Full Bore Snarky Snippets …

Perhaps it’s the holiday season that’s done it, or perhaps it’s just an overload of Trumpism.  Perhaps it is the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight.  But whatever it is, I am in a mood these days.  A mood that has my tongue in shreds for I have bitten it so many times as I try to be a good grannie and show some enthusiasm for such things as the Christmas village and the live tree, the cookie-baking and decorating/shopping/wrapping/spending.  A mood that has me crying myself to sleep at nights as I wonder what the hell this world is coming to.  Anyway, the result is I am in super-snark mode, so you may want to don your ear plugs for this one …


Don’t drink the water …

drink-waterFrom the very first line, it galled me …

“On Tuesday, Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency announced it would roll back Obama-era rules that, under cover of the 1972 Clean Water Act, empowered federal bureaucrats to regulate virtually every puddle, pond and drainage ditch under the guise of protecting wetlands.”

This statement is from the Editorial Board of the Las Vegas Review-Journal and can be found on the EPA’s website.  The first thing to note is that it refers to “Donald Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency”.  THE EPA DOES NOT BELONG TO DONALD F***ING TRUMP!!!  The EPA is an agency of the United States federal government that is funded by, and thus belongs to, WE THE PEOPLE!

the adelsons.jpg

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson

Guess, by the way, who owns the Las Vegas Review-Journal?  None other than Trump’s mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, the casino magnate who, along with his wife, donated $55 million this year to groups dedicated to securing Republican control of the House and Senate.  Adelson’s wife was mysteriously awarded the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ for no reason other than the obscene amount of money she and hubby spent to help Trump get elected.  The Adelsons donated some $83 million to help Trump get elected, and another $5 million to his inaugural fund.

The editorial called this week’s rollback of Obama-era clean water rules “another administrative success story in its battle against the overweening administrative state.”  Believe me, folks, this is not in any way, shape or form a ‘success’, but is another nail in the coffin of our overall health and the state of our environment.  The Clean Water Rule protected the water we drink from chemicals and waste being dumped into our water supply by fossil fuel producers, manufacturers, and agribusiness.

Think about this one … one in three Americans gets their water from a source that will no longer qualify as ‘protected’.

There will be legal battles and it is unlikely that anything will change in the immediate future, but this is one more signal from the Trump administration that big business carries the day and We The Little People have little or no value to Trump and his minions.  Yo! … you supporters of Trump … do you honestly still believe that he is “one of us”?

Revenge of the eejits …

When asked by a Reuters’ reporter if he was concerned about a possible impeachment, Trump replied …

“I’m not concerned, no.  I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”

The people … would revolt?  What people???  First, only a minority, although an inexplicable 40% minority, even tolerate the buffoon.  And of that 40%, probably only 5% have the guts to take to the streets in protest.  And if there was a revolt, the U.S. military and National Guard would put it down quickly enough … trust me, a tank trumps a man with an AR-15 most any day.  So no, Donnie boy, there might be a few isolated incidents, a bit of grumbling, and a bunch of hot air from the talking heads over at Fox, but there would be no wide-scale revolution that would put you back on your throne!trump-jailShould he be impeached?  Absolutely, for he is the most corrupt, dirtiest ‘president’ in the history of this nation, and he is destroying the country just as surely as Hitler destroyed Germany in 1933.  Will he be impeached?  Probably not.  Even if he is impeached in the House of Representatives, the odds of the Senate voting to convict and remove him from office are slim-to-none, for they are all lapdogs, boot-lickers, whose personal fortunes are tied to his.  But if he is impeached and removed … his next office will likely have very thick iron bars.

LIES, lies and more lies …

In the past week, Trump has told so damn many lies about his “wall” that it is the source of dark mirth around the globe.  He claims that large sections have already been built … they have not.  He claims that it is necessary to the nation’s security … it is not.  And now … wait for it … now, he claims that Mexico is actually paying for it!  They are not, in case anyone even still cares.

His muddled theory here is …

“I often stated, ‘One way or the other, Mexico is going to pay for the Wall.’ This has never changed. Our new deal with Mexico (and Canada), the USMCA, is so much better than the old, very costly & anti-USA NAFTA deal, that just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!”

Anyone who ever had any doubts about the mental capacity of this ‘man’ … never fear … he has the mind of an eight-year-old, at least!

There is no consensus that provisions in the new trade deal would result in Mexico funding a border wall, and former Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray tweeted following the announcement of an initial agreement on the USMCA that Mexico would never pay for the wall, even through the new deal.  I ask again, would somebody please wake us from this nightmare???

And that is all the snark for tonight, folks.  Well, actually I have plenty more, but I should save some for tomorrow, yes?

19 thoughts on “Full Bore Snarky Snippets …

  1. Quite often, you are at your most eloquent when snarking! I totally agree with all the snarks that you have opined on in this post. But, you seem to need a wee bit of brightness in your overwrought mind. Please read today’s EcoWatch. Greta Thunberg, the astounding 15 year old environmental activist of your previous good people post, remains diligent while attending the second week of the COP24 climate talks. She has proposed a Global Climate Strike for today, Dec.14th…”Climate leaders don’t just talk. They act.” Benjamin and I have watched the included video several times and discussed what it means. At not quite 5 years of age, he already understands the necessity for environmental activism and climate control. Thank-you and Namaste from Benjamin to Miss Jill!!

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  2. Jill, given what is being done, you deserve to be a little snarky. It should be noted the EPA clean water regulations roll back wipes away changes also made by both Bush Presidents, not just Obama. This is a major change at a time we have a global water crisis.

    As for Trump, he cannot stop lying. He is like a toddler on the counter with his hands in the cookie jar, saying it is not his fault. Plus, I am firmly convinced that Trump does not know or care to know the difference between right and wrong. A successful transaction makes it right. He won so he is right. We made a deal with Saudi Arabia so it is ok for the Prince to sanction the murder of a reporter. And, so on. Keith

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    • I was horrified by the rollback of the Clean Water Act. He is being allowed to do entirely too much by ‘executive order’ and without the approval of our elected officials. Not that it would have much mattered, since the current Congress is a majority of ‘yes’ men (and women), but still …

      And tonight I hear that a federal judge in Texas has ruled ACA unconstitutional!!! Another of those WTF moments we were talking about! It’s time for this madness to stop!


  3. I read Trump will be understood as he’s mentally troubled but Pence is fully responsible for the crazy stuff he goes along with. “He,” said we need the wall and he knows better. Did you notice how he looked during the gathering in the oval office with the Democrats? He must know things are coming to a head. He’s there to pardon Trump one day. No way is he going to get the office in 2020. He’s another Ford. —- Suzanne

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    • Pence almost seems like a non-entity these days, and yet you have to wonder what’s simmering beneath the surface. Some have said he is scarier than Trump. Perhaps so. Actually, compared to the line-up of bozos we have today, Ford looks pretty darn good! 😉

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      • No, Ford was better than the bunch today. I do think he was chosen mostly because he was a likable guy who would pardon Nixon. He couldn’t win the office on his own. He was “much” better than Pence who seems to be radicle in his beliefs and is like a spider, just hanging there waiting to pounce on the job of president. The LBGT’s naturally don’t trust him. Anyone who’s been rumored to think children suspected to be gay should undergo shock treatment is extremely scary. 😦 — Suzanne

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        • I agree … Pence is an abominable and unabashed bigot, and in one sense, he is more dangerous than Trump, because Pence is more intelligent and more reserved. ‘Twould be lovely if they were both found guilty of treason and both removed from office together.

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          • That would really foul up Trump’s plans for a pardon, wouldn’t it? I wonder what they’d do in a case like that. I don’t remember any time both the President and Vice President have lost their offices at once. There might be a great shuffle. I wonder if you heard the court in Texas has decided Obama Care is un-Constitutional? I heard the Democrats are fighting it in the court but it’s scary. It doesn’t affect me as I’m on Medicare but I worry about all the uninsured. 😦 — Suzanne


  4. Why save for tomorrow what you can snark about today? A snark might be dead in the water if you wait too long to keep it alive. Snark while the item is hot! I’ll gladly snark on Tuesday for a bigger snark today. Oh, just snark it!

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