Don Lemon: If You’re Worried …

Don Lemon is a respected journalist, author and an award-winning news anchor for CNN.  I find him to be possessed of a great deal of common sense, and able to sum up situations in a clear, concise manner.  On hearing of the resignation of General James Mattis two days ago, Mr. Lemon had this to say …

20 thoughts on “Don Lemon: If You’re Worried …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thanks for sharing. Don Lemon is right on the money.

    What’s frightening is that there are lots of upcoming events that will challenge the president’s capabilities. This is when he acts out in spades.

    In the case of Syria, he was caught between two opposing forces, that which his foreign policy experts pushed while Russia was pushing him to withdraw US troops asap in Syria.

    This time he figured out a very tenuous pretext for acting unilaterally, so that he could deliver on the wish list as per Russia, Iran, Turkey, ISIS, etc.

    He is definitely acting against US national security interests.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, Don Lemon is spot on … and I just love his style … so cool, not hot-headed, not ranting, but yet he gets his point across just as well … perhaps better.

      The coming year is going to be a year of change, I think. Whether positive or negative change, I cannot yet say, but it is a certainty that the current status cannot continue much longer. My hope for the new year is that the GOP finally wake up and see the chaos that our government has become, that he either be shackled or removed from office, and that this nation take seriously our responsibilities in the areas of climate change, refugees, the Middle East, and humanitarian causes.


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  2. I love his stuff. On a slightly less critical and more personal note, can you believe this wonderfully handsome man is in his fifties. It is strange we are about the same age, he looks 25 and I look 75. 🤔🤣😂😜😁😎 I was saddened to learn recently that he was abused as a child as I was. He blurted it out on a segment he was doing when the guest went off the rails. He took great offence and came back and explain why. I couldn’t imagine telling that nationally my self. He is smart and brave.

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    • He is indeed a handsome man, and no, I had no idea he was in his 50s … I would have guessed him at 37-38. You, however, do NOT look 75, my friend! I really enjoy Lemon … he has a way of making his point without screaming, cussing, being rude … he just gets to the point, raises his eyebrows and says, “Really?” in a certain way that makes you think. I do remember hearing about his childhood abuse, although only vaguely. He is, indeed, brave.

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  3. Excellent post. Such a class man and to think some of trump’s base would dislike him not only for his views, but simply because he is black.

    I can’t imagine where all this will lead in the coming weeks and months. And so many people are oblivious to all this, apathetic and totally ignorant to the danger from trump. And Stephen Miller is definitely a Nazi reincarnated from WWII.

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    • Thanks Mary … I like the way he makes his points without raising his voice, without slurs or excess opinion … he just gets to the point with a little tiny bit of a raised eyebrow. I suspect Trump’s base dislike him for exactly that reason.

      I don’t know where we are headed either, but not in the right direction at the moment, that’s for sure. I fully agree with you about Stephen Miller … he makes my skin crawl.

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