CHAOS!!! — Part II

When I wrote Chaos yesterday, I had no intention of it becoming Part I of a series, but as the day progressed into evening, I knew I wasn’t finished, so here is Part II, and Part III seems likely.

Okay, I know you are all sick and tired of hearing about ‘the wall’, and so am I.  But, since the child sitting in the Oval Office is throwing spoons again demanding his fribbin’ wall, we are not done hearing about it, much as it is giving us all ulcers.  The latest …

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, after vacillating between determination to shut the government down if he doesn’t get initial funding for his wall, and willingness to sign a short-term spending bill and delay this argument until next February, he finally gave his final word before leaving for a ‘vacation’ at his bloody estate in Florida:

“I’ve made my position very clear. Any measure that funds the government must include border security.  Walls work, whether we like it or not. They work better than anything.”

Okay, nothing new there, right?  Except that … the unthinkable … the House of Representatives caved and instead of passing the short-term spending bill approved by the Senate, House Republican leaders hurried to appease the president, pulling together a bill that would keep the government funded through Feb. 8 while also allocating $5.7 billion for the border wall.  CAVED!  Threw the hard-working citizens of this nation under the bus!  $5.7 billion!!!  For a useless, destructive wall, only because it’s what his ego demands.  Nobody with an IQ over 45 wants that damn wall!  $5.7 billion!!! 

The legislation passed the House on a near-party-line vote of 217 to 185 last night, over strident objections from Democrats who criticized the wall as immoral and ineffective and declared the legislation dead on arrival in the Senate. No Democrats voted for the House measure, and eight Republicans voted against it.

Yo!  Republican members of the House of Representatives!  Where are your cojones?  You knew all along that this wall is a waste of money, and the $5.7 billion is barely the beginning, for all reasonable estimates put the total cost between $50 billion and $75 billion.  This is not your money you’re throwing away … it is OURS!!!  Remember us?  We The People?

And in case you need a real laugh right about now, a man, a veteran named Brian Kolfage has started a GoFundMe site to raise funds for the wall and is asking that every American contribute $80!  Over my dead body!  But the sad part is apparently an awful lot of people in this nation have more money than they have common sense, for thus far more than 100,000 people have contributed and the account has raised more than $8 million.  I am truly sickened by this.  Why?  Because … do you see Mr. Kolfage raising money to help out starving children or provide medical care for families in need?  No, instead he is directing his efforts to a useless piece of steel & mortar that will only harm humans, the economy and wildlife.  Mr. Kolfage, as well as those 100,000 people are not humanitarians.  They are fools who care not one whit for any but themselves.  They are, in my book, white supremacist cowards, afraid to share their nation with those whose skin may not be quite as pale as their own.

Kolfage claims that Trump has “followed through on just about every promise” he made in his campaign, and that it is every citizen’s duty to help Trump “overcome Democratic resistance to the wall”.  Whoa … hold up Brian … more of those ‘citizens’ whose duty you claim to know are democrats than are republicans.  You’re saying, basically, that it is the duty of democrats to overcome their own resistance?  Have you read any of the studies about the wall, the harm it will do to wildlife, the damage to the economy of the border states?  Open your eyes, man!

There are so many more important issues in this nation than a wall along the southern border.  Do we really want to live in a walled-in nation?  I know I don’t. Are we really so afraid of families fleeing for their lives, or starving children, that we are willing to plunge this nation into massive debt in order to keep “them” out?  Yes, I am angry … no, wait … between this wall thing and Trump’s asinine claims that he will be pulling our troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, I am well beyond angry … I am furious.  Republicans … please, wake up and demand a stop to the madness before the planet explodes into a fiery ball of violence!  Demand that our legislators be the adults in the room, since Trump cannot.  This madness cannot continue … it simply cannot.  And now, I shall leave you to go in search of happier blogs.

36 thoughts on “CHAOS!!! — Part II

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    • Absolutely true! That “great economy” he’s been patting himself on the back for is about to take a dark turn, I fear. But, his base will only see it when one morning they wake up to find their 401(k) has shrunk to about half its size.


  3. Trump’s Wall: To Donnie Junk Truck it is the highest point in his life, the culmination of a fabulous career. It will stand forever, just like the mighty works of Ozymandias, a message for all time.
    Trump’s Wall: To anyone not named Donnie Junk Truck it is the symbol of stupidity and waste, the laughinstock of the world. In 10,000 years it will cause wonder in the minds of travellers, this mighty edifice that stopped the spread of Americanism into the world of real people. Trump’s Wall–the bandage that contained the cancer!

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    • Yep, I agree rawgood — since he couldn’t make a dent wiping out “Obamacare,” he’s using “the wall” to try and establish some kind of legacy.

      What a total ignoramus we have leading this country! What did we do to deserve this?

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      • I would tell you my thoughts, but I don’t want to break up our friendship. The problem is the “we!” When the world looks at America, they unfortunately do not see the individuals who make up America. We see the nation as a whole! Everyone the same. This is not a fair vision, but it is a real vision. (Real as in how the majority of people feel.)
        America is rapidly losing its reputation as the land of freedom, religious or economical. And American imperialism is losing its gloss even more than before.
        (Hmmm, seems I cannot help but tell you some of my thoughts. My apologies.)

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    • Y’know, my friend, I believe you have hit on it! Trump’s goal is to leave his name for all of posterity … and it explains why he is so determined to attempt to erase Obama’s name, his legacy. It’s all naught more than a damned ego trip, at the expense of We the People. I decided long ago that if, by some off chance, he does build his goddamn wall, I will personally go to the border with dynamite and blow at least a hole in it! Yeah, I’m pissed … how could you tell? 😉


  4. Dammit just do the math, it cost infinitely less to clothes, feed, house and educate all the “illegals” than to build a useless wall! These are living breathing human beings, a wall is just an inanimate object which symbolizes division. What’s there to debate about, the choice is clear!

    On the plus side, anything to reduce tension and conflict in the world works for me, it’s about time we stop interfering in the middle east and pull out. Although Trump is doing it for all the wrong reasons, it’s a start.

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    • Thank you, my friend! I loved it … I have now followed this blog and yes, I will absolutely share it. Thanks for thinking of me — you know me well.

      Merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays to you and yours also! Let us hope for some peace in the coming year. Hugs, my friend!


  5. I continue to have few words…just an overwhelming foreboding feeling of things to come.
    And a total sorrow that anyone ….anyone can support this despicable human being, trump.

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  6. Jill, two comments. Yes, his position is clear, but he agreed to sign a bill without and the Senate obliged and some are headed home. Then, he reneged after the hard-liners pitched a fit. This is similar to when he reneged on a desk he made for DACA and the walk in the morning and the same hard liners got in his ear and unwound it. This is one key example of why he is intrustworthy.

    The other issue is the wall will cost roughly $30 billion to build, not $5 billion. It also will cost that same higher amount to maintain over time – so now we are talking $60 billion. Let’s debate that number not $5 billion. Keith

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    • Well, just another of his broken promises, his lies, his ever-changing mind, if he can actually be said to have a mind. As I answer this, we now know that he bullied and browbeat the House, but too little, too late, and our government is now in partial shutdown mode, which will hurt people, but won’t cause Trump a moment’s sleep. And we now know that he threatens a “very long” shutdown. The House Freedom Caucus members surely own a large part of the blame, Trump himself seems to have lost all sense of reality, and yet, his approval rating has not dropped, so I have to place a goodly portion of the blame on the people who still support him after everything he has done over the past 3-4 weeks.

      I have a post going out tomorrow afternoon about the cost and obstacles of the wall … it is truly a white elephant and to shut down the government over it was the most unconscionable act … but his supporters are still chanting “build the wall”. But then, they are also still chanting “Lock her up”, when in truth they ought to be chanting “Lock HIM up!”


  7. Trump is a nasty,vicious fool who’s only interest is in enriching himself and establishing his name either with the wall or if he can get away with it, the money. Those in Congress who came up with the idea of aiding and abetting Trump are fools also, but showing their racist side. The wall is wrong in so many ways.

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    • All very true … and it seems that Trump’s madness is escalating … almost as if he is determined to do as much damage, not only to the U.S. but to the world, as he can before the first of the year. In truth, I believe he has lost any sense of right vs wrong and at this point, nothing he does would be … well, it might be a surprise, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. He has bragged about his “very large button” to Kim Jong-un … and if, as I believe, he is truly not in control of his sanity, what’s to stop him from pressing his button? Sorry … I don’t mean to sound like an off-the-wall conspiracy theorist … I’m just trying to connect the dots and come up with some logic here. Sigh. Might need a hand up out of the rabbit hole.

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  8. Madness is contagious. From an outsider looking in. You can have Hadrian’s Wall it’s not been doing anything for just under 2000 years. In the UK madness is alsonat the heart of government. Everything has goround to a halt. Govt strategy is now do absolutely nothing. Leave any Brexit decisions to the very last minute then have a vote based on now we only have time for two options a deeply flawed plan a (which even most remainers, moderates and leavers agree sees the U.K. position significantly weakened) or crash and burn Brexit. The worry is that some of the cabinet are rabid leavers and actually fancy a bit of crash and burn.

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    • As I read your comment, and have listened to others speak of the current status of Brexit negotiations and the angst, and having spent the day keeping up (trying to) with Trump’s latest perfidies, the only thought that comes to mind is that after 70+ years of relative peace, the entire world has gone nuts. I think … it seems that over the decades, humans have become a number of things: complacent, secure, greedy, and lazy, to name a few. And now, there are few left from the generation that fought in WWII, the generation who suffered and survived the Holocaust, and so the lessons of war are not fresh in their memories, but instead are largely forgotten. And so, suddenly, people are not satisfied with their lives, but want … more, even though they often cannot define what it is they want more OF. I wish I could say that I see a good resolution for either your nation’s problems or mine, but frankly, for tonight, at least, I don’t. I fear there are not enough level heads in either of our governments to be counted on to “do the right thing”. Sigh. Hugs, my friend.

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