A New Project!

Hello friends!

I have been thinking (yes, yes, I know that’s a dangerous thing and trust me, I keep the fire extinguisher close at hand) and I have an idea for a little project that I’d like to run by you.

We know the damage, at least some of it, that Trump and his irresponsible foreign ‘policies’ have done to our reputation, our image abroad from the view of foreign news media and statements by leaders of nations.  But I would like to call on some of my blogging buddies from other nations to kick in their two cents worth as citizens of those nations.

I have blogging friends in Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands, India, Ghana, and Kenya, and I would really like their take on the United States now, with the government shut-down and the looming threat of a national ‘state of emergency’ that will give Trump autocratic powers.

So I’m calling on my friends outside the U.S. — would you be interested in writing a short guest post to be featured here, giving us your own view of the United States as it stands today, with an eye toward our immigration issues, environmental issues (the Paris Accord), the government shutdown, the recent 2018 elections, and any other issues you might like to mention or address?  The more the merrier … I am genuinely interested in your take on this, and also how you think our recent behaviour has affected your own corner of the world.

I will be asking a few of you with whom I regularly correspond via email, but I want anyone and everyone who is interested to participate!  C’mon guys, it’ll be fun!  I only ask that you keep it relatively clean  😄 and preferably to no more than 1,200 words.

41 thoughts on “A New Project!

    • Thanks!!! Some may deny it, but it is a global world now, and we are all in it together, whether here, in Germany or in South Africa! We need each other, need to work together, not see each other as enemies. I hope this project gets off the ground, for I think it will be interesting and perhaps lead to some meaningful conversation.


  1. Dear Jill,

    I almost don’t want to know what folks abroad think about the USA under the Trump administration because I don’t see how they can’t paint a very ugly picture.

    I don’t recognize this country. Everything I believed and admired about our country is under attack. I fell like we are under siege.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I hear you on that, but I think we need to know … Trump & Co need to know that we are no longer a shining star in anyone’s book, that we no longer have the respect that we once did. Two hundred years of building alliances, blown to bits in under two years!

      Like you, I no longer recognize this nation and don’t recognize those who support Trump, either. People who I once respected, who i once believed had humanitarian values, have proven themselves bigoted pigs! Some days … most days, actually, I am ashamed to even be a citizen of this nation.

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  2. Jill this certainly is a worthy project, but be careful what you wish for… not everyone from abroad thinks like you and may have less than flattering opinions of our country’s global leadership, cultural influence, military interference, American exceptionalism etc.
    I travel extensively, internationally ppl from other countries I’ve spoken with – most love Americans as a ppl, being warm, sociable and caring. But the direction of US gov’t policies, America’s exceptionalism taking on the role of “self appointed world’s policeman”… not so much.


    • There are a lot of things people around the world feel, but for Americans abroad I cannot say love is a common one, unless it is love of American money. Please explain to me why so many Americans feel it necessary to wear Canadian flags on their backpacks, or luggage? We really don’t mind if nice people treating others nicely do that, but when arrogant American travellers sporting Canadian flags treat others badly in their own home countries, that makes us look bad too. With Trump in charge I don’t know how that problem has been affected, but I cannot see things getting any better.

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    • Oh believe me, I have little or no respect at this time for our so-called ‘global leadership’ either, for it is non-existent. And I’m well aware what some think of our cultural influence, and in many cases, they are right. The term “American exceptionalism” is an oxymoron these days. So no, I won’t be disappointed, and whether people like it or not, the world has shrunk and globalism is real and is here to stay, so it’s important to know how others think, how we are viewed. This is not the nation I once thought I knew.


  3. You have “the most scathingly brilliant idea!” It makes me wish that I resided in another country and that I were a successful blogger on my own brilliant WordPress account with zillions of followers…well, almost. But, I do look forward to reading the responses that your project elicits. Total aside, I would like to call your attention to two things that I have come across stateside. CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 program on Jan. 4, 2019 “Just Words” (They’re Not), very interesting. New York Times Sunday Review column by Davis Leonhardt on Jan. 5, 2019 “The People vs. Donald Trump” is a must read. Thank-you!

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    • I read the NYT piece and it was one of the most excellent I’ve ever read and the comments were superb…very intelligent and thoughtful. I’ll check ou Anderson Cooper.

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    • Why thank you, ma’am! And don’t worry … you will get your chance to contribute, for I am already ruminating on Part II of this project, which will involve guest posts from within the U.S. More about that later.

      I did see the Cooper piece … he is spot on, and I adore his sardonic manner! I will check out Leonhardt’s piece in the morning, for it is already after 3:00 and I am wiped nearly out! Thanks Ellen … you really should be my helper, my co-blogger!!!


  4. Jill, great concept. As the first few comments note, the various populists movements around the world have spread the fear and requisite disinformation tactics. We just have the most bombastic bully with a large following.

    Sadly, the fear and disinformation get in the way of data-driven and civil debate. That means real problems do not get addressed.


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    • You’re right … I have tried the ‘civil discourse’ route with even relatively moderate republicans and gotten nowhere before. I think it will be interesting, though, to get a broader perspective from our friends on the other side of the pond and in Canada, about how our own perfidy is affecting them. The populist movement that Trump rode into office is global, but as you said, ours has the most bombastic bully, and therefore gets the most notice.


      • Jill, any help to convince our so-called leaders we have a problem the better. As for reaching his strident base, that is a difficult force field to crack as they get their “news” from the President – that is not news that is opinion or worse, purposeful disinformation.

        But, as noted before, the GOP leaders knows what Trump represents, yet they still choose not to act. That makes them culpable in his destruction of our relationships and ideals.


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  5. Great idea, Jill, although what we have in our trump is a worldwide pestilence affecting all countries that are not theocracies or dictatorships. We need a worldwide movement to eradicate this scourge on humanity….and a sane approach to population control to decrease the competition for the world’s resources.

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    • Thanks Larry! Yes, his views, rhetoric and policies are affecting our allies, and not in any good way, I fear. If enough are willing to write a guest post from a variety of nations, it should be an interesting project!

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  6. It’s an interesting idea, Jill, but…until Australia has its own Federal election – sometime between March and May – I don’t feel comfortable speaking for all Aussies, or even ‘most’ Aussies. I believe, fervently, that our election will throw the current crop of R [right] W [wing] N [nut] J [jobs] into the garbage. I also believe that they’ll stay on the outer, away from the centre of power for a very long time. Until that actually happens though, I could just be in my own little bubble. I don’t think I am. I truly believe that most Aussies hate what’s happening here now, but until I get confirmation….:/

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  7. I no longer have a blog but this is an idea that I support completely. You can often get a different interpretation of what’s going on in our country by browsing media sources outside of the United states.

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    • Thanks Scott! Yes, I peruse a number of sources outside the U.S. on a daily basis, but this time I just wanted to hear from the … real people, not the reporters and leaders of nations. I hope to get a good variety of responses and that we all have some fun with the project. Stay tuned!


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