Another WTF Moment …

Now wait just a doggone minute here!  Donald Trump willfully, irresponsibly, and recklessly shuts down the government, affecting close to one million federal workers, emasculating the food stamp program, demands that the case against him for emoluments violations cannot proceed, as his lawyers are not allowed to work during the shutdown, but he can take Air Force One and make an unplanned trip to Iraq for no better reason than a photo op???

Would you all like to know that it costs between $180,000 and $200,000 per flight hour to operate Air Force One?  PER. FLIGHT. HOUR.  The trip to Iraq would have taken somewhere between 13- 15 hours.  Do the math.  No wait, I’ll even do it for you.  Round trip, the cost of Air Force One alone for this photo op on which Trump also took his ‘wife’, was between $4,680,000 and $6,000,000.  Let me repeat … it cost between $4.7 million and $6 million of our taxpayer dollars in travel alone, not counting security, meals, lodging, etc. for Donnie & Melania to go have their picture taken with soldiers in Iraq! How many of you have ever even seen one measly million dollars in your lifetime?  Not me, that’s for sure! If you aren’t furious over this, then roll over and go back to sleep.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

  • Only about 5% of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food & Nutrition Services’ employees are at work. This is the department that administers food assistance programs to low-income families and individuals.

  • More than 800,000 federal employees (more than one-third of the total) are impacted, either being laid off or working without pay. Many are like the rest of us and live from one payday to the next, contrary to what Scott Perry, a congressman from Pennsylvania said: “Who’s living that they’re not going to make it to the next paycheck?”  Nice, Mr. Perry, real nice.  Such empathy.

  • Most of those who are expected to work without pay during the shutdown will be given backpay once the government is once again ‘open for business’. However, non-citizens who are employed by U.S. embassies overseas may well not be eligible for back pay!

  • The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is closed, but don’t worry … your income taxes will still be withheld from your paycheck! Gotta keep paying for Donnie’s travel on Air Force One now, don’t we?

Trump has claimed that the federal workers are supportive of the shutdown, saying he’s heard from federal workers who want him to “stay out until you get the funding for the wall.”  Predictably, it’s another of his multitude of blatant lies, and federal workers were none too happy hearing him tell it …

“I am a federal worker who is working without pay. And yes, we live paycheck to paycheck. Who will pay my mortgage January 1st? You?”

“My husband is a federal worker, we need our paycheck next week to pay our mortgage.”fuck wall

Now, Trump claims that he will keep the government shut down until such time as the $5 billion initial funding for his wall is approved by Congress.  Well, first of all, as I have discussed before, $5 billion is only the first part, and the wall has the likely potential to end up costing around $70 billion.  And frankly one billion would be too much.  No, Donnie, I ain’t giving you a damn dime toward your wall!  Congress is highly unlikely to give in to Trump’s bullying tactics to get his white elephant … thankfully.

Any president who would keep the government shut down ‘indefinitely’ for his own ego is no president, for he is failing to even consider the people he was hired to represent.  Other nations agree …

“Canadians like to think their system of governance is better than the American one. If they want more evidence, they need only look at what’s happening now — a government shutdown in Washington — and be thankful their system doesn’t allow the same shenanigans.”

I can think of a couple of solutions here.  First, what if all the White House crew, such as chefs & cooks, housekeepers, laundry staff, maintenance staff, groundskeepers were to be furloughed during the shutdown?  Now, include Trump’s chauffeur and limo, and furlough the cast & crew of Air Force One and the helicopters Trump frequently flits about in.  Think he might have second thoughts now?

And the best solution of all, though I’m sure nobody would have the guts to participate, is a massive nationwide worker’s strike.  Every employee in the manufacturing industries, from the auto industry to the coal industry should walk off the job the first Monday after the new year.  The only language Donald Trump understands is the one where ‘money talks’, and he is indebted to his wealthy cronies in the upper echelons of nearly every industry.  When General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, Smith & Wesson, and many, many others are dead in the water for they have no workers, I give it two days until they demand Trump sign the budget bill sans wall and get on with the business of governance.

Folks, this situation is both unconscionable and untenable.  Somewhere, sometime soon, Mr. Trump is going to need to be forced to realize that he is not “making America great”, but instead is making America a) the brunt of jokes in every nation on the globe, b) less safe than we have been in more than 50 years, c) economically unstable.  He.  He alone.  He alone is responsible for the chaos in our government, for the highest turnover rates of any administration before, for the divisiveness of our nation, and for isolating us from our allies while pandering to our enemies.

One theory is that Trump knows he will never get the wall funded, and as such is using it as a point to get the shutdown for another reason … to keep his own posterior out of legal trouble (see Xena’s post for more information).  This theory may well have merit, and if so, Trump’s shutdown is even more unconscionable.  At this point, I think we seriously need to wake up the GOP senators and make it clear that We The People are against this shutdown and against the damn wall.  So, stretch your fingers and start writing again, folks … please … for our future, our lives as well as lives around the globe depend on stopping this runaway train!

And one last thing … would somebody stop him from all this wasteful travel that serves no purpose?  Federal employees aren’t getting paid and he’s wasting $6 million for a photo op???

31 thoughts on “Another WTF Moment …

  1. Dear Jill,

    There are several reasons why the president is playing tough guy at the expense of 800,000 government workers, by backing the shutdown unless the US budget includes $5 billion dollars towards his southern US wall.

    But none have anything to do with doing what’s right for the American peoples.

    The top reason is his need to keep his base in check as that is his main basis of power. His anti-immigration faction plus the right wing media pundits and the US House ‘Freedom Caucus” members are all egging the president on with not a care as to the harm this shutdown causes to so many Americans.

    There is that added benefit of a subject that deflects from other ugly stories like his abrupt withdrawal of US troops from Syria and the death of 2 children under the care of US government workers.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Of course none of his reasons have anything to do with the benefit of the people, but are all self-focused. And now I see he has frozen the wages of federal workers. You know what the silver lining to this dark cloud is, though? I am betting that almost none of those 800,000 federal workers who are either furloughed or working sans pay will be voting for Donald Trump in 2020! At the rate he is hurting people, he may be lucky to get 10% of the vote by then!



  2. He went to Iraq and had to stress “in the dead of night in darkness” (what was that all about?) to appease the rabid base so they can screech that he supports the military. SEE! They’re too stupid to see that he couldn’t care less about the military or anything else but himself and money and adulation.

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    • The whole trip was a moment for himself. It was a photo op. It was a campaign rally. It was a chance to rant, to pat himself on the back, and to get away from the heat at home over his shutdown, pulling out of Syria, and letting Mattis get away. In some sense, I foresee his downfall in the coming year, but in another, he is Teflon-coated and the GOP are rather stuck at the moment. Sigh.

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  3. Well…if he can’t build a border wall of steel slats in the USA, he might as well build a wall of bulls..t in Iraq! No Christmas at Mar-a-Lago because of the pesky government shutdown caused by the Democrats (of course), why not fly to Iraq for a Christmas campaign event at the taxpayers expense. Cost is of no concern to him, only the fulfillment of the wish of the moment. Trump can never understand living paycheck to paycheck, anymore than he can understand the value of honesty. The fact that nothing this man does is surprising anymore is the reality of the nightmare this country has become under Trump’s rule. Thank-you!

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    • Exactly! He cannot understand, for he has never been in our shoes. I have long proposed that every elected official should have to spend two weeks in a housing project with no access to their own bank account, but given only what he average person in that ‘hood lives on. Let them struggle to buy food, medicine, toiletries … and then maybe, just maybe, they will be able to represent We The People, for they will understand at least some of what we deal with every day of our bloomin’ lives!


    • It certainly should be. I don’t know where this is heading, but the best solution would be for both the House and the Senate to pass a spending bill without the wall that is passed by a veto-proof (2/3) majority, thus ending the shutdown and sending a clear message to Trump.

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    • Indeed so, and now he has frozen their wages, too! The ‘man’ who never in his life had to worry about paying the bills, putting food on the table, or whether he could afford to take his sick kid to the doctor. Grrrrrrr …


  4. I agree with you! I feel sick to my stomach thinking of everyone affected by his stupid shutdown. I had said awhile ago, if the gov’t. shut down then every employee who is required to work without pay needs to WALK OFF the job! And a massive strike of all workers across the country need to get together and do the same. Every single activist and group out there opposing Trump need to join up with each other and work together to end this charade of a ‘presidency’.
    As a Canadian I feel helpless and I do what I can to protest for you all but ultimately the ball is in the people’s court. You all need to come together to abruptly halt this bullshit.

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    • I fully agree … I’m just not at all sure how to make it happen! Somehow, the tables need to be turned such that Trump feels the effects of the shutdown on a personal level, for until that happens, he will continue to view it from his ivory tower without a thought to the individuals affected. Be thankful you guys have Justin Trudeau … I have tried to work a deal with some of my Canadian friends to trade Trump for Trudeau, but so far no deal. I even offered to throw in Kellyanne and Sarah!!! 😉 Thanks for your support …

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      • Unfortunately, I don’t think Trump feels anything on a personal level…unless you take his money?! Or Ivanka?! UGH, I know compared to the Orange One, JT looks good but he’s slowly failing our Country as well (he’s just not as grandiose about it). Oh gawd, don’t give us Kellyanne or Sarah! They can rot in Guantanamo lol.
        We are with you!!! Canada and US citizens should unite in a mutiny against the GOP.

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        • No, I’m fairly certain you are right and that he doesn’t have feelings. BUT … he doesn’t like being inconvenienced, either, so when it keeps him from … say, holding a rally in Iowa where people cheer him, or from flying off to one of his golf courses for 18 holes, then maybe. When he finds dust all over his portrait because the maids are on strike, or is served a peanut-butter sandwich by Melania for the cooks are not there and Melania isn’t going to break a nail trying to fry an egg! 🤣 I like that idea of Canada and the U.S. uniting against the GOP! But I cannot believe you don’t want Kellyanne and Sarah! 😉

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  5. I think Mr Trump sees the whole of his political success as dependant on the building of that wall. It was his promise to his supporters and he billed it as his solution to one of America’s great problems other people. Another great problem are those friendly nations who aren’t American and from those he must cautiously withdraw , besides keeping armies in foreign lands is expensive.
    As for big spending by famous politicians , look around its everywhere , lavish lunches , expensive hotels , big shiny cars ; easiest money in the world to spend is someone else’s.
    On the whole is probably best to give in to Mr Trump on the wall to prevent the suffering of the small state employees operating the principle give a man enough rope and he will surely hang himself.

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    • I’m sure he does see his political future as dependent on building that wall. The reality, of course, being that if he tried to learn his job, make some wise decisions that were in the interest of the people, he could truly secure his political future, but no … he would rather play da games.

      You’re right … lavish spending, waste … nothing new here among politicians. But Trump … he shoves it in our faces much the same way Soupy Sales used to have pies shoved in his face every week. (Remember him, or did you guys even get that show in the UK?) And his excesses far exceed the norm, I do believe.

      As to giving him his wall … NO. I cannot, obviously, say nor control what Congress will do, but if I have a say, my say is NO. Do you realize how many children could eat for a full year for just the $5 billion he’s requesting right now? And then there’s the other $65 billion it will likely cost, not to mention the $30 billion in maintenance costs EACH YEAR! No … just no on the wall. The only thing Donald Trump deserves is an orange jumpsuit and a prison cell! I will send him the rope and he can hang himself in prison!

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  6. though I do agree that trump lies, and that it is irresponsible for him to use airforce 1 to travel to iraq, especially during a government shutdown, I’m curious, did you complain about the amount of cash racked up when the obamas traveled on all their luxurious vacations during his 8 years in office? I’d like to know the answer and if it’s honestly know, perhaps complaining about travel under one president and not another isn’t honest blogging? Just a thought.

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    • Well, first of all, I wasn’t writing this blog … at least not as a political blog … when Obama was president. Second, we aren’t talking about Obama, or George W., or Clinton, or Carter, or Reagan … we are talking about Trump. But to your point, I did a bit of research after seeing your comment, and the Obamas reimbursed the government through his salary for a portion of their personal travel, as have other presidents in the past. I do not know, quite honestly, if Trump does the same when he flies to his golf courses or to Mar-a-Lago, so I will not say he does or doesn’t. Fair enough? And Happy New Year, Scott!!!


  7. Jill, there are new phrases in our news vernacular. Here is one that is routine, “The President has said without offering proof.” To Trump, if he hears it once, it is a trend. The source could be nefarious, disinformational, or just one of those famous false equivalent assertions made by sycophants on the news.

    By the way, the United Nations person who leads efforts regarding news reporting said the biggest purveyor of “fake news” in the United States is named Donald J. Trump. Sounds like what we have been saying. Keith

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    • You are so right, my friend! There are many phrases about today that did not have much meaning a decade ago. Can you think of a single time that the media said, “President Obama has said, without offering evidence …”?

      Yes, we have known it all along … but then, so has the media … it just took them a while to realize they might well have a liability if they didn’t offer the disclaimer. The one I’m waiting to hear is … “The president has said …xxx … which is a blatant lie …” Don’t hold your breath, but .. who knows … we are living in an era of firsts!


  8. Hmmm… I tend to agree with Zena’s post. The man has no morals or conscience, and if anyone colludes with anyone in corruption, you can be sure he set it in motion. He is a narcissistic instigator of lies, deceit, and general mayhem. Worse… He enjoys it all and the free reign to do as he damn well pleases. 😵

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    • Hey. Collette, I would back up on the word “enjoys” and replace it with “revels!” I can see him sitting in a pile of cancelled paycheques throwing them in the air like bits of confetti, laughing hysterically as they float uselessly to the ground. Human misery is his goal, and he is getting his way without interference.

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    • I’m inclined to agree with Xena’s take also, but now we must figure out how we can end this shutdown in spite of Trump. I’ve got some research to do … I know that if the Senate and House could both pass a budget bill SANS wall, with a veto-proof (2/3) majority, then the shutdown ends no matter what Trump says. But, that doesn’t seem too likely at the moment, so we must look at other options. Surely he couldn’t keep this government shut down for months on end?

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  9. From across the pond this is becoming increasingly bizarre. It’s like a WWE wrestling story. Having said that we are merrily racing towards a no deal brexit where we ground planes, can’t bring in medicine and need to ration food. Maybe someone like The Rock will come to save us. Tends to happen in WWE land.

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    • It is indeed bizarre … I keep thinking that surely I must soon awaken from this nightmare. I am very concerned with the state of your Brexit deal … or no deal, as it may well be. I hope there is a solution, whether it involves The Rock, or some softening on the part of the EU … this cannot be real! Sigh. Here’s hoping for a much better 2019 for both our nations!

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  10. I didn’t hear anything about the cost of the trip on the CNN news. They were talking about how he lied to the troops on several issues. He was also signing MAGA hats which is against the rules. It was a campaign photo op for him. His mouth needs a zipper. He’s also supposed to zip down to the wall he claims is even now being built, another lie. I’d suggest he grow up but he’s too old for that. He’ll be a whining baby until he dies. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I’m surprised they didn’t mention the cost, but then perhaps they felt that since he is visiting the troops, it would be inappropriate. His entire talk to them was inappropriate … nothing but a self-promoting campaign rally in disguise. And he told them the biggest lie! He said they hadn’t had a pay raise for 10 years, but that HE had gotten them a 10% raise this year! Truth is they get a raise EVERY year, and this year they are getting 2.8%, not 10%. Lies, lies, and more lies! Sigh. Let us hope that day comes soon, before he blows up the whole world!


    • Thanks Suzanne! Yes, it was way past time he visit the troops, but this was done for all the wrong reasons and … instead of thanking the troops, making it their moment, he lied to them and then made it all about himself, as is typical Trump. Such a waste of our money and for what? He couldn’t even do that right!!!

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