sorry, but we are the bullies here … they are seeking safety and an opportunity, a chance at a better life … nothing more.


  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    TAKE A HARD LOOK … ‘The migrant caravan that Drumpf said we should be so afraid of, that he said was filled with murderers, rapists, and even some Middle-Eastern terrorists, the one he sent troops to the border to defend against, has finally arrived. Here is what all those “bad hombres” look like:’

    Could you put yourself in their shoes if only for a second?

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