Why the Shutdown is Stuck & What We Can Do

Yesterday, fellow blogger tokyosand published a post that gave the clearest, most concise explanation of how the current government shutdown came to be, and what we need to do about it … how we can use our voices to, hopefully, make a difference. Please take a minute to read this fine post, for it may answer some questions you’ve had, or help clarify what you already know. Thank you tokyosand, for this fine post and for your generous permission to share it with my readers!



Millions of Americans are already affected by the shutdown. Federal employees aren’t getting a paycheck (right at the end of the holiday season no less.) Others are being told their food stamps aren’t guaranteed if the shutdown continues. There is already real damage happening, and it will only get worse.

How did we get here? Why is it still a problem? Is there anything we can do?

How did we get here? 

At the end of the 115th Congress, we hit a deadline to renew funding for a third of the federal agencies. Ideally, we’d have an annual budget that took care of all of our agencies for one year, but since Congress hasn’t been able to agree on the budget, we’ve been patching together funding for these agencies with something called continuing resolutions.


Since the President sends his requests for the budget to Congress, having the leaders…

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9 thoughts on “Why the Shutdown is Stuck & What We Can Do

    • Oh, there is not a single doubt in my mind but that he has been itching to do this for 2 years now, and the only thing that kept him from it on Tuesday night was his advisors who, though sycophants, at least have better sense than he does. Then again, so do my cats!!! I don’t know about you, but the shutdown and the expectation of him declaring a ‘national emergency’, have taken a toll on me … this needs to end somewhere. SOON!!!


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  1. Tokyosand presents a clear and concise explanation of how we got to this moment in history. Even though I already understood the events that led to it and have sent letters to my Senators, this post is well worth reading and hopefully motivates others to action too. Thank-you!

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  2. Sadly Trump did not employ reason or compassion this evening during his address the nation broadcast. He stubbornly doubled down his distorted rhetoric and lies. Hopefully this would serve as a wake-up call for fellow Americans who thought he was sane. What’s he gonna do next, declare a state of emergency and start arresting his liberal adversaries? Impeachment proceedings from the House have begun btw.

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