A Guest Post by David M. Prosser …

Yesterday, I put out a plea for some of my friends and readers who live outside the U.S. to write a guest post for this blog about how they view the United States as it stands today.  I’m calling my project simply ‘Coexist’, for despite thousands of miles and oceans between us, we really are neighbors in todays global world, and as such, we need to find a way to understand, to coexist.  We rely on each other for trade, for security, and perhaps most importantly, for cultural understanding.  The U.S. has not been a very good neighbor of late, and most of us are well aware that our standing in the world is greatly diminished.  We know from the media how the leaders of other nations view us, but I want to know how the people of those nations, our friends and neighbors, view us, both as a nation and as people.  The first person to respond to my plea was my dear friend, David Prosser of North Wales in the UK, and today I am publishing his guest post.  Thank you so very much, David, for your time and effort, and for sharing your thoughts.

In answer to my friend Jill Dennison’s call, I am writing to give an opinion from abroad as to how Trump, and more importantly America are viewed these days.

It’s important to note that back in 2016 the American elections were the cause of more interest than usual because a woman was attempting to get to the White House and this time in her own right and not as the wife of a candidate. Would we see the President and her First Man? To be honest most of us gave little or no credence to Donald Trump as the nomination of the Republicans. This was the man who started the rumour that President Obama was not American born. Probably the vilest man in America. As the campaign wore on he started with a chant of ‘Lock her up’ against Hilary Clinton which seemed to overshadow any of her policies, but even so, he couldn’t win. When he had neo Nazis at his events, or KKK and could describe them in glowing terms you knew he couldn’t win. The American people had more sense.

He won, after the electoral college gave him their votes. The popular vote was for Hilary Clinton showing that Americans could vote for both a black man and now a woman to be President. But the electoral College votes were enough to overturn expectations. The worrying thing is that here was a man who had waffled his way through an election on an  unwarranted chant against an opponent and a call for a wall to be built between Mexico and the United States which Mexico would be funding. Most of us never took that as a promise made and thought Mexico would be surprised at Trump’s cheek. It appears they were and they quickly made it clear that no funding for a wall would be coming from Mexico. Trump is a fanaticist who just opens his mouth and lets any stray thought slip out.

We’ve all been following Mr Mueller’s efforts to find the truth behind the election and some of Trump’s mutterings. Within my own little group expectations are that we’ll find that Trump is heavily in hock to Russian banks and that he’s accepted a degree of help from his friend President Putin at manipulating the election. Certainly Russia spent an awful lot of money on the Social sites to bolster Trump’s campaign.

In the two years since he was elected Trump seems to have emasculated the US and turned it into either a laughing stock or a nonentity on the world stage. Trump has single-handedly removed America away from Europe and has canceled America’s promises from the Paris Accord regarding global warming. It amazes us that Trump seems to have declared friendship for the World’s greatest Dictators and have OK’d it for the States to become racist again. It appears the last 50 years have been wiped out and he black people are to be treated as inferior beings again. The worst thing is it looks like this was a feeling kept in the background just waiting to come out again. It’s also OK to want to deny immigration. A country built on immigrants now says ‘No More’ and attempts to block any Moslems from entering the country except Saudi Arabia which though it funds terrorism including the planes hitting the twin towers can do no wrong in Trump’s eyes. It’s still a major surprise here that despite the rubbish that Trump spouts, much of it deliberate lies, that approx 40% of the US continue to support him. At this rate he’ll sell America to the highest bidder before his term ends and retire to some isolated island where he and all his money can happily retire. The family can stay behind and face Mueller’s findings.

Know this, that most of the UK feels for you and wishes you were Trump free. The best we can say for now is Good Luck.Text dividers

Thank you again, David!  And thank you for the Good Luck wishes … after tomorrow night we may need them more than ever!  Now come on, dear friends!  I need a few more volunteers!  I promise it’ll be fun!  


26 thoughts on “A Guest Post by David M. Prosser …

  1. Dear David Presser,

    Thank you for taking time to write this post.

    I’m always amazed as to how well aware you are of all that’s happening in the USA. You sounded like me when I talked to others in my travels before President Trump had been elected I assured them that there was nothing to worry about as he couldn’t possibly win.

    I had attended a party on the eve of the 2016 elections where we were all expecting to toast to the the 1st US president being a woman, President Hillary Clinton. The party turned into a funeral of mourners who were in shock.

    We had hoped he would measure up to the task at hand, but instead he has ended up being much worse than we could have possibly imagined. He has become our worst nightmare.

    His attacks on our friends, neighbors and allies are in sync with what Russia’s President has wanted for ages.

    I was able to track down his thinking out loud about his ordering a government shutdown related to immigration issues dating back to the summer of 2017. He didn’t act then because there were adults around him who were able to restrain his worst impulses but now these guys have gone.

    The concept of the wall had been conceived by his advisers before he even began campaigning to become president. Whenever Mr. Trump mentioned the wall at his rallies, he was reminded to harp on his anti-immigration sentiments.

    He is still convinced that he can to continue to win by harping on the immigration issue.

    The good news is that it really does appear that the FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III will have completed his final investigative report on the Trump-Russia saga by March 2019.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I am often reminded, when I read comments by our friends across the pond, of the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees”. I think we are so overwhelmed by the day-to-day detritus that we sometimes see our own situation with less clarity than our friends on the other side of the pond.

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  2. To David for taking the time to author this post and Jill for birthing the marvelous idea of this project…Thank-you! It is interesting to hear an outside perspective from someone with their feet on the ground, as opposed to the usual voices heard stateside.

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  3. Well done David, you have captured the sentiment in Britain regarding the racist, hateful policies put in place by Trump. Regardless of our own problematic Brexit, British people and government (flawed as it is) would never encourage or condone racism. They might wonder how they can continue to support immigration in an overburdened society that is short of housing and dealing with pressures on an underfunded health care system and police force? But those are different matters to the gun-toting policies of a President run amok.

    Jill, my (rather different) contribution will be along soon. ☺️

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  4. Well said, David. The only places on Earth that love Donal Trump are those where authoritarian regimes are in control. They are, as you say, the new best friends of the current White House.

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  5. Jill, thanks for opening your blog. David, well done. You define a common outside perspective, one that gets largely ignored. The more conservative pseudo news glosses over or simply ignores this perspective. All news that paints the President in a bad light is fake. That is Trump’s evil genius and our bane.

    I hope your words get the attention they deserve. Keith

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  6. David has pretty much summarized the thinking of good folk in Canada. Only, there aren’t as many good folk in Canada as I once thought there were. Recent surveys show over 40% of Canadians will be voting for members of our conservative party in our upcoming election. In a two party sytem that might be okay, but we have a multi-party democracy here, with 3 main parties and at least one good up and comer. In such a system 40% is a huge number.
    Jill, I am reserving my commentary until after tonight’s big revelation. I’m pretty sure we all know what it is going to be–establishing a state of emergency as it exists in Trumpmandias’s mind. If he tries, there will be a lot of fallout, so things can change a lot in the next few days or weeks. So I apologize for delaying your project. As I said, David did a good job of giving us yesterday’s picture. But no one knows what tomorrow will bring–literally!

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    • I agree … the whole picture may be even bleaker by 9:30 tonight. Sigh. I will welcome your commentary whenever you are ready, my friend. This may, in some ways be an ongoing project. As of now, it seems that people outside the U.S. blame Trump & Co, but feel empathy toward those of us who have to live under this regime. But, I strongly suspect that over the course of time, that will change and we, like the German people nearly a century ago, will be held to account for why we allowed this to happen. Sigh.

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  7. A good post, David. I don’t hold President Trump in high regard either but understand the people who voted for him as I grew up in a heavily Republican part of Ohio where there were many people were either in the KKK or sympathized with them. My family and I also lived in a part of North Carolina where the KKK had been active and there must have still been many who sympathized with them. Trump has encouraged the worst kind of bigots to speak out and act out these days. We can only hope Mueller brings out evidence that proves what we suspect about him. —- Suzanne

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