24 thoughts on “A Single ‘Toon …

    • Hardly, Jerry Roll! Do you not recognize the signature on that ECG graph as that of your hero, da trumpeter? I would just about kill to get Obama back. Even Dubya is sounding like a saint! Gimme Nixon! Just get this bloomin’ fool outta there!!!

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      • Trump isn’t mine….. I voted for the ONLY one who had any experience governing. 😄 I’m kind of dreading doing my taxes this year. I just hope the government gets open soon.

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        • You’re kidding!!! So you DID vote for Hillary after all??? Wow! I’m impressed! Don’t bother to do those taxes anytime soon. I told Chris, because we will owe Uncle Sam this year, if the government is still shuttered on April 15th, I’m not paying them a single dime! Hugs, my friend … loved the picture of the boys on Facebook!


    • Why Obama? You realize he’s out of public office and holds no sway on public opinion. Bashing someone who is no longer relevant is psychological transference. TDS is real, whether you are for or against the President’s politics, the fact is a large percentage of Americans feel distressed every day b/c of Trump’s antics. Best case scenario is impeachment, but not very likely. For sure after his term is up, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Have some compassion for your fellow citizens who care about our country and how it’s run. Thank you.


  1. I think it’s unkind of you to publish pictures of me in my skivvies like this and my doc wasn’t happy about being pictures either. I may have to take legal action unless you put a paper bag over my head or apply a mask.

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