First Snarky Snippets of 2019!!!

Okay folks … the holidays are over!!!  Whew … now it’s time to get back into the routine, and what better way to start 2019 than with an abundance of snarkasm?  Perhaps I will make it a tradition to begin every year with Snarky Snippets! snarky-toon 2019 deserves to be started in such a manner, for just a few hours into the year and just look at all that is wrong with the world!  Let’s begin with a man who I have long abhorred … Representative Peter T. King, a republican from New York.

Just last week …


Now, I first take issue with his statement that ICE is doing a great job, since only two children have died!  ONLY???  What if one of those children had been your own, Mr. King???  But it goes even deeper than that, for also last week, video footage was obtained by The Arizona Republic from the Arizona Department of Health under the public records law.  The videos show children being physically abused – dragged, slapped, and shoved – by staffers at Casa Padre, a migrant shelter operated by Southwest Key. The videos are from September, and the facility was shuttered in October after a number of violations, including failure to obtain background checks on staff members.

Another such facility, Casa Kokopelli, also operated by Southwest Key, has been charged with eleven sex offenses by a staff member against at least eight children in their care.  ProPublica investigated Southwest Key and the sex offenses back in August, and when they asked Southwest Key representative Jeff Eller a question regarding how the company would assure children’s safety in the future, Mr. Eller replied …

“We find the premise of your question dishonorable.”

Say WHAT???  Who’s the dishonourable party here?  And Mr. King says they are all doing a great job because only two children have died so far.


This is not the first time Mr. King has crossed my radar, by the way.  In May, I wrote a piece titled An Ugly Voice — Peter T. King.  I will be writing a letter to Mr. King later today.  Meanwhile, anyone want to lay odds that more children will die while held in U.S. custody in the coming year?

Without conscience …Hyde-SmithRemember Cindy Hyde-Smith, the racist woman who won a U.S. Senate seat in a special election in Mississippi in late November?  She said she would happily attend a lynching, and made a host of other racist remarks, yet Trump called her a “fine woman” … I guess he meant that in the same vein as when he called the white supremacists and neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, “fine people”.  Anyway, after her blatantly and sinister racist remarks, a number of people who had donated to her campaign asked for their contributions back, not wishing to be affiliated with such a horrid person.

Aetna, AT&T, Boston Scientific, Facebook, Google, Leidos, Pfizer, Union Pacific, and Walmart all requested their donations back, but Cindy has, apparently, decided she would keep the money.  Legally, she is under no obligation to return the money, and she seems to have no intention to do so.  Surprised, aren’t you?

How does he love thee?

Donald Trump claims to be on the side of the people … says he loves the people (just so long as they aren’t democrats, African-Americans, Muslims, or gay) and just to show them how much he loves them, he has … frozen their pay!  And some 800,000 of them aren’t getting any pay right now, either, thanks to Uncle Donnie!  I’m so happy that he doesn’t love me!

In what was, I hope, his last ‘executive order’ of 2018, with a slash of his pen he played god and froze the salaries & wages of some 2.1 million federal workers!  The military will still get their 2.6% pay increase (not the 10% Trump falsely told the soldiers in Iraq when he visited there at Christmas).  Civilian federal workers were initially slated to receive a 2.1% increase, but back in the summer, Trump began saying that the government could not afford it.  Funny, isn’t it, that we can afford all Trump’s excesses, covering Secret Service expenses for his sons as they flit about the world on Trump Organization business?  We can afford Trump’s near-weekly golf outings and trips to Mar-a-Lago, and he claims we can afford $5 billion to be thrown away on the beginnings of a useless border wall.  But we cannot afford a lousy 2.1% pay increase for the men and women who work to keep the federal government running smoothly.  Damn shame, if you ask me!

And what about last December’s tax cut for the wealthy?  If we could afford to give huge raises to multi-millionaires and billionaires, why can’t we afford to give measly 2.1% pay increases to the woman who helps us sign up for Social Security, or to the man who keeps our planes from crashing, or the person teaching our children?

Congress can and likely will include raises for federal workers in any spending bill they propose after the new Congress is seated in two days, but speculation is that it will be for 1.9%, not 2.1%.  Peanuts?  Sure, but hey … 0.2% of a $60,000 salary means a lot more to the federal worker than the extra million or more the rich coal barons got via Trump’s tax cuts.

I won’t be surprised to see a bad case of the ‘blue flu’ before long in the departments of the federal government.

Okay … that concludes this morning’s snippets.  I just felt the need to show those in power that the 2019 Filosofa is not any kinder or gentler than the 2018 Filosofa was, and I will pursue truth and justice this year even more diligently than last!  Look out, Trumpie … I’m in line right behind Bob Mueller for a pound of your flesh!

40 thoughts on “First Snarky Snippets of 2019!!!

  1. Dear Jill,

    Never compromise! Be the perfect flawed blogger that we admire.

    Nothing anyone writes will please everyone. I frequently lose followers from the left and right. Mostly, I lose folks from the left when I take the left to task, like my distaste for Sen Sanders picking on Beto O’Rourke. With so many potential Democratic Party candidates, we don’t need democrats eating their own.

    You are so right to say that President Trump is giving government workers a kick in the behind. He justifies this action by saying that government workers are mostly democrats, anyway.

    I wish the democrats in the US House would introduce a bill to freeze the pay of all US Congressional lawmakers while the president’s government is still in shutdown mode. Let them force a vote. It will not pass in the US Senate but it is important that democrats send a message that they will be fighting on behalf of hard working Americans.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thank you so much, Gronda! Your support in this, as well as throughout the last few years, means so much. You’re right … we cannot please everyone, and I have always written my blog and the occasional articles for publication elsewhere, as I saw fit … it is my venue in which to express myself. I’ve lost followers before, but when I lose one that I consider a friend, it stings a bit. Fortunately, Scott apologized and decided to stick with me, which made me feel infinitely better, for he really is a good man. Sometimes, I wonder if I get too cocky, too arrogant, and forget to be humble, forget that while I do write this blog mostly for me, I do have readers who have been very supportive, and when they tell me that they are bothered by something I’ve written, I should listen. A little soul-searching along the way is never a bad thing, right?

      I like your idea about freezing congressional pay for the duration of the shutdown. And I would also like to see Air Force 1 grounded, Trump’s limo garaged, and all his means of transport grounded. Never happen, for national security reasons, but I bet if he were stuck in the White House for a few weeks he might be forced to actually T-H-I-N-K. Sigh.


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  2. The last holiday of the year past and the first holiday of the year present are fast fading into just memories, both provided many memorable moments. As the last of the Family had departed, order had been restored, the dishwasher managed the last of the dishes from our feast; it seemed a good time to check my inbox. After reading your post and perusing the comments, it also seemed that you might be in need of some mindless entertainment by my propensity for loquacity. As you know, the Little Mister was my New Year’s Eve date. In the early evening my eldest daughter prepared to leave for her evening date. As she went out the door, Benjamin asked where was she going. I told him that she was going out to see the new year in. To which he asked : “What does a new year look like?” I told him that it doesn’t look much different than the old one except that it is a different year, that this old year is 2018 and the new year will be 2019. The clever boy smiled and said : “Oh, just like I am 4 this year, but will be 5 next year!” After assembling those tiny Legos and reading books and watching some movies, I suggested it was time for bed (already envisioning a wee glass of wine and a few chapters of my book). “Wait Gem, it’s not New Year’s yet and I want to see it in too…please!” : he begged with folded hands and that beguiling expression. I folded like a deck of cards and together we waited for the midnight hour while watching more movies, more books, etc. To his credit, he was more awake than I. When the alarm clock sounded the arrival of 2019, I hugged and kissed him heartily saying “Happy New Year”! Benjamin seemed a bit perplexed by my enthusiastic response to the alarm and solemnly said : “Gem, sometimes you don’t have happy, you have to look for it.” On that note, he took his lighted toothbrush and went to bed…and without a lighted toothbrush, so did I! Happy New Year, if you can find it! Thank-you!!

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    • Oh Ellen!!! You knew exactly what I needed! I am actually sitting here with tears, but not because I am sad … the tears are for having such wonderful friends as you and Benjamin!!! You are so right … I seem to have stirred a hornet’s nest and I’ve felt guilty and horrible all evening. But picturing you and Benjamin building with Legos, watching movies, trying to keep those eyelids open for just a few more hours, and his delightful comments … I almost felt as if I were there with you both! “Sometimes you don’t have happy, you have to look for it”. Well, I didn’t have to look far, only open my comments! A lighted toothbrush??? Who knew?

      Big hugs to both of you, and thank you for making me smile tonight! 😊

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      • Glad that we could bring a smile! As I was recounting this story to my son yesterday, he said : “I think I want to be Benjamin when I grow up!” I think that I do too. Benjamin is the spark that lights the dark!

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  3. To Jill and Mary, rawgod and anyone else interested.

    Please accept my deepest appologies for offending you with what I understand is now a reactionary comment on your blog and for unthinkingly falsely calling you out as hypocritical. To be human is to embody all the emotions and flaws of that very condition and in saying what I said, I never implied that I was immune from the trappings of hypocrisy. Trump lies every single day and for anyone to suggest that I would desire to work for him, well, that is perhaps as hurtful to me as my commentary was to all of you and I am deeply sorry for that.

    Can you please forgive me for my reactionary response to your blog entry?

    Though I’m not certain what the year will bring in terms of political alliances, and though it is a scary and unsure time in a lot of ways, I am hopeful that we all, in our own ways can make a difference. When I said that I wasn’t going to be outraged by the outrage any longer, I merely meant that I was going to choose not to be anxious about it, not intending to run from opinions that I don’t agree with.

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    • Apology accepted, though none was needed. I’ve always respected you, and while we frequently see things from a different viewpoint, we never, I hope, actually offend each other. I think we are all tired and a bit depressed after the chaos of the past year, and tempers are likely shorter than they might otherwise be … I know mine is.

      You know I will keep doing what I do, for it is my hope to make some sort of positive difference in this world. I understand if you wish to tune out, for sometimes we have to look after our own emotional well-being. Just pop in every now and then and say “hi” … check out a Jolly Monday post or a Good People post on a Wednesday … I don’t rant there! 😉



  4. wow, you can’t even take new year’s day off to send a neutral message of peace and happiness for a joyous new year? I have no words, and not wanting to be outraged by the outrage any longer from any source, including your blog, I shall be unsubscribing henceforth. I admire your persistence in moving towards what you believe is the uncovering of truth but presentation is everything and there are ways to move towards the truth of what is happening without all the childish sarcasm and tantrums which you daily accuse our president of throwing. On this front, your unending hypocrisy is astounding.

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    • Well, I’m sorry to see you go, for I often enjoyed our civil disagreements. You ask why I couldn’t send a message of peace and happiness for a joyous new year? I came as close as I could to that by posting John Lennon’s song, Imagine, yesterday. Frankly, I do not think we will be any closer to peace or happiness or joy a year from now than we are today. The problems of the world will not miraculously just disappear, and given the leadership, not only in the U.S. but in nations around the globe, I predict those problems to get progressively worse until new leaders come along who are serious about striving to make things better. 2019 is very likely,in my opinion, to be even more contentious and dangerous than 2018 was.

      There are areas in which I am, indeed, a hypocrite, but not the ones you mention. I buy water in plastic bottles which is a horrible thing for the very environment that I criticize others for destroying, so there I am a hypocrite. I do not attend rallies and marches for the causes I believe in, though I encourage others to do so, and there again, I am a hypocrite. I am not perfect, Mr. Lawlor, nor are you. I’m just trying my best to find a way to make a positive difference.

      Again, I’m sorry to see you go, but that is your choice to make. I wish you a happy life, sir.

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      • Excellent reply, Jill. I was confused by his remarks.

        Many a truth is said in jest or a simple saying. The point can often be made better and more to the point than a long drawn out post.

        We are all hypocrites in some small ways, but it’s standing by your core values and staying true to those is what counts and this you do very well.

        Perhaps it’s more that he doesn’t agree with you.???

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        • Thank you, Mary! Scott’s comment stung a bit, for though he and I often disagree, I like and respect him. Heck, I even spent nearly an hour one night describing some political cartoons I had posted, as he is blind and couldn’t see them. But, I guess I somehow crossed a line with him. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

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    • Dear Scott, even if you never read this, I’m going to say it anyway: I would rather be a hypocrite than a blind coward who isn’t willing to see any side but your own. You criticize Jill for using those same tactics as your childish, cowardly leader. Jill is not affecting the lives of billions of people, Trumpmandias is affecting the lives of most people in the world, one way or another. Jill is fighting to get the attention of a wider audience, Trump has already forced his attention on all areas of the world. Jill would rather be spending her time singing songs and looking for good people doing good things. Trump is a bad person doing bad things, without apologizing to anyone. Jill is giving her readers a look at real truth. Donnie Junk Truck gives the world a look at fake truth, and alternate facts.
      Can you imagine Jill telling an army full of troops, to their faces, they are getting a 10% wage hike, and then returning to Washington where he changes his mind and gives them less than a 3% raise, and stops their paycheques at the same time. And then he tries to shift the blame to the Democrats! The only one to blame is him, and his effing huge ego.
      So you have now chosen to tun away, rather than fighting for what you believe. You should send a resume to Trump. Maybe after the government starts up again you can go work for him, and next time he throws a tantrum he can make uou work for free! See how you like them potatoes…

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      • Hey rawgod! I thank you for your defense and for stepping in on my behalf. Truly I was a bit stung by his remarks. But, he has since tendered a heartfelt apology, and I’ve always felt that it takes a good man (or woman) to be able to say, “I was wrong and I’m sorry”, so hopefully all is well now. I think that the past year has taken a toll on all of us, then add the stress of the holidays, and perhaps he just needed to blow off a bit of angst. Sigh. I know that feeling.


  5. As a new follower of Filosofa’s Word, all I can say is, “Way to go!” The bit that kills me is that Trump stood in front of the troops in Iraq on Christmas day and lied to them about their pay raise! Keep at it, Ms. Dennison!

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    • Thank you, and WELCOME! Yes, his entire reason for that visit was not to encourage the troops or thank them for their service, but it was a photo op, nothing more than a campaign rally that would get world-wide headlines. And then to lie to the troops, telling them they hadn’t had a pay increase for ten years, when in fact they have gotten one every year, and that he was giving them a 10% raise when in fact it was just over 2% was another unconscionable act. But there have been so many that we’re getting inured to it, I fear. Again, welcome, and thanks for joining the family!


  6. And this is why I refuse to wish anyone a Happy New Year, because I don’t think 2019 will be very happy. Meanwhile, this post is a great start to the year, Jill, and may you have many more snippy snarks in the coming days and weeks.
    But I must protest, snarkasm is reminiscent of Amerika, and the KKK. I know it is not intended that way, and snarcasm does not look much better, but I just thought I would throw it out there…
    My proofreading offer still stands, free of charge. Whenever you are ready to write!

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    • In some ways, I think you are right about not wishing people a Happy New Year, but … perhaps the intent of doing so is simply to wish them well, to let them know you wish the best for them personally. But after reading Scott Lawlor’s comment (please take a minute to read it … I was at first hurt by it), I realize that you are quite right, there really isn’t much to celebrate about the advent of a new year, at least not this time around. And thank you … I have not forgotten your offer! You may need to give me the occasional ‘gentle nudge’ to get me writing, though! 😉


  7. Keep it up…you do an excellent job.
    I think this whole sorry story started with Obama getting elected. The many racists in this country just couldn’t handle that. That, along with some other stuff, brought in the era of trump. 2017 and even more 2018 have seen the buildup to perhaps a disastrous future. 2019 will be the “meat” of the story, not just trump and the republicans, but the very future of our country, the environment, the religious fanaticism gone amok and corruption at the highest levels. What happens next will determine the ending. And it can go either way. At this point, we are entering into the heart of your book.

    Go for it!

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    • Thank you so much, Mary! I have often said the same … that the ‘nationalist’ movement that led to Trump’s election was a push-back against having had eight years under a popular African-American president. It brought the ugly face of racism to the forefront and gave it a voice. Unfortunately, it is a loud and ugly voice that shows no signs of ending any time soon. Let us hope that cooler heads prevail soon, that Trump is removed from the Oval Office before he has a chance to set the world afire, which I fear is a possibility if he remains in office until 2021.

      Many thanks for the encouragement!

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  8. It makes my heart bleed to read or hear of children becoming ill let alone dying. The man must have an empty chest where his heart should be. I wonder if he could define “empathy”. As for friend Cindy, she can’t return the money as it was certainly spent. I suggest she never ask for donations again. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    • I thought the same … an empty heart, or one filled with darkness and hate. Oh you can bet that Ms. Hyde-Smith will be running for re-election when her term ends and that there will be plenty who will be willing to donate, perhaps even some of those who asked for their donations to be returned. People have short memories. And after all, the people of Mississippi did elect her. Sigh.

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    • Thank you, dear friend. I have no doubt that 2019 will keep me at least as snarky as 2018, likely more so. I just hope we can keep that rabbit hole boarded up, for even now I see it beckoning. Please read Scott Lawlor’s comment and let me know what you think. He and I often disagree, but with mutual respect. I was a bit hurt by today’s comment, I must admit, though I try not to let these things get to me.
      Cwtch Mawr

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      • It has seemed before that Mr Lawlor is perhaps a little pro Trump and has disagreed with your subject matter.. Today though he accuses you of childish sarcasm and tantrums that you also accuse Il Presidento of. Even if that was true, the difference is hat the man running the country should not be having them but that he is has been verified by people in his employ and seen by people all over the world. That entitles you to some sarcasm and certainly to the occasional tantrum when he does something that affects you like lowering the standards of your country in the world.
        Could you have perhaps offered a Happy New Year to your readers, of course you could but anyone turning to a snarky page probably knew what to expect.

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        • “the man running the country” … ??? What man? All I’ve seen and heard is a spoiled brat that can’t take criticism and uses Twitter to insult and slander others because he’s afraid to say it to their face!

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        • I seem to have stirred some angst all ’round by jumping straight into snarky mode just three hours after the new year began! It certainly wasn’t my intention, but I had wished my readers a happy new year the day before and was fully ready to put the holidays behind us and move on to the business at hand. Ah well … live and learn. At any rate, Scott has tendered a sincere apology and hopefully all is now well. Sigh. My people skills, perhaps, could use some polishing?

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  9. Only two children died…Only two oh for f***s sake! Arrogant S.O.B.
    As for Hyde-Smith, well of course she wouldn’t return any money; there is no honour amongst ‘her sort’..(there Cindy kiddo you’ve just been profiled…how does it feel…..)

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    • King’s comment sent a white-hot rage through me and if he had been standing in front of me when he said it, it’s a toss-up as to which of us would have died that day. Yep, 2019 is off to a grand start, isn’t it?

      On a brighter note … maybe … I told Chris last night that … if I am ever to fulfill my dream of actually writing a book, I must start this year, for I am not getting younger. So, either this will be the year of the book, else it will never happen! I will be turning to you, if I actually start it, not so much for practical advise as for moral support and encouragement!

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      • One of the serious but at the same time irreverent aspects of being my type of Christian is that when I am ‘summoned home’ I might get to meet folks like King…..probably when serving my time in Purgatory as a civil servant ‘at the public counter’ explaining to him and his like just why he can’t appeal against his sentence and no Dark Metal Music fans it’s not my problem that Satan likes cheery-breezy mindless pop songs!
        Meanwhile to matters important.
        Yes Jill! Write your book! Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.
        Always remember the golden rule. Write first, reflect later.
        And the second rule The First Draft never works, it is simply the foundation.
        Go for it Young Lady! ☄️ 💥☄️ 💥☄️ 💥

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        • Heh heh … I can quite easily envision you in that role! 😇

          Thanks Roger! I shall follow your sage advice, though I always have a problem with that “reflect later” part. We will see what comes of it all … if it comes to naught, well … nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

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          • 🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞apologies for not replying….two days (daze?)…like where did they go?
            The trick is to get the first thousand words down; this starts with the first fifty, which should be done without really thinking about them, each fifty should be connected to the first fifty. When you get the thousand done you can then say:
            And then carry on.
            When doing the re-write never give up, embrace it and at times you will meet the gems you have produced, nurture them.
            I will be here on hand.
            1st question:
            What’s the subject?
            🌺 🌸 🌼 🌻 🌞 (you can never have too many flowers)

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            • Awww … I love the flowers … thank you! But no apologies are needed … ever! My responses aren’t always timely, for sometimes other things must take precedence.

              The subject is one that has been floating about in my mind for over a year now. A few of the framers of the Constitution somehow (I haven’t figured out the how just yet) find themselves in the 21st century, scratching their heads and wondering what the heck happened, where the heck they are, and why. Then they start seeing what the nation they helped found has become. They then learn how the document they created in 1787 has withstood the test of time, but also how it has sometimes been used in ways contrary to their intent. There is room, I think, for a great deal of humour, while at the same time making a point. Now be honest if you think it sounds like a thoroughly ridiculous concept.

              I love the flowers … I shall go put them in water now! Thank you! 😊

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              • Good outline Jill.
                One of the very venerable engines for writing a novel, short story, play, screen-play is someone of note turning up in another era. The writer then uses their views and opinions to bring the hypocrisy and flaws of this society into sharp relief.
                It’ll work.
                Suggestion 1: How are they brought here?….By the Spirit of the Statue of Liberty who is in anguish?
                Suggestion 2: Meld in the factor of Race, so it becomes a two-way process, they just get to judge, they learn there were flaws in their mind sets to. This was the story has a double layer and they don’t get to be gods.
                Go for it young lady!

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                • Thank you, Roger! And especially thank you for your suggestions! #2 made me stop for a minute and think … yes, you are so right! There were flaws in their mindsets and slavery, considering slaves as having only 2/3 the value of a white person, was a huge flaw. There are others, as well … I was initially prepared for this to be a single-edged story, but I see now that there is more potential … thank you for making me broaden my horizons, young man! 😉

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • Glad to be of service😃
                    Go for it Jill. Once you are in the land of your narrative all things are possible…..⭐️ 🌟💫 !


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