Good People Doing Good Things — A Few Surprises!

On Sunday evening, around 10:00, I took a break from the post I was writing (Jolly Monday) to go roll a couple of packs of smokes. When I stepped away from the computer, my blog had around 250 views for the day, about the norm.  When I returned some 20 minutes later, I had nearly 500 views!  No way … must be a spammer, right?  But no … a bit of digging and I found the cause.  One of my former ‘good people’ had just been awarded the CNN Hero of the Year award! hero-of-the-year.pngRemember Dr. Ricardo Pun-Chong from back in June?

In a nutshell, what Dr. Pun-Chong did was built a shelter in his home of Lima, Peru, to provide free meals, shelter and support for sick children and their families who have come from all over Peru for treatment at the various hospitals in Lima.  As part of his award, Dr. Pun-Chong will receive $100,000 which he says he will use to build an additional shelter.  Watch …

I am so thrilled to see Dr. Pun-Chong receive this well-deserved award!

And now, how about a few of those everyday good people doing good things on a slightly smaller scale than Dr. Pun-Chong …

Kevin Booth is a homeless man in Sumner, Washington.  One day last week, Kevin went to the Sumner foodbank in search of bread that is often left in a box outside for the homeless people in the city.  When he arrived and opened the box, he found a brown paper bag.  The bag was filled, but not with bread … it was filled with cash!  $17,000 in cash, to be precise.Kevin-BoothNow, you can imagine what a find $17,000 would be to a homeless person … he could probably rent a room and eat for a couple of years with that amount of money.  But Kevin Booth didn’t walk away with the money.  He waited until the volunteer staff arrived for work a bit later and handed the bag of money over to them, saying he knew that money would benefit more people than just himself.

To thank Booth for his honestly, the food bank is giving him part of the money in gift cards as a reward.  The Sumner police department also presented Booth with a citizen’s citation.  My hat is off to this man who knows and does the right thing.

An unnamed juvenile in Roeland Park, Kansas, was caught at the local Wal-Mart trying to steal a pair of boots.  Police were called and along came Officers Suffield and Snepp.  Upon talking to the youth, the officers determined that he was a displaced juvenile within the State of Kansas Justice system and was trying to steal the boots, so he could get a job. Suffield-SneppAnd so, Officer Suffield and Officer Snepp gave him a bit of encouragement, some advice to get a job, stay in school, and stay out of trouble.  And then they bought him the boots.  A small thing, sure, but it may end up being the difference between a life of crime or becoming a doctor, lawyer or even a senator … oh wait, that would be a life of crime.  It may very well have made the difference between his life or death … we’ll never know.  You never know what one small act of kindness might lead to, do you?  Thumbs up to Officers Suffield and Snepp … thank you!

And last, but not least, how about we change it up just a little, for I found something so heartwarming that I just have to share it with you.  After all, who said good people have to be ‘human’ people … they can be equine people, can’t they?  Meet Peyo …

24 thoughts on “Good People Doing Good Things — A Few Surprises!

  1. Just now got a chance to read this … and the bit about the cops helping the kid? He must have been white … otherwise, he’d probably have been shot! Sorry for the snideness but damn! It seems people of color don’t have a chance anymore. Especially under the current admin.


  2. Contact with horses can be very therapeutic. When I worked with people with functional difficulties horseriding day was usually a very happy day. The big problem, though, was the cost–not everyone could afford it. Having Peyo going right to the hospital is a wonderful idea. There are not many hospitals that would allow such a large animal to invade its hallowed halls. Hell, I tried to get my calmest cat to become a Friendly Visitor, but was turned down. Cats might spread disease they said. Cats are more likely to spread healing, just like Peyo. Oh well! people are strange…

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  3. Al your stories were heartwarming Jill but the last one, Peyo is such a remarkable story, such a remarkable horse. I’ve known a few hospitals changed their policy regarding animals because dogs are shown to have a positive effect on their owners wellbeing but I’ve never known a horse with such a remarkable rapport with humans before.

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    • Everybody seems to have loved Peyo! I hesitated about posting his video, for he isn’t a ‘people’, but you know how I feel about animals, so in the end I decided to, and I’m glad I did! A lot of hospitals here allow dogs or cats to stay with their humans, and a few even have programs whereby they will allow the Humane Society to bring in animals to comfort patients. You remember I’ve told you about the man and the dog from the bookstore? He was in the hospital recently and they let Skipper stay with him. I’m so glad you liked Peyo!

      Cwtch Mawr

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  4. Great post… And Peyo, that most special horse made me cry… 😭😍❤️
    If anyone here hasn’t watched the visits that this horse makes to a hospice, go look at it. Wish more people could see the kindness and empathy that animals possess. ❤️

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