♫ The House Of The Rising Sun ♫

Tonight, you get just the music and the lyrics.  The history will have to come later …

The House of the Rising Sun
The Animals

My mother, she was a tailor
Sewed these new bluejeans
My father was a gamblin’ man
Way down in New Orleans

My mother, she would look at me
She said, son, you’ve got a long road ahead
Son, some may roll and make you crazy
But don’t forget these words I said

And don’t forget what your name is
And know what the game is

From the North coast to the South coast
From country to country
Mind to mind
Generation to generation

From time to time
And to sniff across your mind

To go downtown
And to hang around
The House of The Rising Sun

Mother was a tailor
Sewed these new blue-jeans
Father was a gamblin’ man, yea yea
Way down, way down, in New Orleans

And the only thing a gambling man needs
Is some cash, ooh lord, and a trunk
And the only time he’s satisfied, ya ya
Is when he’s on some form of drug

Ya-aah, board and bought, oh no
To where, I do belong
I’m wandering back
To earn my pays, in The House
They call, the Rising Sun

Mother tell your baby children, yea yea
Don’t do the things that I’ve done
Spend your life in sin and misery
In The House, they call, the Rising Sun

House, of The Rising, Sun

Songwriters: Uncertain
The House of the Rising Sun lyrics © Carlin America Inc

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  2. Want some history? Go to sixstrstories.com and find my post for September 15, 2017 called: This Historic Day In Music: Georgia Turner & The Rising Sun Blues (Yes, again.)
    P.S.: Where did you find those lyrics??!?


  3. There are only two Animals songs that, to me, are their best and this isn’t one of them…this one comes in at #3, probably only #4. The August 1965 single, that was included on the September 1965 album “Animal Tracks” and the early 1966 album “The Best of the Animals (all of which I still have)…”We Gotta Get Out of This Place” was a favorite of my lost Vietnam hero as well as many others in the Armed Forces serving in Vietnam at the time. I remember listening to many of the girls that I was in nursing school with screeching at the top of their lungs about getting out of school, meant in a humorous way…but it never was to me. The second song is “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” that is on both albums, while “The House of the Rising Sun” is also on “The Best of The Animals along with another one that I like “It’s My Life”. For me the lead vocalist, Eric Burdon, was the best part of The Animals. Thank-you!

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    • Ah well … I AM sorry you didn’t much care for this one, but sooner or later it was inevitable I would hit one you didn’t like. You will find it interesting, when you see tomorrow’s song, to know that your comment gave me the inspiration for playing it! I’ll see if you can figure out quite how! 😉

      I had forgotten about “We Gotta Get Out of This Place” … I always liked that one and will make a note to play it soon! I did play “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” a while ago … I think … lemme check …yep, played that one on 24 July!


      • Now Jill, coming in at #4 isn’t that bad of a rating once you consider they must have somewhere between 40-50 songs on at least 20 albums between the UK and the USA releases. Of course, many of the songs are repeated on various compilation albums; nevertheless, #4 is still a prominent position. If memory serves me correctly, I was not in an Animals state of mind when you posted “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”. I fail to recall the reason, but I do recall Eric Burdon’s unflattering photo…some of us do not age as well as others!

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        • You’re right … #4 is an achievement in itself. 😉 Ah yes, the photo where he looks like an over-the-hill motorcycle gang member! You’re right that some of us don’t age as well as others … I see the evidence of that every time I pass by a mirror and thus am considering removing all the mirrors in this house before I look in one someday and am given heart failure by what I see there!


          • Ditto! It was myself that I was referring too…the gray haired one with the “squishy neck” that I fail to recognize on those chance encounters when confronted by the reflections in storefront windows. In my mind’s eye, I am still that lovely 18-30 something, certainly not a day over 39! There are those occasions when less than perfect eyesight is a blessing in disguise, such as when gazing in the mirror becomes an unavoidable event. The vagaries of aging can be cruel, but as my Gram used to say : “It beats the alternative”!

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            • Hah! I often pass by a mirror and say, “Who is that ol’ hag and how did she get in here???” I don’t even like putting on makeup any more, for I have to look too closely at myself, but without it I scare little children! The past two years have aged me more, I think, than the 10 before that. Ah well, as you say .. it beats the alternative … maybe. Some days I’m not sure.


  4. One of the great rock and roll singles. Top five.
    It’s a great song. A traditional folksong from mid 19 th century New Orleans. There are many versions of the song, as befits a great folk song. I love doing it. There’s a House of the Rising Sun Compendium on my site – with history, photos, and a number of renditions. I’ll try to provide a link.


  5. The Animals were my mother’s favourite group. I remember her singing this song to me when I was young. It has a deep, meaningful resonance for my entire family, actually. And I have no idea why. But to this day we all still sing and strum our guitars to this tune. 🙂

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  6. Classic! This song was part of my introduction to the Brit invasion beyond the mophead boys from Liverpool. Mom was very excited when the Animals were going to be on the Ed Sullivan Show. She thought they were singing animals, not a rock group.

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    • 🤣🤣🤣 I understand your mother completely!!! If I had been the age then that I am now, I would have thought exactly the same! And I probably would have hated their music, too, for I find nothing to love in the latest music today. Funny how tastes change with each generation, isn’t it?

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    • I didn’t know that! In fact, I can’t recall ever hearing of the Alan Price Set, but that doesn’t mean much, for some days I cannot recall my own name! I shall look them up. Thanks for new info, and I’m glad you liked the song!

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        • I missed out! I found both of those on YouTube and listened, but no, I’ve never heard either … I would surely remember those if I had heard them! I loved the Dancing Bear especially. Thanks for the introduction!

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