A Jolly Snowy Monday … Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Good c-c-cold Monday m-m-morning, friends!  Come in … just pile your coats over there … I can’t believe that last Thursday it was 64 degrees, and now it is barely 25 degrees with 8+ inches of snow on the ground!  Needless to say, Filosofa is in hibernation for the time being.  This was the scene from my kitchen window this morning …20190113_103712-1.jpgI … um … well, I didn’t feel much up to baking this morning, so I … um … put out what I could find in the fridge.  Apologies to all …


I always think of wild animals as being afraid of humans … in truth, they should be!  Heck, I’m afraid of most humans!  But take a gander at these lions … they don’t appear to be afraid or in any big hurry as they take their time strolling down the street through Kruger National Park in South Africa …

Online dating … I get email in my spam box multiple times every week wanting me to sign up for one or another of the ‘online dating services’.  Sorry, folks … no interest.  Now, daughter Chris has a friend from college days who met the man of her dreams through an online dating service, they eventually married and now have darling twin girls who are now 12-years-old!  However, there are some pitfalls to online dating, as an Oklahoman woman learned last week!

The unnamed woman had been matched with another Oklahoman, Cannon Harrison, and they were getting to know each other.  Apparently, she felt a need for a bit of bragging, perhaps to highlight her skills, and told him she had just killed a deer … after hunting season had ended, and using spotlighting to confuse the deer, freezing it in its tracks and thus making it an easy target.  Sure to impress Mr. Harrison, right?deer-killer.jpgOnly thing is that Cannon Harrison wears one of these uniforms …game-warden.jpg

She even obliged by sending him a picture and everything!  Smart lady, eh?  Annnnnd … the next morning, the game wardens showed up at her home, ultimately costing her $2,400 in fines.  Sadly, even that cannot bring back the life of a beautiful animal.  Needless to say, that budding romance is no longer.

I may have mentioned before that I have no artistic talent.  None.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  So, I am in awe of those who do, but even with that said, this one knocked me off my feet. Octo-1.jpgMost of us have heard of Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures.  Some are very good, very detailed …

But the octopus in the first picture is Kirigami, a variation of origami that includes cutting of the paper, rather than solely folding the paper as is the case with origami, but typically does not use glue.  Consider this … the octopus is all done from a single sheet of paper!Octo-2.jpgThe artist, Masayo Fukuda, says it took her about two months to complete this project.Masayo-Fukuda.jpgAnd here are a few of her other designs …

What would you do if you were out for a walk one evening, and as you passed by a house you heard a man screaming, “Why don’t you die?” repeatedly, and a small child is screaming?  Yes, you would likely do what most of us would … call the police!

It happened in the west coast city of Perth, in Australia last Wednesday when a man walking past his neighbor’s house heard the above commotion.  He did call the police and they came in a hurry, only to find that the man, who has a serious case of arachnophobia, was trying to kill a spider!

Be careful what you say when the windows are open!

Well, folks, it’s that time again … time to start another week.  I’m going to get busy around this house and try to be active enough to get warm!  Otherwise, I’m just giving up and going back to bed, under the nice warm mound of blankies … close my eyes … zzzzzzzzzzz

Oh!  I almost forgot … I snagged this adorable picture from our local zoo’s Facebook post the other day … it is a 3-day-old penguin … isn’t he just adorable?3-day-old-penguinHave a safe and happy week, dear friends, and please don’t forget to share those lovely smiles you’re wearing … they are beautiful and will warm somebody’s heart on this otherwise-cold day!


51 thoughts on “A Jolly Snowy Monday … Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. LOL at the Lions crossing the road, they are the KIngs! 🙂
    LOVE penguins, that baby is dear!
    I too have absolutely no artistic talent, that is why I write, LOL! My sisters and my Mom can draw and paint, while I can barely do stick figures!
    Impressive artwork that you posted! Thanks for sharing things that made me smile. 🙂

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  2. Dear Jill,

    If the police had come to my door, I would have asked him/ her to please get rid of the spider for me.

    I don’t like the looks of all that snow. I’ve been thinking of heading up north for personal reasons but that photo of snow may delay my plans.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I would be afraid to ask the police to get rid of the spider … knowing some police, I’d be afraid they’d destroy my house trying to shoot the poor wee spider!

      Well, the snow is over for now, and the sun shone today, but I see that we have another winter storm headed our way for the weekend, so if I were you, I think I’d stay where the temperatures are warm and any precipitation will be only rain! But if you do head north, please be careful!


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  3. I am envious of all your snow…. Amused to hear about the man and the spider, mainly because my family’s home city of Perth hardly ever gets a mention in the news and if it does it is never anything of world importance!

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    • If I could, I would send you the snow! But, I think it would melt in-transit. Ha ha … doesn’t it just figure it would make headlines for something like this! Ah well … such is life. Better this than what my own city makes news for … racism, police brutality, senseless killings, homeless being kicked around by the city, and the list goes on.

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    • Now Roger … I know you’re an ol’ curmudgeon and all, but surely the baby penguin at least made one corner of your mouth upturn? I suppose next Monday I shall have to post a bunch of Playboy-style jokes or … no wait … I know … Mad Magazine humour … that’ll make you smile! You’ve had your head buried in the book for too long, methinks, else Brexit is making you surly. Now SMILE! Here, let me show you how … 😁

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      • As S.S Brextantic sales sideways into an iceberg with all the crew and half the passengers trying to make the ship fly over the said ‘berg’ I’m in an official state of Hrrrrummmph!….. Sheila has already rebuked me for excessive use of the word ‘stupid’ regrading a substantial portion of the UK population…
        OK….The little penguin is cute….It’s not their fault.

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          • Indeed Gronda.
            Then what?
            I am reading a book Peloponnesian Wars of 431-404 BC whose complexities amongst the Greek city states’ actions is a good way on getting inside the Brexit mindset.
            There are no simple dividing lines only a tortuously complex set of undecided issues and two main political parties riven by multiple factions.
            Here’s ‘brief’ outline of the state we are currently in written by the brilliant BBC political editor Laura Kunnessberg
            Take care over there, you have your idiots too

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              • It was going to happen Jill.
                PM May faced a toxic combination of Remain. Leave What The Hell. And …We got a better deal worked out…..And the Ulster DUP, but Ulster Politics are very different from the rest of the UK and are a specialist study.

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                  • Here’s the tragic little secret about Brexit Jill, no one, like absolutely no one understand the whole business nor has an idea where we might end up.
                    Did anyone really think that as 40+ year complex relationship could be tied up neatly in a couple of years?….Unhappily, yes a lot did.
                    As have many nations before we have no one to blame but ourselves.


          • History is being made Jill, but unlike fiction or heroic versions of past events, this an’t of the happy-fluffy-bunny sort.
            Blindfolded, with none of the rowers in sync and a few screaming passengers we approach the white-water rapids (“Oh my God someone forgot the lifejackets!..It’s your fault..No it’s yours!”)

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  4. A great post, Jill. I love, love, love the baby penguin. We don’t see them that little as they’re securely tucked between an adult’s legs sitting on adult feet up off the ground. He seems to like the warm hand and looks half asleep. Stay warm. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  5. Benjamin came in this morning saying : “I hope Miss Jill remembered my juicebox and sprinkled donut!” He was excited to see that you have all that snow and also that you can build a Mr. Snowy or one like “The Snowman”. Our little corner of the northeast has not been so blessed, much to Benjamin’s dismay. There has been snow above & below, but as of yet not across us. As I scrolled down and the breakfast choices appeared his face fell from smiles to a bit of a frown…until the juicebox and donut appeared…such joy and a “Thank-you Miss Jill”!! He was quite surprised that lions were on the road and we both enjoyed Masayo’s art, but the thing Benjamin loved most is this wee penguin “So cute”!! Thank-you x 2!! P.S. If you can find a post on this past Saturday’s blog called “Nuggets of Gold” and her post titled “Spreading Smiles”…there is a smile you might recognize!

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    • I am so glad I decided, at the last minute as it were, to add the donut and juice box. I almost didn’t, as I was trying to be humorous with the pickle and bologna, but after I finished the post, I thought he might be truly disappointed, and I couldn’t stand to do that, so I added the juice box and donut … and I’m glad I did! I hoped he would enjoy the baby penguin! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

      I did pop over to Nuggets of Gold and saw that beautiful young man smiling at me! What a treat! Benjamin must be over the moon to have a post written about himself!!!


      • You must re-pop over there to read the comment that Benjamin had me leave today after I read the post to him. However, this is not his first fling with fame or the first book that he “helped” bring to life. The blog “The Creative Life In Between” is written by someone Benjamin named “My Jodi” (a long story, but nonetheless sweet). Jodi is a watercolor artist among her many other talents. Back in 2017, she began painting animals with names and little poetic stories that thrilled Benjamin and I would tell her his thoughts in the comments of each post. Eventually she self published the book, “Klaus the Mouse and Friends”. When Benjamin received his copy it was pure euphoria! On October 10, 2017 on her blog, Jodi posted his photo and wrote about his contribution, as she had in the book too. I don’t know if you could locate the post, but it is still pure euphoria for me! Benjamin, then as well as now, possesses a smile that could melt an iceberg. Thank-you!!

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        • I did re-pop over there and left my own comments for both you and Benjamin! I must thank you for introducing me the blog and its author, for she has stopped by my blog a couple of times today, and I see you explained my scheduling to her, which I greatly appreciate! I found the book Klaus the Mouse and Friends on Amazon, and will see if I can find the post you mentioned a little later this evening. Benjamin is a budding young author already! Too bad he cannot help me with my own maybe-someday-book that is recently started, but I don’t think he would much enjoy it! This is the thing I love about the blogging community … we are always meeting new people … some pass by for a week or two then move on, but others sick around and become cherished friends. You, dear Ellen, are a cherished friend. Thank you!


  6. Stay warm Jill! Glad you don’t have to head out into the white stuff. I’m smiling… And I just can’t get over those lacy looking paper animals. Absolutely amazing. Good distraction from the constant Brexit news mayhem as we approach tomorrow’s vote on the deal. 🙄

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    • Yes, I’m hibernated for the time being, wrapped up in a warm blankie with a purring cat in my lap … who could ask for anything more? I thought the kirigami was truly amazing, but I could never do it … I haven’t the patience, nor the steadiness of hand to do such fine, detailed work. I would wish you good luck on tomorrow’s Brexit vote, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. But, I’ve been wrong before … let’s hope I’m wrong this time.


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