Collision Course

Our friend Hugh’s post tonight is spot on … not a post that’s going to make you chuckle and hum a happy tune, but certainly one with a message that we all need to hear … again and again … until we wake up. Thank you Hugh, for the reminder, and for giving me carte blanche to share your work.


I suggested in a response I made to a comment on a previous post that humanity is most assuredly on a collision course between global warming, on the one hand, and the expanding human population, on the other hand. The irony of ironies is that the growing human population seems to be, for the most part, oblivious to both of these problems! Perhaps it is denial on a grand scale? To be sure, most of us would prefer to ignore unpleasant facts. But be that as it may, the two opposing forces cannot possibly survive together. Something must give.

As long as we continue to think it is better to drive our gas-guzzlers and turn up the thermostat rather than ride a bike, drive smaller, more fuel-efficient cars, or put on a sweater when we are cold — while at the same time we embrace the notion that large families…

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7 thoughts on “Collision Course

  1. Dear Hugh,

    Thanks for this timely post. You are right on the money. The world’s population growth and the escalating perilous extreme weather conditions due to climate change will eventually lead to a scarcity of necessities like clean water. We are definitely on this collision course..

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Great post by Hugh… And apologies to Hugh… I have not been to his blog for some time. I have not felt motivated to even post on my own blog. I am in something of a personal tribulation, let alone a planetary one, at the moment.

    Population is an easy thing to address if wealth is distributed and people educated. We could take the population of humans down to 1/5th in just 3 generations if we really tackled it.

    Climate change is tougher. We passed a tipping point last year IMHO, when feedback loops took on a life of their own in the forces that govern climate.
    At best, we should take steps to deal with the effects and stop the pouring of our pollutants into the atmosphere, plant biodiverse trees, and preserve wildlife populations, in the hope that an eventual balance will be achieved in three generations.
    At worst, we continue on as always and eliminate life for humans. Nature’s population control will be severe and swift.

    There are choices, but we are all just looking to the left and right of us, as though it is not our problem. 😔

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    • We all understand, dear friend, that your life has had some sad twists and turns lately. Reading our blogs is the least of your worries, and we welcome you with open arms when you feel like popping in!

      Ha ha … I first read your 2nd paragraph as “We could take the population of humans down to 1/5th in just 3 YEARS if we really tackled it.” I thought, “WOW … Colette has a master plan!!!” 🤣 But yes, we need to tackle over-population, for the earth cannot sustain the current level of growth much longer, even under the best of circumstances. And the right-wing evangelicals shun birth control???

      In short, I think that the current attitude overall toward climate change is leading us down the path to self-destruction, unfortunately taking most other species with us. The younger people seem more aware, more caring, but by the time they get their chance, it may be too late.

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  3. Most times the things that we least like to hear are the ones we need to hear the most. Hugh Curtler’s “Collision Course” is most definitely one of them. Many of us “talk the talk”, yet continue to neglect to “walk the walk” that is essential for the survival of this planet for future generations. Thank-you for sharing this post!

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    • ‘Twas my pleasure! Yes, I am trying to be much more aware, for I am as guilty as any of putting my own convenience ahead of the good of the planet. Awareness is the first step, action is the second.


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