Send In The Adults … PLEASE!!!

PLEASE, people, let us put some adults in charge of this sinking ship!!!  In a nutshell, if you combine all the statements about Syria and condense them into a single statement, it reads something like this:

We are going to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria by the end of last year, but it may not happen for several years.

Scratching your head over that one, aren’t you?  See, what happens here is that Donald Trump gets up one morning all in a fizz and while he’s sitting on the potty wondering what to tweet next, an idea comes to him.  So, without consulting any of the two people on his staff who have brains, he tweets that he will be pulling all U.S. troops out of Syria.  Then, as an afterthought, he tweets that this will happen by the end of December.Bolton-Mattis-Pompeo.jpgImagine the look of utter incredulity on the faces of James Mattis, John Bolton and Mike Pompeo on seeing that tweet as they sit at their breakfast tables!  We know Mattis’ take on it, for it gave him the reason he had probably been looking for to tender his resignation and get off the Trumptanic before it meets the iceberg.  Bolton likely turned red in the face and nearly had apoplexy, moustaches twitching while his eyebrows went up and down.  And Pompeo probably just popped yet another donut into his mouth.bolton-near-tearsApparently, despite his bluster and his reputation as a warmonger, even Bolton has a problem with Trump’s decision, bred of ignorance, but he could hardly ignore his boss man, so he found a compromise this week … pull out the equipment and leave the troops!  Brilliant … that way he can honestly say we are in the process of pulling out, yet not risk the lives of all Kurds and other innocent people in the area by leaving them unassisted with the threat of Turks attacking.moving equipment-Syria.jpgOnly thing is … without equipment, without jeeps, tanks and the like … of what use are the soldiers?  And how safe are they?  Oh this was such a well-thought-out, brilliant move!  CHAOS!  ICEBERG AHEAD!!!titanic-2Interestingly, despite some equipment being moved out of Syria, the Department of Defense says that the number of U.S. troops in Syria may “increase slightly”.  Trump, apparently after talking to Bolton, changed his ’30-day’ time frame to four months, but even that seems highly unachievable … and undesirable from a foreign policy point of view.  I doubt that Bolton has had the nerve yet to tell him that he may increase the number of troops and that they may yet be there for years.

There are valid reasons for the U.S. to remain in Syria.  One, daesh (aka ISIS) has not, as Trump said it had, been eradicated and if U.S. forces leave the area, are likely to regroup and increase their numbers.  Two, Turkish President Erdoğan has already said that it is his intent to murder every Kurd in Syria, and without the protection of the U.S. troops, that is almost a certainty.

Trump is almost certain to have to eat some crow on this one … could that be part of the reason he’s digging his heels on the border wall?  His ego cannot seem to take two major defeats in such a short time frame, and his buddy Sean Hannity will definitely not be pleased with him if he caves on the border wall.

Let’s talk about that border wall for a minute.  I found it heartbreaking yesterday to read that some of the federal workers who have been without pay for nearly a month now are selling household goods on Ebay to try to scrape together enough to pay the rent and keep the electricity on … it is winter, y’know.

Limo.jpgMeanwhile, Trump rides around in his ostentatious $1.5 million limo (we paid for that, too), takes Air Force One to Texas for a wasted trip that accomplished nothing at a cost of $200,000 per hour!  And he obviously has not so much as missed a meal.  He claims democrats are to blame for his ignominious shutdown for not being willing to negotiate, but in truth it is he who is not willing to negotiate.  He has set a number he wants immediately for his wall at $5.7 billion, and that is the only outcome he will accept.  He isn’t willing to settle for a portion of that amount … it’s all or nothing at all.  So really, there is only one person to blame, and that person is definitely not a democrat! He will bankrupt this nation within the next six months at the current rate he is spending our money.

The victims of the chaos that reigns in this administration are each and every one of us.  It only begins with those 800,000+ workers who are in danger of losing their homes, cars and even lives, but in the near future the pain will trickle down to us all.  This is the most irresponsible presidency in the history of this nation, bar none.  It’s time we put some adults in charge, for we damn sure don’t have any today!

34 thoughts on “Send In The Adults … PLEASE!!!

  1. Dear Jill,

    Imagine this. Even the 1/9/19 Military Times ran with the headlines, Are we leaving Syria or not? The same paper described how the Turkish leader Erdogan is apoplectic over this, to where he refused to speak to the National Security Adviser, John Bolton. This is only because he finds President Trump more persuadable. Mr. Bolton would be like a brick wall on this subject.

    This confusion is causing havoc in the region and rightfully so. I’m not convinced that the US troops are not being withdrawn.

    I listened to a recent middle east talk delivered by Secretary Pompeo which consisted mostly of disparaging President Obama.

    It’s true. President Trump is running a circus in the WH.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Ahhh … so Mr.Erdoğan is unhappy with Mr. Bolton is he? Poor Recep did not get his way … darn shame, isn’t it? I’m not convinced either, Gronda … but frankly, it seems that nobody has a clue what anybody is doing and the name of the game is sheer chaos. A circus bigger than anything Barnum and Bailey ever imagined, but not a fun one at all.

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      • Ur quite right, yet Trump can be cavalier about the pullout knowing full well that Erdogan will not attack until last of US servicemen have packed and left, equipment and all. Quite similar to the mess we left behind following the Vietnam and Korean wars. It’s too easy to play fast and loose with other ppl’s lives. Perhaps he’ll be brought up on war crimes for pulling out? 😉


  2. The Good Old Packrats have irresponsibly abandoned their right to be called a political party, falling prey to their leader’s need to become a Government Of Destruction.
    Mutiny is a real choice, but make sure the guys with the guns are on your side first, or it will be My Lai all over again.
    Lifeboats would be useless to try, they would all be commandeered by the aforementioned rats.
    The only helichopper that can save the passengers is the one that carries the Commander-in-Chief around. If it were to fall from the sky with the sick CiC on board, for whatever reason, the ship may yet be salvageable. Just be sure the pilot ejects before it is too late. There is no need for the ultimate sacrifice.
    Or just impeach the orange beetch. He is a serial killer. How many people have already been murdered on his watch?

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    • I would favour the impeachment option but for the fact that it takes too long. Therefore, the best option seems the one you mention about the helicopter … I rather like that one … quick, relatively clean, little if any collateral damage, and permanent.


  3. According to the UN, there are still up to 30,000 insurgents waiting to take up the fight in Syria. Without equipment, US forces will be sitting ducks.

    I saw someone wearing a T-shirt yesterday that had the slogan, “Action before Thinking.” This perfect apparel for Donald Trump. His stupidity is showing itself in ‘spades’ these days.
    The British Government, taken aback by the ‘withdrawal’ statement, scrambled to say that it would leave its special forces in place, but there are few of them and the dangers for them if Kurdish forces join the Assad regime to protect themselves from Erdoğan’s actions, the British will have no allies for backup.

    The Jan 6th edition of the Guardian Newspaper ran an opinion piece entitled, ‘The Impending Disaster of US Syria withdrawal. And it pulled no punches in describing Donald Trump’s actions and his abandonment of Kurdish forces…

    “Trump gives them a lesson in betrayal in exchange for 12
    pieces of silver (or, in this case, $3.5bn in arms sales to Turkey).”

    The dangerous unpredictability of Donald Trump’s participation in Peace-Keeping military ventures, does have one predictable determining factor – and that is ‘money.’

    Donald Trump is selling America’s soul to the Devil for a few Trinkets. He abandons traditions friends ‘of colour’ because of racist bigotry, and he thumbs his nose at anyone who tells him he must not do it.

    Britain, except for a few Junior ministers, has been extraordinarily quiet about the Syria withdrawal. I honestly think that most countries prefer to acknowledge the actions of a clown and then keep ‘schtum.’ The Clown keeps changing his mind!

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    • I honestly think that something will be done about Donald Trump very soon. The man has become dangerous to America herself. Regardless of what supporters think, there will be some decision makers in the GOP and in the Democratic camps that will come up with a joint plan to ‘take the man down.’

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      • Obviously, I hope you are right, but frankly I’m not convinced. The way I see it right now, there is only one solution that could be quick enough to stop this train before it goes over the cliff, and I shall leave that one to your imagination.

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    • I agree on the t-shirt! I’ve been thinking he needs one that says, “Caution! Engage brain before opening mouth!”

      Yes, we would be endangering our allies, but taking away the protection they rely on, endangering the Kurds by leaving them sitting ducks, and leaving Syrians subject to the treatment of al Assad and his minions.

      I missed that article in the Guardian … I’ll go back and find it. You are quite right … every action Trump takes has greed at its foundation, even when it isn’t immediately obvious. The only people who matter to him are those who can give him either power or money. And this nation is doomed if he is not somehow unseated, and soon. I only hope we don’t drag other nations down with us.

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  4. I feel sick just thinking about all of this. I’m so exhausted by the administration yet I can’t seem to stop taking in all the news (chaos, really) it creates. I find it disgusting that the government somehow doesn’t have the money to pay it’s workers during a shut down but it can cart around that fat ass and his cronies! Trump isn’t the one and only thing killing your country–it’s the entire GOP. The more I think about them the more I need to take some Pepto and a Xanax!

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  5. Oh, bother! I was just basking in my own glory over having not only read, but also commenting on every post up to this last one. Until, upon reading this excellent post…it occurs to me that my questionable wit shared on the comment to yesterday’s ‘snarkier than usual snippets’ post would fit just as nicely on this post. If luck smiles on me (unlikely as that is) and you are reading comments in reverse and haven’t yet read it or if you could just pretend you have not already read it, all will be well and I can bask on. Be prepared, new comment coming. Trump is a powder keg with a short fuse and there is imminent danger that it will be lit. Wait, newer addition to new comment. There are no adults in the room to hide the matches. Thank-you!

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  6. I’m astonished how many Trumpettes blame Democrats for the government shutdown and insist that they’ll vote for him again, if they can. They display amazing abilities to flex facts to fit their felonious figurehead, all while convincing themselves it’s for the country’s betterment. The level of denial and insanity is…well, insane.

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    • It is amazing, and is the result of ignorance, arrogance and greed, though they would deny all three if confronted. It will be our undoing if we don’t find a way to educate and enlighten these people, but so far nothing seems to work. I believe Trump could walk up to one of his hard-core followers, slap him/her in the face, and he/she would still think he was great.

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