The Radar is Crowded Tonight!

Puff-magic-dragonIf you could see my radar screen tonight … blips all over the place!  Oh yeah, 2019 is going to be the year that finally drives Filosofa to lose her marbles and do something crazy like streaking nude through Grand Central Station screaming, “Run for your lives – Puff the Magic Dragon is attacking!!!” Long story short, this morning’s hodgepodge are not snarky snippets, but out-and-out rants … mini-rants, but rants nonetheless.  Hold your ears …

Trump’s history lesson:

Yesterday, Trump called a cabinet meeting, apparently for no reason other than to brag about the things he says he has accomplished but hasn’t, to blame everyone but himself for everything that is wrong, and to give us a new view of world history.

“Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made it Russia because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan. So you take a look at other countries—Pakistan is there. They should be fighting. But Russia should be fighting. The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there. The problem is it was a tough fight.”   Anybody want to buy him a copy of World History for Dummies or The Idiots Guide to World History?

While it is true that the former Soviet Union was financially drained by its 10-year campaign in Afghanistan, and collapsed only two years later, there were many other long-term factors in the USSR’s demise. In addition, the Soviets didn’t invade Afghanistan because “terrorists were going into Russia,” as Trump said, but because they wanted to shore up their pro-communist puppet government there.  And by the way, Donnie … Pakistan is supporting the Taliban, not fighting them.

A few other preposterous statements he made at the meeting …

“I shouldn’t be popular in Europe. I want Europe to pay. I don’t care about Europe.” This one was apropos of nothing, other than to criticize Germany, repeating for at least the millionth time that they are not contributing what he, Trump, considers proper to their own defense.  There are reasons for this, but they require an explanation of the history of Germany, and … well, let’s just not go into history with Trump anymore, okay?

Trump now claims, falsely, that he fired General James Mattis.  Not even a shred of truth to this … Mattis resigned in response to Trump’s utterly asinine plan to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria and Afghanistan without even consulting his military advisors or our allies.  Period.  Trump did not fire him.

And he has new justification for his abominable wall … that the Vatican “has the biggest wall of them all”. 

The meeting lasted 95 minutes, after which all cabinet members likely headed to the nearest bar.


Another child is dead …Jazmine BarnesThe little girl in the picture above is Jazmine Barnes.  Correction … was Jazmine Barnes.  Jazmine was 7-years-old when she was murdered while riding in a car with her three sisters and her mother, LaPorsha Washington, in Houston, Texas.  The gunman has not yet been caught, even though the police know the vehicle he was driving.  Ms. Washington was also hit, albeit not fatally. Two things about this infuriate me.  First, that it happened.  Even though the majority of people in this nation are in favour of realistic and sensible gun regulation, thanks to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and corrupt politicians, we have almost none.  And so, little Jazmine Barnes is dead, and her mom, dad, and sisters are bereft.

Porshia Washington

LaPorsha Washington

The second thing that inflames me about this is that I only found this news on the BBC, three days after the fact!  The BBC!  British Broadcasting Corporation!  Where was The Washington Post?  Where was the New York Times? I had to cross the pond to find out that a child was shot to death in my own country! This should have been front-page news, but if it was even reported, it was tucked far behind all the Trump-related headlines.  I did find the news on a Houston news outlet,, and The Root.  Two days after the shooting, CNN finally reported on it.  C’mon, media!  Trump is not the only show in town!

What am I, chopped liver???

“Do the Dems realize that most of the people not getting paid are Democrats?”

This was a Trump tweet last Thursday morning.  Two days prior, he had told reporters that the furloughed federal workers were fully in support of Trump holding the nation hostage as he holds out for his abominable wall.  In just two days, the workers went from being on his side, patting him on the back, to being “just democrats” in his rhetoric.  Does this ‘man’ ever take time out to think???

The president, senators, representatives, governors, et al, are elected officials who are chosen by the voters to represent all citizens of the United States.  Their job is not only to represent the specific party with which they are affiliated.  Their job is not to represent only the people they like, or the people who approve of them or agree with them.  They are to represent We The People … ALL of ‘We’!  In addition to the aforementioned books, we should also send him a copy of U.S. Constitution For Dummies!

As a member of We The People, I am calling for the immediate resignation or impeachment and removal from office of the ‘man’ occupying the Oval Office, for he is not representing all of us, but only the minority.  He is endangering the lives of the people he is tasked with protecting and he must be removed NOW!  Hear that, Mitchell McConnell?  Hear that, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and the rest of you in the House “Freedom” Caucus?  Get. Him. Out.

Okay, well … I had one more rant, but I got so worked up over these three that I have forgotten the other.  Consider yourself lucky, I suppose.  Yep, folks, welcome to 2019.  Have a lovely day!Maxine-2019.jpg

38 thoughts on “The Radar is Crowded Tonight!

  1. I saw that story on UK news and thought immediately, how awful it is to see small kids (CHILDREN) caught up in the evil machinations of adults (so called). Definitely weapons have no place in the hands of anyone. All we do is kill the innocents. 😔

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    • It was indeed better-reported on your side of the pond than here at first, but it’s gained some national attention these last few days. It is terrible, and I think one of the top ten issues that needs to be addressed in this nation is gun regulation. My daughter loves British television shows and subscribes to BritBox to get things like Coronation Street, Rosemary & Thyme, Hettie Wainthropp. I rarely watch tv, but if she has it on, I glance up at it from time to time. I said to her the other night that one thing strikes me about all these shows … you never ever see somebody pull out a gun and start shooting, as you do on almost any program here. We have a BIG problem. Sigh.

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      • The people of Britain do not want weapons. Nor should they have them. We have a lot more real terrorism than the US but most of it is caught before it can manifest itself in innocent deaths. We have a police force (albeit vastly underfunded for the complex social problems that Britain has) that actually works very hard to protect us from the people that would hurt us. I’m sure your American cops work equally hard, but when everyone had a gun, they don’t always know who the enemy is… Everyone is a suspect. 😔


  2. Dear Jill,

    The story behind the shooting of Jazmine Barnes has been finally getting the media coverage it deserves over the past 24 hours. Again, grass roots reporting like yours got attention.

    Yes, this story was covered but it not did garner wide spread media attention until recently. It’s like the Paris “yellow vest protesters where there is coverage but not as extensively as I would have expected.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I am glad it’s finally getting coverage. I was appalled when I saw it on BBC and went looking to find it on the major media outlets here, without finding more than a passing mention. It’s as if Trump is literally the only news there is!

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  3. I had hoped it was all a Dallas Type Shower Dream and I woke to find a rational world. Sadly not. US government completely mad. In nutty U.K. our Home Secretary (taking his lead from May) has said it’s ok to deploy Naval Resources to deal with the ‘immigration crisis’ as the desperate people making the dangerous sea trip are ‘not genuine Asylum Seekers’. Well that’s OK then….

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    • I hear you! I’ve been hoping to waken one morning to find that this was all a nightmare, but so far no luck. What does he plan for the Navy to do about the refugees? Surely not torpedo their boats out of the water??? Sigh … so much angst all over the world. I believe that most of the people in this world are basically good-hearted people, so how did we come to the point we are today, not only my nation and yours, but the entire world?

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      • The problem is politicians like to create crisis, play on fears. It must be serious if a gunship has been sent. It’s not about hope just fear currently. Parts of the media buy into the storyline due to political allegiances and then it snowballs. I think it’s convenient that this immigration crisis has happened just as calls for a second Brexit vote apparently start to grow.

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  4. Among the many thoughts running through my already tired of trump brain, one stands out among the rest…borrow China’s Chang’e-4 and send Trump, his alternative facts and his alternative reality to the dark side of the Moon! While all of the mentioned books would perhaps fill some of the gaps in Trump’s education, he could not read or understand the contents all by himself and refuses to accept facts no matter how they are presented. One could ask, what would a wall (the non-existing ones) around Obama’s house or the Vatican have to do with Trump’s proposed Border Wall? The obvious answer to most would be nothing, but not so in the vacuum that sits in Trump’s unfathomable brain. Regarding the reporting, or in this case, the non-reporting of the Jazmine Barnes murder…”The Press must speak out and, if the occasion arises, raise bloody hell.” – Herblock, Herbert Block. The partial Government Shutdown is one of the worst political stunts by Trump and those who support him and it should be held accountable by We the People. To cause all of this just because he can, to fulfill a very misguided campaign promise is unconscionable. Thank-you!

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    • What a fantastic idea! Why didn’t I think of that? I figured perhaps Kellyanne and Sarah could take turns reading the books to him and explaining the words that are more than 5 letters long. Thank you for the quote by Herblock … I used to love his cartoons! As I recall, he died shortly after 9/11, perhaps a few days after. You are right about the government shutdown … it is the most irresponsible thing imaginable and is putting the nation in very real danger, but since when has Trump ever acted responsibly? It’s unlikely that he ever will, but … his loyal base still applauds. Sigh.

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  5. if you want to send trump a copy of the constitution, shouldn’t it be in crayon so he can at least read it?

    As for the media not reporting on a horrific shooting, I totally agree with you that it should have made the headlines. The reason the media probably didn’t report on it is because there weren’t enough dead bodies to create the sensationalism that drives their profits and clicks. Just another example of how the media in this country, along with the president and other politicians have let us down by not comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. they are a disgrace and like the president, mainstream media should also go away.

    Donny loves the media because, as I have always said, they give him undying attention every day, all day, and that is exactly what he wants. He is an attention whore, plain and simple.


    • Heh heh … I thought perhaps Kellyann could read it to him … since she has a law degree, surely she must be able to read at least a little bit.

      You’re right … in order to gain much attention, a shooting has to either be of a prominent person or involve more than 4-5 deaths. Add to that, the fact that the little girl was African-American and … well, she probably just didn’t count as being important enough. Even though the media coverage of Trump is largely negative, they are still feeding his ego, for in his case, it’s all attention and attention is what he craves. I would love to see them go 2-3 days without mentioning his name … no pictures, no nothing. He’s go bloomin’ nuts!!!


  6. Jill, even his ardent followers on the Cabinet are probably listening to his BS trying very hard not to betray their inner thoughts on their faces. My educated guess is they are varying thoughts between “here we go again” or “what a ……”


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      • Jill, I shared this with Gronda, but the message to GOP leaders in Congress should be we know that you know the President lies more than he does not and he does not deal in good faith. The GOP Senate leadership is trying to forget the President screwed them over hanging them out to dry on the wall vote before Christmas. So, the question is since they know, what are they going to do about it? Keith

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  7. Meanwhile Jazmine Barnes will never be going to school again. And no one seems to care. Or maybe the family asked the media not to make a big thing out of it, which the BBC, and Filosofa, never knew. Just trying to make sense of a silent media in this day and age…

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    • I saw the story of Jasmine all over the news here for several days. Very sad indeed, and I also saw on ABC, they have upped the reward to $75K now…thanks to many supporting people and groups. And some famous people are also involved financially and speaking out.

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      • I’m glad to know it was covered somewhere, anyway, but it was un-or-under-reported over most of the nation. I hope they catch the guy and make an example of him, but … given that Jazmine was black and the shooter was reportedly white, and given that it was in Texas … I’m not holding my breath. Sigh.

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        • FYI….just saw another report today here on ABC about Jasmine. The reward is up to $100K and the search is still on. Plus a football player is going to pay for the funeral and there is some talk of a possible link to another cold case in 2017…same kind of killing also in Texas. The mother decidedly it was a hate crime.

          I don’t know if CBS or NBC and others are reporting it since I don’t watch those as a rule. I would think CNN would have.

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          • I’m happy to see the reward is so high, but even happier to see that someone has stepped up to the plate and will be paying for the funeral! CNN did cover the story, though not immediately. I don’t watch television and largely get my news from print media (online, though) so I have missed television coverage. I’m glad the story is getting exposure !


    • A reader in Florida tells me that it was covered well there, likely by local affiliates, since it wasn’t covered nationally. The family didn’t seem reticent, or at least the mother didn’t. Could be because the little girl was black and it happened in Texas.



    LBJ took the IRT down to 4TH ST. USA
    And when he got there what did he see
    The youth of America on LSD

    DJT took the AF1 down to South Border Mexico
    And when he got there what did he do
    Tried to build a wall with used TP

    DJT AF1 Mexico Used TP
    DJT used TP 2 WALL the USA

    Hey, somebody had to do it!

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  9. All your rants have a purpose and I back whatever you say as being valid. I can’t get the picture of this little girl out of my head. I hate that weapons are in the hands of the man in the street and the thug in the street equally. I’ve gone from tolerance if guns are under lock and key to wanting them to be banned totally.

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    • Thank you! I won’t soon forget her image anytime soon, either. I’ve long said that I would like to see guns only in the hands of military and law enforcement … no other. But, I realize that such a plan would never fly here, and any gun regulation will have to be done in baby steps. But for the last several years, the NRA blocks even the smallest of regulation, such as the ban on assault weapons. Or the ban on guns being sold to people with a domestic assault conviction in their history. Sigh.

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        • I fully agree with that, but so far there are no signs of that happening. How I wish the republicans in the Senate, many of whom have been there so long that they’re growing mold, would open their eyes, stop worrying about lining their own pockets, and remember to whom they owe their jobs. They seem to feel they owe more to the NRA and thus the gun manufacturers than they do to the people of this nation. By the time they finally wake up and smell the coffee, it will be too late for so many.

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