Filosofa’s State of the Union Address

Yesterday, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, sent a letter to Donald Trump strongly urging that he either reschedule the State of the Union Address or deliver it in writing, in the wake of the ongoing government shutdown, which entered its 26th day on Wednesday, and which has affected nearly 800,000 federal workers. Pelosi cited critical government agencies in charge of overseeing the event — namely U.S. Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security — that have been hobbled by the shutdown.

Under the circumstances, it is highly unlikely that Trump will, in fact, deliver a State of the Union address in person on Friday, 29 January.  So, it seemed prudent, just in case I am asked to deliver it in his stead, to go ahead and write my own speech … Text dividersGood evening Ms. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans.

Ms. Pelosi graciously invited me to fill in for Mr. Trump in giving the State of the Union Address tonight, for with the government shutdown in its 39th day, the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security are stretched far too thin to provide adequate security to attend this address to Congress.  It was determined that far fewer people want to bump me off than Mr. Trump, so my safety seems not to be at risk and thus I am here to deliver the speech to Congress and the Nation tonight.  Mr. Trump’s speechwriters worked very hard to provide me with a written speech, however, I seem to have left it back at the hotel, so luckily I have written my own.

This is called the State of the Union address because the purpose is to inform the American people how the country is doing, and where we are going, what we plan to accomplish in the coming year.  Let me start with how we are doing.

America is more divided today than at any time since the end of the Civil War years.  We have problems, folks – serious problems.  As I mentioned today marks the 39th day of the partial government shutdown that is affecting everyone in one way or another.  You, the people of this once-great nation are losing confidence, and understandably so, in your government.  Investors are losing confidence and it is being reflected in the dropping stock market and also in the job market.  Consumer prices are on the rise.  The food you buy to feed your families costs more than it did a month ago and there is a very real danger that meat and produce may be contaminated, since the U.S. Department of Agriculture hasn’t sufficient staff to continue food safety inspections. 

Apart from the government shutdown, we have a plethora of other problems that we seem unable or unwilling to address.  Perhaps the most critical one is that of the environment.  Since the rollback of past environmental regulations that were intended to cut back on carbon emissions, it was reported earlier this week that carbon emissions in the U.S. have increased by 3.4%, not decreased as they needed to.  This is a problem, not only for the United States, but for our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, as well as the rest of the globe. 

The other critical problem facing the nation is that we have lost the trust and respect of our allies, which leaves us in an extremely vulnerable position.  We abandoned our allies when we announced our intent to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, when we exited the Iran nuclear agreement, and more recently when we announced that we would pull all U.S. troops out of Syria, leaving our allies holding the bag.  In addition, our threats to pull out of NATO, our unwarranted criticism of our allies, high import tariffs, and seeming attentiveness toward our adversaries further have our allies wondering whether they could depend on us in case of an emergency.  This is a dangerous situation.

Here at home, we face other problems.

Last year we saw a number of mass shootings in the United States.  113 people were either killed or injured in school shootings alone, and young people are asking us why we don’t do something, why we don’t pass laws to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental problems, of people who are known domestic abusers, why we don’t have stronger gun laws in this country. 

The nation is torn apart by the debate about immigration and a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.  Border states are particularly torn, for such a wall would limit, if not eliminate trade and tourism between our two countries and would almost certainly cause further political and economic unrest. 

Our education system is failing our young people.  They are not receiving the education they need in order to succeed, to become the next generation of leaders, of scientists, of historians or great inventors.  Instead, we are training them only for specific jobs, thereby severely limiting their options.  

We have fallen far behind other Western nations in the development of renewable energy sources, have become far too dependent on fossil fuels which are causing more damage and destruction to the environment every day.

Bigotry in all its forms is at an all time high in our nation today.  Racial tensions are the highest they have been since the 1960s when people died to gain Civil Rights for African-Americans, for all people.  Rights are being taken away from the LGBT community.  Women’s rights are being trampled.  Muslims are discriminated against openly in public.

Our elections are no longer fair, for almost every state has gerrymandered districts, newly imposed voter identification laws that discriminate against the poor and minorities.  Polling places in poor districts are closed, or in some cases the hours dramatically reduced, making it impossible for a working person in one of those neighborhoods to vote.  Foreign entities have interfered in our elections, often skewing results.  Both domestic and foreign lobbyist firms have influenced elections and now have some of the people sitting in this room tonight in their pockets. All of this has led to voter disenfranchisement and apathy.

And healthcare … drug prices are obscenely inflated in the United States, as are insurance costs.  The ACA has been chipped at to the extent that many can no longer afford their health insurance.  People are sick and dying for lack of money. 

I wish I had better news to report, but frankly, ladies and gentlemen, our nation is in a sorry state today.  I cannot speak for Mr. Trump as to any plans for the coming year, but I have given you a rundown, in brief, of the State of the Nation.  And on that note, I thank you for your time this evening.

38 thoughts on “Filosofa’s State of the Union Address

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  2. Dear Jill,

    As you very smartly point out, Speaker Pelosi was trying to protect the life of President Trump. He hasn’t a clue as to how angry folks are over this shutdown and how he would be making himself a very tempting target. Maybe she shouldn’t have said a word.

    You were very accurate and comprehensive in reviewing the state of our country but you neglected the his one accomplishment, that of President Trump having pushed through a 2017 GOP tax cuts bill which benefits himself, a lot of the wealthy members of our society and the corporate giants, by making them so much richer. Of course the rest of us will end up paying for this tax cut because the lawmakers paid for it wit a minimum of 2 trillion dollars being added to the US deficit. over a 10 year period.

    Everything that the president has done, has been to benefit folks like himself at an increased cost to the rest of us.
    He is managing to still keep his base in line, the corporate greedy folks, the White Evangelicals and the anti-immigration hardliners/ racists.

    I’m suspicious that the GOP leaders may have some results from recent studies they commissioned, indicating that an increasing number of Americans are equating the Republican Party with the party of racists.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • It appears that he actually believes it when he says that “everybody” loves him and thinks he’s doing a “great” job! You’re right, perhaps she should just let him take his chances … frankly, I’m surprised there haven’t been a multitude of attempts on his life already!

      Yes, I realized I forgot to mention the donor tax cuts after I had already posted this, and if they do invite me to give the speech, I will revise it to cover that, too. I’ll see if I can get you a front-row seat!

      I don’t see how the GOP can fail to be equated with racism, given the horrendous rolling back of civil rights in all areas they have supported. I think you’re right, and that is why they finally decided to bring Steve King down a few pegs … it wasn’t because it was the right thing to do so much as it was about the party’s image. It’s all about “the party” these days, y’know.


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  3. Great State of the Union Address. Perhaps you can write for Trump, he doesn’t seem to comprehend what he reads anyway, so you could sneak in some really snarky bits too. Although, I would say to keep the words simple, because Trump seems to lose his teeth with anything more than three syllables. We don’t want him to sound drunk, reading your great words, now do we. 😉🤣


  4. Were you to deliver Filosofa’s State of the Union Address in place of he who shall not be named, I would be in the front row applauding not only your words, but also your integrity (that which he who shall not be named lacks). This is so beautifully written and so deeply heartfelt that it brings tears to my eyes and sorrow to my heart for the truths that it contains. Thank-you!

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    • Thank you, dear Ellen! Perhaps I will send this as a ‘letter to the editor’ to my local paper, though they haven’t published the last 3 or 4 I’ve sent! This is twice today I’ve brought you to tears … I am going to have to send you a truckload of tissues! Thanks again for your vote of confidence … 🤗


  5. This should be broadcast Jill.
    From my dug-out in the Dis-United Kingdom I will send you this crumb of comfort.
    Whereas we are taking a collective hysterical jump into the dark and still squabbling as to whether we jumped, stepped or stumbled; in the USA you can have the adulterous, bigoted, swindling draft-dodger until 2024, tops; then the USA can rebuild again from her nightmare, because you are a large inventive nation. The one thing you should bear in mind The Divisions in the UK could happen to you to, so ignore work together people other you’ll end up like a like collection of tiny nations.


    • Well, dear Roger, that crumb of hope was well-meant, but it was pulverized before I even had a chance to nourish it. First, because I hate what is happening on your side of the pond as much as I hate what is happening here. Granted, it may not affect me, personally, but it does in the sense that some of my best friends, yourself included, are directly affected by the madness that Brexit has become. And second because, unlike you, I am not optimistic that the U.S. will recover and rebuild from the nightmare that is named Donald Trump. I see the great divide, as I refer to it, growing wider and wider with each passing day. Rather than any coherent thought, any logical plan, our government is now naught but a series of actions and reactions, hateful rhetoric, and vengeful processes. The ‘man’ at the helm is truly a madman, and his base have lost their bloomin’ minds. And the other side, the ones we count on to “fix the problems”, rather than reacting with thoughtful discourse, posing sensible solutions, are responding in kind, inviting … almost seeking … violent response. At some point, I fully expect that the U.S. will become multiple nations … perhaps only two, perhaps more. In the interim, however, we will destroy, and I am fairly certain that even once Trump is gone, the divisions will continue to widen. So no, neither of us can offer a crumb of hope to the other, but still … I DO hope … foolishly, perhaps, but … so be it. Hugs Roger. 🤗

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      • As I said Jill, The USA will have an example of the UK of what can go wrong if folk don’t stop talking and thinking with the wrong end of their body.
        Of course in the fullness of history it is very likely the USA will divide as have other regions, but hopefully in a civilised manner and not one which the criminals of the alt-right and their stooge in the Whitehouse are trying to force through.

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        • Agreed. The divisiveness caused by Brexit frightens me, for it is as bad as our own chasm over Trump (although you guys are more civil about it). I suppose it was inevitable that the U.S. couldn’t stand as it is forever. I don’t look for it to change in my lifetime, but eventually I think it will, for there are too many conflicting sets of values here these days. Conversely, the one thing I think might stop such a division would be war with _____________ fill in the blank. DPRK? Iran? That would likely bring domestic cohesion, at least for a time. The current bunch of clowns in the White House will be gone soon enough, but I don’t think they will necessarily be replaced with saner, cooler heads. Sigh.

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          • Sad to report Jill, there are folk as every bit as rabid over here as anything your alt right could hope for…luckily we have strong gun laws…A 10 minutes listen to some of them could destroy your faith in ‘Freedom of Speech’
            Maybe, maybe this is the time for the USA to change to the FSA (federated) and turn into a looser association of ‘nations’ with the president as a kind of nominal head and the senate as the place where the representatives all get together to discuss matters of mutual defence, inter-state projects etc. It’s one solution, fraught with problems as all solutions are.

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  6. None of it makes any sense. He’s not going to do what is best for the country. He’s going to do what HE wants and he doesn’t care about anyone, but HIMSELF!!!! I don’t understand why he is still in office!!!! Everything is Upside Down! He is DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

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    • Yes, my friend, it is a topsy turvy, upside down world in which we find ourselves, with no real end in sight. The walls are closing in on Trump, and many see that as a sign that he will soon be gone, that perhaps he will step down to avoid the embarrassment. I doubt it, for his ego is HUGE and my fear is that his insanity will escalate, that he will become even more destructive. Fingers crossed that somewhere along the line, somebody with the power to stop him finds a way to do so. Hugs, my friend. ❤

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      • I do agree with you. I don’t think he will quit…no matter what happens! He is delusional! I don’t think he believes that there is any chance, that they will impeach him or that he may be going to prison.
        My fingers are also crossed! Hope you’re having a good day! 💙

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        • He truly believes he is invincible, and thus far he has been proven nearly right in that. But his day will come, for the world cannot simply keep allowing this madman to defy not only the laws of the U.S., but the rules that govern life on earth! The day was actually pretty good, thanks! Daughter Chris is in Kansas City for 4 days, so Miss Goose and I are having some quality time, reading books, playing games, and eating junk food!!! 😉


  7. You hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately, your speech covers everything that is happening to our suffering citizens. I worry that in the remaining two years of his term, what else can he do, following Putin’s direction, to further weaken us, before the next election?

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is right on target … the REAL state of the Union!! … ‘I wish I had better news to report, but frankly, ladies and gentlemen, our nation is in a sorry state today. I cannot speak for Mr. Trump as to any plans for the coming year, but I have given you a rundown, in brief, of the State of the Nation. And on that note, I thank you for your time this evening.’

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  9. Jill, what.a refreshing assessment rather than the BS we would have received if the untruthful President spoke. We would have heard of the crisis at the border (not really), we would have heard how ISIS is defeated (not really), we would have heard how great the economy is going (true, but the future looks cloudy given his actions and a long-in-tooth growth period and the sugar rush from the tax cut), we would have heard about how great a job he is doing in spite of everyone being against him….


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    • Thanks Keith! Would that they would actually invite me to give that speech!!!! 😀 I sincerely hope that Trump is not invited to give the Address, but … this is going to bring about an internal war. It’s already started, as I just got ‘breaking news’ on my phone with the headline that Trump has canceled Pelosi’s travel! Sigh. I want to throttle those people who voted for Trump and brought us to this point!

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    • Thanks! It wasn’t a put down of people with mental problems, but simply a statement that anyone who is deemed mentally unstable does not need to own a gun. Granted there are others who don’t need to own one either, which is basically the entire population of the U.S., in my book! The NRA makes their boast of “a good person with a gun”, but the thing is, most of us are good people, but we don’t know how we might react under certain circumstances. Most gun owners are ‘good people’, but are not highly trained in handling firearms and are also subject to human emotions, making them a lousy candidate for gun ownership. In my opinion, guns belong in the hands of highly-trained military and law-enforcement officers, not civilians.


  10. A good synopsis. I would like to have seen some programs offered that might correct some of the situations so clearly outlined. I was told many years ago by one of my employers, if you are going to point out problems, be sure to offer solutions. That is how we will succeed as an organization. Otherwise you are just helping to destroy morale, which helps no one. It was good advice then, I thought, and even better advice now.

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    • You make a valid point. I didn’t suggest solutions, because I was pretending to ‘fill in’ for Trump, and because it would have made the post too long for my taste, but stay tuned … there’s more to come!


          • And that part was me speaking, and I could not hide it. But really, it wasn’t directed at you as it was right to Trump, who does not care about the divisions he is creating, or the country he is creating them in. I think he actually enjoys what he does, and is addicted to the rush of a crowd screaming their heads off, “Lock her up!”
            Speaking of alternate universes, I hope somewhere there is a universe where Hillary won, and trumpo ended up in jail for tax fraud or something. That world may not be much better than this one, but at least it won’t have a grand-standing orange clown playing pied piper to his conservative base.


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