And now, a word from George Will

Our friend Keith has once again written a post that is thoughtful and makes some very valid points, with a little help from George Will. Thank you, Keith, for sharing these seeds of wisdom!


I have noted before the significant number of respected conservative pundits and editorialists who have shared concerns over the President. George Will, a long time conservative, is among those who see the damage being done by the man in the White House. Like other conservative critics, his voice should be one that is heeded by those conservatives who are not totally in lock-step with the President.

In his most recent column called “Trump’s misery is also country’s,” Will is hypercritical of both the policies and behavior of the current President. He is also not too keen on the current Senate leadership for not doing their job to govern, being too interested in acquiescing to the President’s commands.

As for policy, he cited several examples, but two jump out. He is critical of the Trump and the GOP leadership as he notes, “Except that after two years of unified government under…

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8 thoughts on “And now, a word from George Will

    • As I’ve often said, sometimes you guys across the pond see our situation more clearly than we do … perhaps we are just too enmeshed in the day-to-day detritus. I think that some of the republicans who are still very pro-Trump are expecting him to fulfill their wish list for such things as de-regulation of their industries (think fossil fuels), nominating Justices who will overturn women’s rights and other civil rights, lowering their taxes by taking benefits away from the underprivileged, etc. Greed and arrogance rule for those people.

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  1. Thanks Keith and Jill. It’s good to note there are Republicans who do not follow and do not accept the current policies of it’s own leadership .It’s time for others to come forward and say the same. Enough is enough. Time the GOP started to take care of business and put America on a sound footing with the rest of the world and it’s allies.

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    • It may be that there is a silver lining to this ‘government shutdown’ cloud, for I was reading this evening that in my own state, largely a steel and auto industry state, many are fairly fed up and even republicans are blaming Trump for the shutdown and changing their views on his presidency. Let us hope that they don’t forget this before 2020. People tend to have short memories.

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        • It will be a long, long time before most of us forget his lies, and even then, I feel confident that history will keep a record for future generations to keep from making the mistake we made. Now, I might have to disagree with your comment about prevarications being a good thing in the hands of certain people … 😉

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