Saturday Surprise — Office Christmas Party

If there was one thing I dreaded even more than the Annual Review in my other life as an accountant, it was the office Christmas party.  I generally avoided them at all costs … as it was, I spent most of my waking time each week with these people, about half of whom I didn’t even like, so why on earth would I want to spend what little ‘free’ time I had with them, too?  And, as you probably all know by now, I have a stubborn streak about the length of a football field, so telling me that I must do something is the best way to ensure that I won’t do it.toon-Maxine-office-partyAs the season, I am told, is upon us, I thought it might be fun to indulge in a little Christmas Office Party humour.  And besides, we all need something to laugh about, right?party-1






I went looking for funny stories about Christmas office parties, sure there must be many, but every one I found pertained to either people having sex with co-workers, or getting drunk and being disgusting, none of which do I find humorous.  And so instead, to wrap up Saturday Surprise, I give you this …

27 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Office Christmas Party

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  2. Dear Jill,

    I like you managed to get by doing things on my own terms. I avoided the dreaded Xmas office party. As a matter of fact, I had to go back over 45 plus years to even recall going to one. The company sponsored a dinner with entertainment, free booze, etc. I never went to another one as being around a bunch of drunk coworkers was not my idea of fun.

    I fell in love with the photos of the dog and the owl being best friends.

    That cat looks like I feel, lately.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I’ve always thought that if a company really wanted to do something nice for their employees around the holidays, an extra day to spend with their family (with pay, of course) would be much more appreciated. I’m glad you liked the dog & owl … they melted my heart. And I, too, feel just about like that cat looks … Trump + Holidays = Exhaustion.

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    • Heh heh heh … knowing what I do about your work environment, I would say there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that you’d rather spend time with them than with Kevin and the kitties!


  3. Loved the cat. Perfect for this post. Fortunately for me for the most part in my previous life I worked with like minded souls. We picked an to have a holiday potluck at the office on Christmas eve. After that we sat around for a “Yankee Swap” which fizzled out over the years as people started to opt out. Over all it wasn’t bad, there was no alcohol and the day ended early as we were released early provided we had “skeleton” staff to cover emergencies. It was an opportunity to relax with co- workers that we generally just saw in passing on our way out to do “God’s work for the government.” Thanks for the humor. Yes, we need as much as we can get.

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  4. Yeah, it’s been a long time since I worked in an employee setting, but I did hate the annual Christmas party. Lots of gossip, lots of whinging and lots of taking advantage of a free bar. Oh yes, that Christmas song was right on the money!
    Even worse was the gift exchange… Cringe worthy crap given (to keep the outlay affordable) that was mostly useless to everyone. I actually like some of the Christmas stuff, but not when it’s wasteful, cheesy, and full of false cameraderie and you can’t wait to leave.

    Aren’t those Dog and owl pics adorable? Such friends. We could learn a lot from our animal pals. 😊

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    • Agreed, and another one I hated was everyone pitching in $10 or $15 for a present for the boss … a man who was already making far more than we were and had everything he needed, while we were struggling to buy Christmas gifts for our kids!

      Indeed, those pics melted my heart … I’ve long said that humans could learn a lot from animals!


  5. Oh, and for the annual review, I was always told things like, “I cannot give you a good review because you might get the impression you don’t need to improve. There is always room for improvement! Please sign here…” Yeah, sure, let me get right on that!

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