Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid

I just wanted to share with you some pictures of the people that we need a wall on the southern border to protect us from, the people who constitute a ‘national emergency’ …




Scary, aren’t they?  Personally, I find this one scarier …trump-fist

58 thoughts on “Be Afraid … Be Very Afraid

  1. The real enemy of the people is the man currently pretending to be president and at times appears to be quite comfortable wearing a swastika, Klan outfit, black face, and two faced costume. He just passed his annual physical but his mental state is the one that concerns us all.

    He hates immigrants but he married one, prefers Putin over politics and of course is ready to compare the size of his rocket arsenal with Uncle Kim’s. Quite the hodgepodge isn’t it Jill? Maybe he does not realize that Kim and Vlad are immigrants?

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    • You’ve got that right! In a short/long two years, he has done as much as he possibly could to destroy, rather than build, to harm rather than help, and to waste our money, giving us nothing but grief in return. The biggest puzzle to me, though, is those 40% or so who still claim that he is “making America great”. Can they truly be so blind, so deaf?

      Yes, it is indeed quite the hodgepodge, and my best guess is that it will get worse before it gets better …

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  2. It makes me want to cry. Why would these families travel with those darling children all those miles? They have to be scared to death of the bullies and killers where they came from. What happens to these poor people? They meet up with a bully and coward where they want to go. A man with no empathy for their problems who tries to convince his fanatical followers these people are to be feared so he can look like a big man. To many, he looks like a very little man, even a spoiled baby. Now he’s hurting the people in his own country because he’s stubborn, spoiled, scared, and can’t get his way. He’s by far the worst president we’ve ever had. —- Suzanne

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    • When I listen to him, see his tweets, read his rhetoric … I just keep shaking my head and asking, first, how the heck did he EVER get elected, and second, why are people still supporting him??? You are right … he is hands down the worst president this nation has ever had the misfortune to elect. The sooner he is gone, the better.

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      • The fact he got elected and continues to be supported tells us what kind of people voted for him and continue to support him. We can be so glad it’s not the majority of Americans. It’s distressing it’s even the number it is. Even some of his supporters scare me. 😦 — Suzanne

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        • It is very distressing to realize that some 40% of the people in this nation voted for him and still support him. The train is headed for a cliff … or the ship for an iceberg, depending on which analogy you prefer, and I hope they are the ones who cannot fit into the lifeboats … if there are lifeboats, that is.

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    • Yes, they surely deserve to be someplace safe, and unfortunately, the U.S. is no longer safe … for anyone! If I had the means to send them along to Canada, I surely would and would even accompany them … just to make sure they got there safely, of course. And then, I might have to stay a few decades to make sure they are treated well.


  3. lol you are using my logo with different colors (no worry, mine is an adaption of the base image. Not gonna throw ” copyright claims’ around here)
    I hope all these people find good homes and a safe place to live 😉

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    • Well so I am! Or … perhaps you are using my logo with different colours! 😀 No harm done either way, and thanks for not suing me, for I would really hate to lose the entire $10 I have in the bank! 😉 Thanks for visiting my humble blog and I hope you’ll come back again!

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  4. This is my take on a recent Tweet by Donald Trump (one of many reiterating the same manicidal rant about the ‘Humanitarian Crisis” requiring a’ wall.’ I have pinned my response on my Twitter account.

    “There is no humanitarian crisis on the planet that requires a ‘wall.’ The humanitarian crisis is that world leaders like DJT are creating division, poverty, racism, inequality and fear, every time they open their mouths. It doesn’t exist unless you let it! ”
    Quote Tweet
    ” Donald J. Trump
    Democrats could solve the Shutdown in 15 minutes! Call your Dem Senator or Congresswoman/man. Tell them to get it done! Humanitarian Crisis.”

    Repeat after me ‘Donald,’
    ” Donald Trump is a Humanitarian Crisis”
    ” Donald Trump is a Humanitarian Crisis”
    ” Donald Trump is a Humanitarian Crisis”

    Did Anyone see Seth Myers most recent ‘A Closer Look?’ I laughed my socks off. You know, I don’t know how Mike Pence can look so serious when DT starts saying the most utter rubbish about people coming over the border. It’s is pure drivel and not even coherent drivel at that. The man belongs in a nicely padded room.

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    • Repeating after you … Donald Trump is a humanitarian crisis … Donald Trump is a humanitarian crisis … Donald Trump is a megalomaniacal narcissistic treasonous murdering rat scumbag … oops, I got a bit carried away there. No, I didn’t see the Seth Meyers piece, but will go in search of as soon as I finish responding to comments. Thanks! He belongs in a prison cell and an orange jumpsuit, but I’ll settle for a padded room, so long as they take away his bloomin’ tweeting machine!!!


  5. I am so very afraid…that wee bit of a girl might launch that Teddy Bear and wreak all sorts of havoc on the unsuspecting armed men on the other side. Worse yet, a spiked steel slat barrier will not deter a determined Teddy Bear from sliding inbetween, nor will a beautiful concrete wall prevent his being catapulted right over it by a determined terrorist in the guise of a child. After seeing the threats these photos portray, I doubt that I shall ever feel safe again, even this far northeast. Oh, and speaking of terrorists…that last picture really is the poster child for terrorists, a homegrown one! Thank-you!

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    • I do hope I haven’t caused you to have night terrors for the next 12 nights!!! I know how nervous you must be. That last one makes me want to be sick … and he truly has cost me nights of sleep and many a meal. Sigh.


    • No, of course they won’t … but I will keep reminding people. Unfortunately, though, most of my readers really don’t need reminding … it’s those who wouldn’t be caught dead reading my blog that need to see these pics, and as you say, the media won’t … perhaps can’t … give them much coverage. And you are quite right about the white supremacist terrorists in this nation … they are the ones we really need to fear, and no wall will keep them out, for they are already here and always were.

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  6. But … but … but … they’re undoubtedly hiding drugs and contraband in their diapers! And probably have taken lessons in school on how to rape and pillage U.S. citizens.

    Don’t be fooled! We MUST protect ourselves against these dangerous individuals!

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