Snarky Snippets … Again …

A couple of things in the news yesterday bothered me … really bothered me.  And you guys know what happens when things bother me, right?  I erupt into Snarky Snippets!  Grab your coffee, or better yet, your glass of wine, for I am full-on snark today.

A smooth shave turns bumpy …

First off, let’s talk razors, shall we?  I kept seeing remarks, mostly negative, about razors.  Meme’s, comments on Facebook, bad jokes … and I thought, “what the heck is up with razors?”.  But I didn’t think much beyond that until I saw this …gun-toting-dadHOLY SHIT!!!  I don’t know about Gillette, but it offends the heck out of me and makes me want to call Social Services on this guy!  And then I knew I must find out what all the hullabaloo is about.

Turns out, it is all over an advertisement that razor-maker Gillette recently placed, softening the male image from their usual “tough man” image, and appealing to men’s gentler sides.  It appears to be Gillette’s response to the #MeToo movement, and a response that I personally applaud.  So, what is the problem here?  Take a quick look at the ad and see what you think …

People are throwing away their razors and threatening a boycott of Gillette products.  WTF???  Do people really have nothing better to think about or to do with their time?  And are people so enamoured of the “he-man” image that they would rather see men portrayed as macho men than as kind, respectful men?

One such fool wrote on Twitter …

“I’m researching every product made by Proctor & Gamble, throwing any I have in the trash, and never buying any of them again until everyone involved in this ad from the top to bottom is fired and the company issues a public apology.”

Hold your breath, bucko!  Okay, so those gun-toting, tattooed, swaggering macho men feel threatened by a suggestion that they tone it down, treat women with a bit of respect.  I get that … well, no, really I don’t, but having known a few such men in my lifetime, I’m not surprised by it.  But what does surprise me is the response of some women!johnstoneSeriously, Kathleen???  You like to be shoved around a bit, maybe even slapped once in a while?

Although there were favourable responses to the ad, the response was overwhelmingly, 2-to-1, negative.  Folks … I think this says an awful lot about our society today, don’t you?

Clipping Pelosi’s wings …

In a rare event of petty revenge, Donald Trump told Nancy Pelosi that since she wouldn’t invite him to give the State of the Union Address before Congress on 29 January, then he wouldn’t allow her to fly via military transport for a previously undisclosed visit to U.S. troops in Afghanistan.  Shocked, aren’t you?  I’m surprised he didn’t burn her house down.  A few things here … the trip was not made public out of concern for the Congresswoman’s safety … HELLO DONNIE???  And now the whole world is aware, so Nancy, who Trump told could fly commercial airlines if she still wished to go, is forced to either stay at home, else fly through the air with a big red bullseye painted on her back, thanks to the loose lips of the fool on the hill.  Watch what Stephen Colbert has to say about it (if you have time, watch the whole 8 minutes … I promise you will laugh …)

Nancy can’t go, but Lindsey can?

And yet, though Trump claims the Trump-shutdown is the reason to disallow Ms. Pelosi’s travel, look who turned up in Turkey yesterday …lindsey-graham-erdoganYep. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi cannot go visit our troops in Afghanistan, but Senator Lindsey boot-licking Graham can go visit the Dictator of Turkey, one of the few men who Trump admires, or more likely envies.  You will remember that it was a telephone conversation with President Erdoğan that convinced Trump to announce that he would pull all U.S. forces out of Syria, presumably in order to give Erdoğan a chance to fulfill his mission of destroying our allies in Syria, the Kurds.

Given that John Bolton and literally all of Trump’s foreign policy advisors cautioned against a rapid pull-out and that removing U.S. troops from Syria is at a standstill, largely as a result of Erdoğan’s threats against the Kurds, Erdoğan is upset that his buddy, Trump, did not follow through on their conversation of December 19th.  And so, wanting to stay on the good side of his buddy Erdoğan, Trump sent Lindsey Graham to smooth the ruffled feathers of the Turkish dictator.  From the look on Erdoğan’s face, it wasn’t working.

Erdoğan welcomed Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria; however, the Turkish president condemned what he said were attempts by senior U.S. officials to delay the withdrawal and link it to conditions including guaranteeing security for our Kurdish allies.

The timing is interesting, too, for it was just on Wednesday that the Turkish Parliament voted to grant emergency powers that give Erdoğan broad authority to act when Turkey’s financial stability is deemed to be under threat.  Deemed by whom?  Why, Erdoğan, of course! This, folks, is the power Trump is so envious of.

Oh, and speaking of travel during the shutdown …

Trump has announced that he will meet with Kim Jong-un again before the end of February.  Presumably, since he has threatened to allow the shutdown to last for years, and since he shows no signs of being willing to make reasonable compromises, he will likely be traveling during said shutdown.  Perhaps …trump-travel-shutdown

A friend posted this ‘toon on Facebook yesterday evening and I just couldn’t resist …toon

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

43 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets … Again …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Speaker Pelosi has her hands full with trying to work with President Trump but she has the right attitude, by treating him like a toddler. For me, it would be tough to put aside my antipathy for this man to remember my primary duty is to look out for all of us.

    We all know that President Trump would love to take her down a peg, but he’s having a hard time figuring how to do this without having it blowing back up on his face. He reminds me of ‘Wile E Coyote’ where he keeps stepping into his own messes.

    I highly approve of the Gillette commercials. Young men being raised properly will avoid a lot of pain in the future.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I greatly admire Pelosi and think that if anybody can effectively legislate in this era of Trump, she is the one to do it. That said, I don’t see any reasonable compromise coming from Trump, and I only wonder where this shutdown will end. I’m glad Pelosi didn’t give in to his demands, for we all know that he would not have upheld his end of the bargain, and $5.7 billion is an unconscionable amount for his ego-toy, the wall.

      I agree on Gillette … is is great to see a big company with a conscience, and they are definitely doing the right thing, no matter what the knuckle-draggers think.


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  2. Jill, you simply MUST stop posting this stuff! It’s making my blood pressure go off the charts!!

    Seriously, the world today is so disturbing I hate to think what it’s going to be like in just another few years.

    I was actually emotionally moved by the Gillette commercial. But then, I’m not a bigot or a racist — and obviously, I support women!

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    • I understand, for writing it sends my own blood pressure off the charts! But, it keeps our minds sharp, keeps us interested in life, gives us a cause to fight for, yes?

      I’ve asked the same. We can turn it around, but it takes more than just us … it takes everyone to keep writing and calling their members of Congress, writing letters to the media, and most of all, using their vote to elect politicians that take their duty to the nation, to us, seriously. I fear that between voter restrictions, gerrymandering and voter apathy, it is going to be a problem getting the voters to the polls next year.

      I agree … my hat is off to Gillette for having a social conscience and using it. To the knuckle-draggers who feel threatened by it … perhaps it is time somebody educated them.

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  3. Truly amazing at how easily threatened some people are by ads like the Gillette one you mention here. Is their sense of “manhood” SO weak that even the suggestion of toning it down literally destroys their own self image to such a degree they feel compelled to boycott Gillette razors and products? I guess so. Very sad. And that father with his kids and the guns needs to have those children removed by social services before they get hurt or worse. Imagine if this guy has a son who turns out to be gay? OMG! What psychological torment will he put that boy through because he’s not “manly” enough for him? Sad. It really is, and it makes me angry because, as a species, we can be SO much better than this; yet so many deliberately choose not to be.

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    • I think they were raised on the image of John Wayne … big tough guy with a swagger and a gun. One might think they ought to have looked around and realized that isn’t the winning image these days, especially in light of the #MeToo movement, but … they aren’t willing to let go yet. As for the women who prefer the he-man, macho image, I suspect they have been made to believe that they deserve no better than we get. But I’m with you … imagine if one of their children comes to him one day and says, “Hey dad, I’m gay, by the way”. Dad will be following Mike Pence’s example and trying to get his son conversion therapy! I am very lucky, else I choose my friends carefully, that I have known very few men like this, but I do know they’re out there, have seen them, have friends who are married to them. I thought we had moved past that, at least to a point, but the current ‘man’ in the White House has brought it back into vogue, apparently. Meanwhile, my hat is off to Gillette for having a social conscience. I may just have to buy a new razor!


  4. Ah, yes. Probably another Trump voter shooting off his mouth. If his sweet little daughter ever decides to marry a gentle man who doesn’t own a gun, she better not bring him home to meet caveman daddy. I bet that guy is about two-thirds mouth and not even that if another guy who threatens him is big and tough. I’ve sadly read about women who accept being beat on and it’s probably because someone beat them up when they were younger. I bet all the Trump voters ran to get their iPhones and tweet in. The men who agreed with the ad were probably too busy providing for their families to bother. Are the men who are throwing away their Gillette products the same ones who burned their socks when they were against the black players kneeling. I’m surprised Trump and Pence didn’t have something to say about it. Pence would probably agree with the ad but not say so. The idiots are always the loudest it seems. They don’t have the brains to keep their big mouths shut. ☹ — Suzanne

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    • You hit that nail on the head all the way ’round. There is a stereotype of the big, tough, gun-totin’ macho man and unfortunately, too many men, primarily those without an over abundance of education, aspire to that. And the women who think that’s okay, as you say, were likely abused as children and grew up believing that it is what they deserve. This is the cycle that sociologists have been seeking to break for decades, and apparently they haven’t found the key yet. The man in that picture disgusts and sickens me.


  5. The response to that Gillette advert is so terrible. It sends such a good message, but the protest against sends a sinister one. I am saddened that the world is becoming so divisive.
    And just more than a little worried!

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  6. Graham Allen was an unknown to me until about three days ago, when I saw this photo of him and his venomous words. To be honest, the photo makes me physically ill! It is permissible to allow young children to be photographed holding a gun, whether it is loaded or not? Where is DCYF? Apparently, this fine example of toxic masculinity is a Trump supporter, that just makes him all the more offensive! It did not go beyond my notice that Kathleen Johnstone shares Allen’s views too. An angelsvoice…not bloody likely! It says much about our society when Gillette is condemned for this ad and the detractors are applauded! There is an old saying about “look before you leap” and Trump did some seriously bad leaping before looking! He is now trying to maneuver himself out of the mess that he has gotten himself and the country into…and failing miserably. Trump will not allow himself to be humiliated, much less scorned for a failure to secure funding for his WALL! Stephen Bannon, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh (his senior advisors) are goading him to continue with this charade, even if it goes to declaring a National Emergency. It really is too bad that Trump didn’t accidentally cancel Lindsey Graham’s return flight from Turkey, maybe there would be one less swamp creature. Love the cartoons. Thank-you! P.S. Being that you are already totally snarked, I won’t mention that you overlooked National Popcorn Day. Although, it’s never too late to pop a bag into the microwave…POP, get it!!

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    • I agree with you 100% … the photo made me sick, made me want to call Children’s Protective Services. His wife must be of the same caliber, else she would never permit her children to even touch a gun, let alone have their picture taken holding guns. I didn’t realize that this ‘man’ has a video blog of daily rants. Sigh. They let any ol’ fool go public these days. It seems that Trump has brought all the swamp critters out from under their rocks. Sigh.

      Well, I may have missed National Popcorn Day, but I didn’t miss National Cheese Lover’s Day!


  7. Jill, Gillette should not be condemned for the ad. A false machismo or bravado does not make a man. Someone who demeans or ridicules others is not in keeping with WWJD. A man is accountable and responsible. Those who feel a certain President is tough, I would argue he does not pass any of the above tests. Keith

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    • I agree … Gillette should be commended for their social conscience. What kind of world has this become when a man can post a picture of himself with his small children holding guns, and be applauded for it, while at the same time a company trying to do the right thing is denigrated?


  8. I think that’s a well done ad and if men ( or women) find it offensive or whatever, it is because of one thing I believe. Some men ( the excessively high testosterone ones, the good old bubba boys, the bullies and the closet bullies, tough guy types etc.) really do not like women except for sex. They don’t respect them nor feel they have a thing in common with them. And they feel threatened by a woman being successful in business and achieving more than they have. They feel their masculinity is threatened.
    A man who is intelligent, educated, thoughtful and most important, perhaps, has a good role model in their father would not feel this way about the ad. I would venture the men here on these various blogs, don’t feel this way and I know the women don’t.
    The women that do are, in my opinion, mostly redneck women. You know the type..tough, in your face, often loud and abrasive. They could not relate to the men in Gillette’s ad, which is their loss.
    I know I’m stero typing a bit, but you get the picture.

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    • Also…that is why most of these men,who object to this ad, are probably trump supporters. He is a bully in the extreme and they admire that. They can often live vicariously through him. It’s a sad state for these men, for they are trapped in a image that’s got them by the balls.

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    • We don’t need our fathers to have been a good role model, my father would have failed completely. Yet it was his bullying, he-man, keep women in their place by whatever means necessary who taught to to be what I am. He showed me everything I would not ever want to be.

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    • Yes, I think we’ve all run into some of those men who, as you say, really don’t like women except as being useful for sex, for keeping their house, raising their kids and cooking their meals. Those types were fading in our society until … along came Trump who brags about abusing women, and then suddenly the knuckle-draggers thought it must be okay again. I give a thumbs up to Gillette and am appalled by the fact that about 2/3 of the country are finding their ad offensive. Sigh. What have we become?

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  9. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Jill you have surpassed yourself with another grand post. You make some great points. Do you think Nancy Pelosi will tighten the monies the white house gets after this? Or make it harder for tRump’s policies to get approved? I know I would. Hugs

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    • A million thanks, dear friend, for both the re-blog and the kind words! I think, unfortunately, I think there will be a constant, ongoing battle between Trump and Pelosi for the next two years if he stays in office that long, and that nothing of any relevance will get done during that time. What I find frightening is Trump’s potential reaction to not getting his way, for he has thus far been spoiled and rarely told “no”. We are in for a traumatic two years, perhaps even more so than the last two. Sigh.


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      • I agree Jill. He has no impulse control. He has anger issues and can not control his temper. He lashes out. It is known he goes off viciously on his staff as they can not talk back to him. He is both a bully and a coward. I wonder why these people don’t quit. I would if treated that way. Hugs

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        • I’m with you … I could not last one hour working for him! But can you imagine what it must be like to be married to him? Not that I have much empathy for Melania, for she is a cold, uncaring b–ch herself. Perhaps they deserve each other. I suspect that the people who haven’t abandoned ship yet either a) have no conscience themselves, like Kellyanne and Sarah, or b) expect personal gain in one form or fashion. Hugs!

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