Mind-Numbing, Jaw-Dropping Moments …

Two things in yesterday’s news were “Say WHAT?” moments.  Mind-numbing, jaw-dropping … the things that make you want to go live somewhere inside the Arctic Circle and forget you ever heard of the United States.

Ugly Trump“One of the problems that a lot of people like myself, we have very high levels of intelligence but we’re not necessarily such believers. As to whether or not it’s man-made and whether or not the effects that you’re talking about are there, I don’t see it. You look at our air and our water and it’s right now at a record clean.” – Donald Trump in interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday, 26 November 2018

One of the problems I have with that statement is that I cannot decide whether it sends me into gales of laughter or fits of rage.  “High levels of intelligence”???  Even his most avid followers must surely be either shaking their heads or laughing hysterically at that one!  Intelligence is definitely not one of the words I would use to describe this pimple on the posterior of humanity!!!

People who are truly intelligent have no need to point it out to others.  People who are truly intelligent realize that there are some topics on which others may be more well-educated, and therefore they listen to the opinions of scientists, advisors, etc.  People who are truly intelligent do not act stupidly 99% of the time.  People who are truly intelligent read books.  I could go on and on in this vein, but I think you get the picture.  Trump is undoubtedly the least intelligent person to have been in the Oval Office in my 67 years at least.  And no, I don’t say that because I dislike him immensely.  I immensely dislike Vladimir Putin, but I consider him a fairly intelligent man.

The second problem I have with this statement is that the thing Trump was claiming to be “not necessarily” a believer in was man-made climate change and the need to work cooperatively toward cleaning up our planet.  That, in itself, is proof enough that he is not possessed of ‘high levels of intelligence’.pollution-2And, it goes without saying, the third problem I have with his statement is the lie that our air and water right now are “at a record clean”.  He removed regulations that prohibited coal companies from dumping sludge into creeks and streams, he has reversed other regulations that controlled the amount of CO2 industries could put into the atmosphere.  Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed to weaken or roll back three key public health safeguards directly limiting particle pollution: the Clean Power Plan, clean car rules, and methane standards for the oil and gas industry. These safeguards also indirectly cut particle pollution by fighting climate change—which is fueling larger wildfires and unhealthier wildfire smoke.  Compared to China, our air and water may be relatively clean, but we are doing a lousy job keeping them that way, and in the last week or two, since the smoke from the California wildfires made its way across the nation to the East coast, people with asthma can tell the difference.

So no, there is nothing highly intelligent about either Mr. Trump or his statement of ignorance.  But since he disgusts me, let’s move on to Mississippi …

Hyde-SmithThis is the face of an extreme racist.  This is the woman who will be sitting in the U.S. Senate for the next two years, fulfilling the term of former Senator Thad Cochran, who resigned earlier this year due to illness.  This is the woman who has said she would like to sit in the front row at a lynching.

Yes, Cindy Hyde-Smith won the run-off election against democrat Mike Espy on Tuesday night.  For a brief time, when the returns first began rolling in, Espy was ahead by a slim margin, but with only 1% of the votes counted at that time, I was pretty sure I knew what came next.  When next I glanced over that way, she had a 9% lead and so it remained for the rest of the evening.

As Hugh reminded me not long ago, we must be careful about painting an entire group with the same brush, but I still contend that for this racist woman to win by 7.8%, or 68,585 votes, tells us some things about the majority of people in Mississippi.

The headline in the New York Times read …

In Electing Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi Stays True to Its Conservative Roots

Okay, ‘conservative roots’ are one thing, but blatant, crude, cruel racism is quite another – it is dangerous.  Regarding her win, Ms. Hyde-Smith said …

“The reason we won is because Mississippians know me and they know my heart. This win tonight, this victory, it’s about our conservative values, it’s about the things that mean the most to all of us Mississippians: our faith, our family.”

Translation:  The reason she won is that she is anti-immigration, pro-white supremacy, and her “values” mirror those of at least 54% of the state.  How much of this is due to voter suppression methods, I do not know.  Either way, though, 479,278 people voted for her.  479,278 people voted against Civil Rights, against equality, against LGBT rights, against women’s rights, and more.  Way. To. Go. Mississippians.

On that note, I am going to bed.  Good night, folks.  😴 💤

54 thoughts on “Mind-Numbing, Jaw-Dropping Moments …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Cindy Hyde-Smith did win but the citizens of Mississippi lose. Mississippi has been rated in the bottom 5 states for just about everything you can rate from poverty rates, education levels, health care delivery and outcomes, income levels, infrastructure.
    One of these days those poor white folks are going to figure out that they are voting against their own economic interests.
    What successful business would want to relocate to Mississippi; hold conventions or any other functions.
    US News and World Report rates Mississippi as 49th out of all the states. It is #50 for healthcare; #46 for education; #48 for economy; 49th for opportunity; 49th for infrastructure.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • So true … Mississippi has been notoriously racist for … well, since pre-Civil War days. I thought perhaps they had learned, but I guess not. Question, though … if they are #49 in opportunity and infrastructure … who is #50?

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  2. Great post, and it so happens I agree with you. I do have a challenge for you however, and this is it, beginning with this quote from the post: ” I immensely dislike Vladimir Putin, but I consider him a fairly intelligent man.” That statement stopped me dead in my reading tracks. You “intensely dislike” Vladimir Putin. My question is, obviously, “Why?” Why would an American who knows little of Putin’s life apart from American CIA propaganda, “dislike intensely” Vladimir Putin. What exactly has he said, or done, to earn such dislike? Is it because he actually has made “Russia great again” and has the balls to stand up to White House-Pentagon-CIA-NATO attempts at regime change in Syria, in Ukraine (unsuccessfully there for the time being as the Nazi NATO-backed dictator Poroshenko is still hanging it with dirty political and para-military tricks) and against himself in his own country? I really am curious: what has Putin done in particular, so heinous that it goes beyond anything that America in one way or the other does on a daily basis and no one wants to know about it? Do you want to explain? I’m all ears…

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    • Hi Sha’Tara, long time since we chatted. I can’t speak for Jill. She must have her reasons for disliking Vladimir.
      For me, I saw a very interesting documentary about a year ago, on why the Russian people like Putin so much.
      The essence of what the documentary focused on, was all the social programs that Putin had put in place to benefit the common people. I would, on first view of those programs, see them as very much similar to the bolstering of industry, the economy, and social programs of Nazi Germany (remember in 1938, Hitler made the Time magazine cover, as man of the year for his absolute turn around of the German economy). Prior to war, the German people loved Hitler as he had restored prosperity to even the poorest Germans.

      Like Hitler, Vlad has been conducting a similar program in Russia. He is a very intelligent man and he has restored to the Russian people, pride in their Nation.

      Two worrying aspects in the documentary were clear to me (although only subtly recorded).

      The first, and part of the plan to make Russians proud of themselves, were both monetary recognition, but also awards for having more children. The more children, the bigger the reward and it aimed at having young couples produce 7 children. Even with the financial rewards, having 7 children is a burden on parents with low wages, so the second incentive, to receive certificates and medals signed by Putin, to raise them to top citizen status, is a good bribe to keep that pride flowing.

      The second worrying thing from the documentary, and a direct product of the family planning incentive, is that it is mandatory for ALL children to receive military training. The documentary showed seven to ten year old, stripping down machine guns in seconds, not to mention the pride that their instructors showed when the same kids showed their ability to shoot targets and score very highly with live ammunition.

      To me, Sha’Tara, this shows me that Vladimir Putin has a product from his social programs… And it could well be one that is put into a war. Recent aggressions against the Ukraine are just the beginning of reamalgamating the old Soviet Union. Yes. Vladimir Putin is very intelligent. He is also very dangerous, and he already has the American President eating out of his hand.

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      • Colette, that all might be well and good. But, there are two contextual points. Putin has high favorability ratings in part, because people don’t want to be counted as a dissenter. Dissent is managed by Putin. The other is the extent Putin has used social media and regular TV to influence public opinion. A reporter who has been the subject of such campaigns against him, noted that Putin used the same tactics on his own people first, before he branched out to other countries. In fact, disinformation is what Putin did while in the KGB.

        So, while I am certain he has made efforts to improve the lot in life of many, my guess is he is taking efforts to publicize even the smallest of efforts. Trump is envious.


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        • The “West” hankers for a strong leader and accepts a clown like Reagan for example, yet when a “non-west” nation actually gets a strong leader that puts that nation in serious competition against “our” own world dominating hegemeon, we howl and cry foul and demonize, demonize, demonize. What amazes me is that the demonizers don’t realize they are doing exactly what their contenders for the skin of the world are doing. If I were forced to choose living under a Trump or a Putin, I would still choose neither and let the chips fall where they may. Or… I just might choose Putin’s world and find a little village in Siberia to live hidden and contented in. No internet? Fine. I’ll go for walks in the woods instead.

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        • He shouldn’t be, but I actually think he (DT) wants to control the masses in a similar way. He already uses propaganda to say how much Americans love him. Dictatorship comes in many forms, left, centre, and right wing; it doesn’t matter, because the party is only the vehicle for getting there.

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        • It is a fair comment Sha’Tara. There is no good side or bad side in a war… but the evils we perportrate on each other in a war tend to escalate the blame game.

          Again, we come back to that old ‘fear mongering ‘ that riles people up making their energy negative and their compassion disappear along with their trust for fellow humans.

          I understand what Putin is doing to some degree… But it is a controlling policy that I see no future in for humanity.

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          • Putin isn’t about change for humanity. He’s part and parcel of this patriarchal civilization. He’s a leader, therefore utterly compromised. If he speaks of change, it will be as “Russia first” with the means to fight fire with fire against NATO and the American global Hegemon. Putin is “smart” within the context given him by his position. The same can be said of Xi Jinping. Primarily though, these leaders are figureheads. The real power lies in other, bloodier hands.


    • Thanks Sha’Tara! It’s late and while I could likely step up on my soapbox and give you the long explanation, I don’t feel up to it tonight, so I will give you the Cliff Notes version. How do I immensely dislike him? Let me count the ways … His repressive, policies at home, violations of human rights, the Russian government’s interference in democratic elections in the United States and multiple European countries, its military invasions of neighboring countries, its support for a Syrian regime accused of war crimes, its use of a deadly nerve agent on the territory of an American ally, and its stated strategy of seeking to weaken American influence. That’s for starters anyway … 😉


      • Thanks Jill. Now I know where you are truly coming from. You are solidly encased on your American propaganda machine. Which is a choice, but one that tells me you are another of those who would say one thing while meaning another. When you said you were as aware as I of what your Hegemon is doing in the world, either you were lying or you really have no idea. Sorry (maybe not) but this is a parting of the ways. I have no time for, what else to call it but hypocrisy and hubris, American style? Take care, have a good Christmas and all the rest, wherever it leads.

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        • That’s fine, if that’s how you feel. But, be careful about judging people, Sha’Tara. I am no hypocrite, and neither am I, as you say, ‘encased in the American propaganda machine’. You blame … you point fingers, without thinking … a few days ago you basically blamed me, personally, for every atrocity committed by any American since the founding of the nation. It hurt my feelings, but I chose not to respond, for I valued what I thought was your friendship. But, as I told you then, I am not responsible for Wounded Knee or Gitmo or the Trail of Tears. I am one single person trying to find a way to leave this world just a little better than I found it. I am not perfect, but neither am I the personification of evil, as you would paint me. Best always.


        • I have to step in here (butting my nose in) because I think your reply to Jill is a little unfair Sha’Tara. We are all opinionated, or we wouldn’t be here sharing our thoughts.
          One of the biggest problems facing the world is that we separate ourselves because of our belief systems (many of which have been taught to us within the educational and religious systems). To understand another person’s point of view, we have to listen. Yes, we can disagree and at least agree to disagree, but we must also take an extra step to try and find a way forward together. Backing away, with a negative admonishment serves onle to create great rifts in the collective consciousness. And that will destroy our world more quickly than anything.
          I had this happen to me recently when trying to justify my position on something. I hit a nerve with a long time friend, and despite apologising twice, he will not respond. It is likely now an unhealable situation. Blame lies with neither party, and opinions count, but he backed away and lost yet another friend… He has lost many. And that saddens me. Ideas must flow for change to happen. Not all will be good, and many will fail, but we learn from that and change our approach. I do wish you’d reconsider, because I think Jill has a good heart. She is overwhelmed (like most of us) by the negative stuff that is happening, and her responses often angry… But we are all guilty of that I think.

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          • Years of environmental and political involvement have taught me that creating an enemy in order to demonize him/her is useful to cover up your own “sins” (or those of your religion, your country, your business, your race, your political party) but it only demonstrates bullying and pettiness. Americans have recently been thoroughly brainwashed in demonization. Islam, Russia (but particularly Valdimir Putin), people of colour, any colour but white), North Korea, Iran, refugees- now labelled criminals and terrorists. There is enough demonization here to please everyone, and some of it always sticks. My “argument” with Jill is on this topic. All that is known of this newly manufactured enemy is what the propaganda has revealed, and continues to reveal. I don’t care how “evil” Putin is, what I do care is how the very real evils of Amerikkka are being imputed to Putin and Russia. Meddling in elections? It’s what Amerikkka with its CIA does as a matter of routine, and who doesn’t know this? Helping the beleaguered legitimate government and the people of Syria against US-backed regime overthrow to pave the way for US corporate pipelines? Supporting Iran against US-backed Saudi Arabia and Israel’s sabre rattling? I could go on, but why? When the larger kettle calls the smaller pot black, I call a spade a spade. Hypocrisy cannot be hidden except from those living in denial. Further and final: when Trump detractors beat up on his bluster and ignorance, it isn’t because they care about his values, it’s all about the fact that he’s making them see how bad their Amerikkka is, as an institution, educationally, morally, economically, socially. Trump has revealed the real Amerikkka to any remaining part of the world that had not yet quite caught on – no place to hide anymore and that pisses off those who were able to pretend all was well under the arch-hypocrite and child killer, Obama. That’s all I have to say on that. Please comment on my blog if you wish to discuss this further, thanks Colette. (or private email – shatara@telus.net)


  3. Firstly……’Mississippi Burning’ is alive and well then.
    Secondly….’High Level of Intelligence’ eh?
    Here’s a thought out of History
    Hitler was convinced that in April to May 1945 the German 9th Army would sweep down from the North, drive the Soviet forces from Berlin and inflict a devastating defeat from which the USSR would not recover
    The 9th Army comprised 100,000 soldiers and 800 tanks. Sounds good uh? ….Small problem for the 9th Army (short on fuel and ammo) it faced a soviet force of 1,000,000 soldiers and 10,000 armoured vehicles (not short on fuel or ammo).
    By then Hitler did not let little things like facts stand in the way of his reasoning powers.
    He had a high level of intelligence too.
    Just sayin’ .That’s all

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    • Indeed, ‘Mississippi Burning’ is bigger than ever. With an African-American population of 37.5%, it is painfully obvious just how many black people were kept away from the polls.

      Yep, those guys with those high levels of intelligence are so smart they don’t need to listen to anybody else, right? I’m just hoping this “highly intelligent” leader doesn’t take us all down with him when he finally meets his Waterloo.

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          • The trouble with assassination is they tend to make folk into martyrs. Trust me you do not want 30 million folk in angry mourning and all those konspi-racy kooks making up crap. Innocent folk will get hurt in the mindless reprisals.
            It has to be done the constitutional way (God knows the aftermath will be bad enough)

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            • Thank goodness!!! I woke this morning with the thought “I haven’t heard from Roger for a bit … I must send him a quick email as soon as I get downstairs”! I was beginning to worry … us ol’ biddies do that. Good to see you!

              I know you’re right … at least in my saner moments I know it, but I seem to have fewer and fewer of those these days 😉

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              • Don’t worry Jill, if I am not around just say to yourself ‘Karlyn, Arketre and Trelli (K.A.T…rather clever on the spur of the moment I thought)..the book is really into it’s finale and sparks are flying everywhere.
                Meanwhile….Why be sane?
                Do you see anyone else being so; it’ll only get you noticed in the wrong way.🤪

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                • I usually don’t worry if you’re not around for a few days, but this … felt somehow different. Perhaps only because I know that you’ve been in some angst of late. Glad you’re okay, though … hang in there, my dear friend! I’m no even sure I can differentiate between the sane and the not-so-much-so anymore!

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  5. I would say Good Morning, but perhaps as my Gram used to greet me “Morning is good!” The first time she said that and I questioned the why of it, she said : ” At my age, if I wake up morning is always good and better than the alternative.” I failed to appreciate the wisdom of her words back then, I’m beginning to do so now! At any rate, I have spent a part of my morning catching up on news that I missed yesterday and then onto today’s onslaught. Do you know of Jennifer Finney Boylan? A very interesting person and writer. I came across her years ago through her books and loved the 2008 “I’m Looking Through You : Growing Up Haunted”. Among her many pursuits, she is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. Boylan’s column of Nov. 28th titled “Trump, the Monster Who Feeds on Fear” is a thought provoking must read. Well, morning is fast fading into noon and I started this comment at 7 AM, interruptions abound and my coffee grows cold waiting for my return. One last thought…if travelling south, it might be preferable to just miss Mississippi these days! Thank-you!

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    • Yes, funny how we are now understanding things our grandparents, and even our parents said and did, much better, isn’t it? I hadn’t heard of Ms. Boylan, but I did go find her OpEd piece you mentioned and it gave much food for thought … she writes well and is astute. Must have been some big interruptions! Happens to me all the time, but sometimes mine are minor interruptions, but then I forget what I was doing before the interruption. I do hope you aren’t raking leaves again! And no worries about me hitting Mississippi … you couldn’t pay me to travel south of the Mason-Dixon these days!


  6. Jill, good post. Two comments. What is the one consistency about someone who has to tell you how smart he (gender intended)? The person is to trying to convince you of something that is not true. This man said yesterday his gut is smarter than most people’s brains. Really? Did your gut lead you to setting up a mortgage company in the middle of a Housing recession?

    As for Mississippi, it is hard to change perception when the majority votes for someone who has said and been pictured on several racist things. As with the Georgia governor, I now know their names. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Y’know … my little red flags go up and my b.s.meter goes haywire when I hear somebody say they are ‘listening to their gut’, or making decisions based on their gut. It isn’t that I don’t trust those instincts we all have from time to time, but to make life-or-death decisions based on them? Nope, not smart and certainly not a sigh of ‘higher intelligence’.

      I have to believe that there was a large degree of disenfranchisement of black voters in Mississippi, for with 37.5% of the population being African-American … something doesn’t add up … I smell a rat.


    • Yes, I’ve been trying to keep up somewhat with the Brexit situation and I can see where your jaw would drop from time-to-time. It has certainly been a mess far beyond what I would have imagined. Thanks Jack! Hugs! ❤


  7. Trump is pure idiot and almost 100% liar. Whether or not his personal belief is that Global Warming is wrong, for God’s sake man, it doesn’t mean everywhere gets hot all the time, it means the warming creates effects like extreme cold in some places, he should not be ignoring the advice of the specialists and allowing problems to be caused for the population now and in the future.
    Cindy Hyde-Smith appears to be a true representative of her state and shares their morals. I apologise to any black people who had their votes suppressed, you are now lumped in with the white supremacists and purely racist majority who did not vote for Mike Espy even if you tried. Another State of the glorious Confederacist that should be ashamed of itself not to have progressed beyond the civil war mentality..
    Don’t let it get you down Jill, just be prepared to move to a solidly Democratic State that live in the 21st Century.

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    • I have seriously thought of moving, but all the more sophisticated intelligence democratic states are either very expensive and /or COLD! Look at all the South from Arizona thru Texas and all the way along the South including Florida and upwards into W. Va. and Va. and do t forget some, if not most of the Midwest and most rural small communities. Maybe a move to Canada or across the Pond is more like it. Or New Zealand.

      Anyway too old to do that now and I like warm weather. So I’ll be grateful for the like minded friends I do have and stay. But I can dream…..😊

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    • As always, you are 100% correct. His own personal opinions are irrelevant … or should be … in his decision-making for the nation. An obligation to study the science of the matter, to listen to his better-informed advisors, should be the order of the day, but … well … it’s the Trumptanic and the normal rules do not apply. His ignorance becomes painfully obvious when he doesn’t even understand the difference and relationship between ‘climate’ and ‘weather’. Neither did I, ten years ago, but I read and learned.

      Mississippi is about 37.5% African-American, which leads me to believe that there was a significant amount of voter suppression. It is also home to a disproportionate amount of racial violence in both the past and present. I don’t look for that to change, for sure, but even worse is that as a Senator, Hyde-Smith will be making decisions affecting the entire nation, not only Mississippians.

      Don’t worry … the steel girders are still in place over the rabbit hole. I’m above-ground.


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