15 thoughts on “Visual Humour (aka ‘Toons)

      • One of the best Jill. He, unlike a certain occupant of the Whitehouse, did service in Vietnam and his cartoons portraying the plight of soldiers at the front line are quite moving.
        Odd that isn’t? Along with Gary Trudeau another ‘liberal’ (Doonesbury) Jeff Danziger produces the most moving and empathetic cartoons of the folk on the front line.

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        • Yes, Trump claims to “love” the veterans, but he has done nothing for them and has, in fact, cut some funding in veteran’s programs. I’ve always loved Doonesbury and Trudeau has no love for Trump, that’s for sure! And now I can add Danziger to the list! Have a great weekend, dear friend, and give Sheila a hug for me. 🤗🤗

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