More Snarky Snippets …

I have an overload of sarcasm built up in me today, so … it must be time for some snarky snippets, don’t you think?  But first, I want to begin with something positive for a change!

Thumbs up to the new Governor of Maine …

Maine has a new Governor, Janet Mills, who replaced the bigoted Paul LePage.  As I wrote a while back, the people of Maine had approved Medicaid expansion by a ballot initiative more than a year ago, but former Governor Paul LePage had blocked it from taking effect.  Janet Mills promised during her campaign that she would ensure the initiative moved forward, and thankfully for the people of Maine, she keeps her promises.Janet Mills.jpgOn Thursday, in her first executive order on her first day in office, Mills ordered Maine to move forward with Medicaid expansion, which is likely to provide health insurance for an additional 70,000 Maine residents.  LePage had been fighting tooth and nail to prevent Medicaid expansion in the state for years, vetoing no less than five different bills.  Then, when the issue was passed as a separate ballot issue in 2017, he blocked it … went directly against the will of the people.  Is it any wonder he lost his bid for re-election?  Ms. Mills has certainly started on the right foot.

In order to protect Trump …

What if you’re a republican who does not support Donald Trump?  Yes, there are actually some of them out there, although we are told only about 20% of republicans do not support him.  Well, if you are hoping for a better option on the republican ticket for 2020, you may just be out of luck, especially if you live in South Carolina.

The Republican Party in South Carolina is giving serious consideration to cancelling the primary in their state in order to “protect Donald Trump from potential challengers”.  Say WHAT???  They can do that?  Yes, they can do that and in fact did do that in 1984 when Reagan was running for re-election and again in 2004 when George W. Bush was running.

Drew McKissick, the chairman of the South Carolina GOP, had this to say …

“We have complete autonomy and flexibility in either direction.  Considering the fact that the entire party supports the president, we’ll end up doing what’s in the president’s best interest.”

My question is … if they are so damn sure that Trump has the support of all republicans, then why is there a need to “protect” him? What are they afraid of?  Other potential candidates who are considering a run on the GOP ticket include former Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, and Ohio Governor John Kasich.  Personally, I think any of those three would make a much better president than Trump!

On inventing a crisis …

First, let me say this:  THERE IS NO NATIONAL SECURITY CRISIS!!!

Well, actually there is a national security crisis, and it has a name:  Donald Trump.trump-tweet.pngAnd then he plans to travel to the southern border on Thursday, according to Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Now why would he feel a need to ‘address the nation’ on live television at this time?  It isn’t as if we don’t have his opinions, his hateful rhetoric, shoved in our faces 24/7 by the media and on Twitter.  But to interrupt prime-time television programming … presidents typically only do that when they have a major announcement, such as when Obama interrupted programming on May 2nd, 2011, to inform the nation that 9/11 master planner Osama bin Laden had been captured and killed.

Given Trump’s recent threats, I can’t help wondering if his ‘announcement’ will be that he is declaring a state of national emergency in order to attempt to circumvent democratic processes to get his wall.  I hope I am wrong, for if he does that, it will throw this nation into chaos and create the biggest constitutional crisis this nation has seen in our lifetime.  In the end, I do not believe that Trump will be successful in this endeavor, for the legality is highly questionable, given that there is no crisis.  Still, Congress and the Courts will be the ones to deal with that, meaning there will be little else accomplished.  The cost will be high and it will further divide an already unstable nation.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government is still in shut down mode, 800,000+ federal employees are going without pay, including many who are critical to the safety of this nation.

One man is to blame …

The entire Trump administration is to blame for the ongoing shutdown, for they have enabled Trump and forsaken the nation in so doing.  Donald Trump is responsible for his horrifying behaviour and failure to uphold his duty to the nation.  But that said, there is one man who I hold more accountable than the rest (except Trump himself, that is) and that man is Senate Majority Leader Mitchell McConnell.mcconnell dartboard.jpgMcConnell refused to allow a vote on the spending bill that was passed by the House of Representatives, saying …

“Any viable compromise will need to carry the endorsement of the president before it receives a vote in either House of Congress. Under these conditions … the package presented by the House’s new Democratic leaders yesterday can only be seen as a time-wasting act of political posturing.”

But that may not be true.  There are a number of republican senators who have expressed a willingness to at least consider the bill passed by the House, and it may well be that, if put to a vote, the bill would pass the Senate with a veto-proof majority.  It might not, but we’ll never know if McConnell doesn’t stop pandering to Trump and let the Senate vote on the bloomin’ bill!!!

Apparently, Mitch McConnell has no more conscience than does Donald Trump.  They are both in the process of destroying this nation and killing its people.  Great job, guys!

Th-th-that’s all for now folks!bugs bunny

25 thoughts on “More Snarky Snippets …

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  2. Dear Jill,

    If Maine can get rid of Paul Lepage for Governor, Janet Mills, then there’s hope for the rest of us. Right now, You can’t get snarky enough to suit me.

    I can’t believe that there are republicans out there who are so enamored for the likes of President Trump that they want to block others from challenging him.

    As for the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, there is good news in the horizon. He’s running for reelection in 2020. The Democratic Party should move heaven and earth to find a great candidate to knock him off his pedestal.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I think the people of Maine finally decided they had enough of LePage … now if only the rest of the nation would follow suit and decide we’ve had enough of Trump! I’m glad you said that I can’t get snarky enough to suit you 😉 Stay tuned tomorrow where I’ve tried even harder!

      It seems to me that to cancel a primary in order to eliminate any competition goes against the very principle of democratic process, and yet South Carolina has done it twice before, so apparently it passed any legal challenges. It is beyond me, but then many things are these days.

      McConnell has always been far too popular in his home state of Kentucky, but his support is waning with his continual boot-licking of Trump’s shoes, so my fingers are crossed that he will finally get what he so richly deserves — defeat! Otherwise, let us hope he becomes the Senate MINORITY leader!


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  3. Jill, well played. A few comments.
    Governor Mills honored the will of the people. LePage tended to be a bully, like someone else we know.

    Those folks in SC may want to hold off on that decision as the next several months play out. Even an untruthful tweeter won’t be able to sand over the rough edges. Even Fox and other pseudo-news sycophants will have to take notice.

    It is getting harder to hide this SNAFU in the White House. And, as the economy turns, more will jump ship. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! Yes, Mills made a committeemen and is honouring it, unlike some other politicos we could name. I think you’re right that more will jump ship, especially if the shutdown continues much longer or if Trump declares a state of emergency, as I think he is likely to do, given all his blubbering and blathering about it.


  4. The country needs more people like Janet Mills and less like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and numerous other GOP Senators that I won’t name as the list is very long. The Republican Party in South Carolina definitely needs to be overhauled or bulldozed. I am still at a loss to understand how unarmed people at the southern border are cause for calling a national emergency. What I have gathered from reading many varied sources is that Trump either can or can’t, it’s legal or illegal, he will or won’t, and I am so weary of this entire debacle over a damn wall. I would like to build a big beautiful concrete wall around Trump, without windows or a port of exit…and toss Mitch McConnell inside too. Thank-you!

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    • I fully agree with you … I am sick and tired of hearing about the damn wall! It is nothing more than a tool … an ego trip for Trump. He has said on many occasions that he hopes it will have his name on it. Sigh.


  5. It’s the new rock and roll. A common tactic in our a Parliament is to have a piece of important progressive legislation stopped by a doddering out of touch bigot of an MP talking for hours about nothing so that the legislation runs out of time. They don’t seem to do it when they are discussing their own pay rises.

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    • Yes, the filibuster … it’s popular here too. The games they play with our money, our lives. Sigh. You’re right, though … they never seem to have a problem with their pay raises. Or even bills to name a bridge or a roadway in their home state after themselves.


  6. Well done Governor Mills. I must say that hit men seem to be very underemployed in your capitol these days I can think of a few people that could do with the old custard pie in the face. I hope someone gives McConnell one so that the rest of Congress get a good laugh and maybe hernias for a few of the GOP. Of course I’d love to see Trump get one but I’m afraid he’d just eat it.

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    • I would have loved to see the expression on LePage’s face when she kept her promise to expand Medicaid! I hope he choked on his toast and had a fit of apoplexy! All the hitmen in Washington are apparently republicans, else they have set their fees too high for any of us poor people to afford. The pie in the face may be a winning idea, though, especially if it is repeated often enough that all his suits are out to the cleaners and he has to go to work in his jammies!

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  7. I just don’t understand how one man, in this case McConnell, can just say he won’t allow a vote. Is he afraid it will pass? This in addition to the one man who would probably refuse to sign the spending bill anyway. I just don’t know how I can express how crazy I think your government is…

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  8. We must be on the same wavelength. My post today is about McConnell being the reason the shutdown is stuck and what pressure we can apply to help change the situation. He is so anti-democratic, it makes me furious. He’s up for re-election in 2020…

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