PLEASE — More Respect, Less Hate

No matter which side of the partisan divide you are on, which side of the Trump coin you prefer, I think the one thing we can all agree on is that the two years of the Trump presidency has been the most divisive of any in the history of this nation, perhaps with the exception of the Civil War era, but I’m not even certain of that.  It has absolutely been the most divisive in my lifetime and that of anyone reading this post.

This post is not about Donald Trump … I have made my feelings about him clear in enough other posts … but rather it is about the hatred and divisiveness that people on both sides of the equation are engaging in and that is leading us down a path of destruction.  What brought this about and why now, considering that I have written no less than six past posts with the word “Respect” in the title?  A number of things, but it began with this headline …

High school basketball team pulls out of game after controversy over fans with Trump sign

It happened last week in Minnesota, where the Roosevelt High School basketball team visited Jordan High School for a game.  Roosevelt players are predominantly black, while Jordan players are predominantly white, and Jordan fans decided to fly this flag …trump flagIt’s high school, folks!  High school sports, for Pete’s sake!  Granted, some of these young people will be able to vote in the next election, and it’s a good thing for them to study civics, to learn about our government and the people in it, but it is not a good thing for them to bring political icons into high school sporting events.  The upshot is that now, Jordan High School has canceled yesterday’s scheduled game against Patrick Henry High School for one of two stated reasons: a) they feared something might happen to their players in retaliation for the flag incident, or b) the team did not want its presence at the event “to detract from the athletes”.  Whichever reason, it does not matter … what matters is that sports is supposed to teach young people sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation … it is supposed to bring positive things into kids’ lives, not hate, not racism and bigotry.

What’s next … kindergarten kids wearing those red hats and beating up other kids because they look different?

Here are two examples I found on Education Week’s website:

  • Three swastikas were scrawled on the note found in the girls’ restroom, along with a homophobic comment and a declaration: “I Love Trump.”
  • Found inside the backpack of a Latina student, a note that said: Go back to Mexico.

These incidents took place at Council Rock High School in a predominately white suburb of Philadelphia.

Education Week and others have partnered with non-profit news organization ProPublica in a project called Documenting Hate, in an attempt to understand how hate, intolerance, and bias are affecting school climate and impacting students and their educators.  Take a look at some of the incidents they have reported on … I think you will be appalled.

No matter whether you love him or hate him, nobody can deny that Trump’s rhetoric and policies have been laden with bigotry … xenophobic, racist, homophobic and misogynist.  BUT … that does not give any of us the right to act upon his rhetoric.  Freedom of Speech is one of the core principles guiding our society, our lives, but as with any and every right, it comes with responsibility.  When we ignore the responsibility, then we risk losing the right … it’s that simple.

So, you have the right to march in peaceful protest, but you do not have the right to call the police on somebody swimming in the pool at your apartment complex just because their skin is darker than yours.  You do not have the right to yell racial slurs at people in public. That is bigotry.  You have the right to attend a Trump rally … or a Clinton rally … and wear whichever hat or shirt you deem appropriate, but if you wear that hat to a bar, a sporting event or the grocery store, you are doing it only to annoy those who don’t agree with you, and you do not have that right.

beliefsYou have the right to raise your children in whatever faith you choose, but you do not have the right to teach them to hate those who don’t believe as you do.  You have a right to support Donald Trump, but you do not have the right to make obscene gestures and utter hate speech in front of national television cameras.  It all boils down to one simple word that apparently too many people in this nation have forgotten: R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Write me off as a friend if you wish, but do not threaten my life.

flesh-crayonsAnd most of all, folks of both parties, please do not teach your children to hate.  Teach them to accept and tolerate everyone, regardless of skin colour, race, religion, gender, gender identification, ethnicity or party affiliation.  If you cannot tolerate someone, then stay away, leave them alone … you do not have the right to hate and hurt others and you do not have the right to turn your children into hate-mongering little people.

33 thoughts on “PLEASE — More Respect, Less Hate

  1. I really don’t know what else I can add to this very good post. We have to realize that we as people do NOT have to give in to Trump’s rhetoric! I know there are SO MANY that disagree with him, so we need to just keep spreading the LOVE as much as we can, for light can overcome the darkness!!

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    • Thank you, my friend. One of the things of the past two years that distresses me most is that we have turned on one another, have no tolerance for each other, and have widened the great divide. I have lost friends, and have family members who no longer speak to me, simply because I am not a Trump-lover. It is sad, it is frustrating, and what’s worse is that I see no end in sight.


      • Oh Jill I am so sorry about your loss of friends and the family members that have turned on you! That is just AWFUL!! I have friends that disagree with me BUT we would never let it interfere with our friendship. That is so sad , sending giant hugs to you my friend! ❤

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        • Thank you … it’s amazing that you can know a person for years, even decades, and yet never really know them. My neighbors are Syrian refugees, and are the most wonderful people you’d ever want to know. We share holidays, both ours and theirs, celebrate birthdays together. We have blended cultures and each learned to like many of the foods of the other’s country. They are good friends. One of my former friends, a former co-worker, had the gall to tell me that I better watch out, for my Syrian neighbors would likely slit my throat some night! I have never been so furious at a friend before or since. I never knew she was such a cruel bigot. Hugs to you, my new friend! ❤


  2. Hate is a word that was not countenanced in my home or my Gram’s; not about anything, much less anyone. I can remember well, when only the age of 6 at the end of first grade, I had the temerity (probably feeling emboldened by the weight of education) to say at my Gram’s dinner table that I would not eat something she had prepared because “I hate onions!” Gram did not yell as that was not her nature, instead she looked at me sadly and told me something that has stayed with me my entire life…and I have passed it on to my children and Benjamin. Gram said that she was sorry that I felt that way, but she preferred that I say that I do not like or that even the word detest was more acceptable. She said that the word hate is a waste of four letters, that to hate demeans the hater far more than the hated. And yes, I knew the meaning of demeans and her words made me understand, even at that young age, how powerful one spoken word can be. To this day, I detest onions but never use the other detestable word. The often quoted words of Maya Angelou ring forever true : “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” Thank-you!

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    • Your Gram was like my own … there were two words that would get your mouth washed out with soap in a heartbeat: “hate” and “stupid”. You would never be able to tolerate my cooking, for everything I cook starts out with two ingredients: peppers and onions! The girls have finally convinced me to leave the onions out of oatmeal, though. 😉

      Maya Angelou, like Dr. Martin Luther King, has given the world so many wonderful quotes … I love this one!


  3. Before you go on to denigrate,hate. despise, bully or whatever else people choose to do, just imagine how you’d feel in that place.No Like It, No Do It. Apart from a few psychopaths it’s quite possible for the world to live together. In the minds of some evangelists that may need a moment of adjustment,you are not less than anyone else, you just sound it.Step up to the plate and hold out the hand of friendship to a Democrat.Renounce your love affair with the sTRUMPet and join the real world with real people as friends.

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    • Such a simple, yet spot-on concept: No like it, no do it. So simple, and yet so many seem to find it impossible. There is, I have concluded, a flaw in the human character, a flaw that makes people want to hurt one another. I have seen it even in very young children, the desire to mock, to hurt. Why? Are people like you, me, and most of my readers the anomaly, or are the haters? I no longer know … I guess I never did, but I once thought I knew. I once thought that people were basically good, and the haters, the ones who harmed others were the deviation. But now, I’m no longer at all sure, for it seems that most anybody is capable of hating, of causing harm, perhaps even of killing. It’s rather a rude awakening to realize that you didn’t know your fellow humans at all. I love your optimism, love the message you put forth on the Buthidars, and despite everything, I like to believe that you are right, that it IS possible for the world to live in harmony. I just don’t see it happening … not anywhere in the world today.
      Cwtch Mawr

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      • I still think the World can live in harmony.It’s whether people choose to or not. We have to convince them that our way is best.Since most of the population in every Country chooses to live that way already we can say we already have the majority. So, it’s just a minority that we need to bring over, to convince them that hugs are better than weapons to win a war and that you don’t need to look over your shoulder all the time when you renounce violence.
        If we’re going to save the world from global heating we need people to save it for so we need to stop killing them off.We can already blast the planet to smithereens with all the atomic weapons or wipe out millions with biological weapons. We don’t need more. We need healing Hugs.


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  5. It is becoming more frightening every day. But I say again…art imitates life. A good look at Stephen King’s book The Mist is a scary look at mob mentality, judgment, racism and hatred for its own sake. The people doing all the cheering and jeering don’t even truly know what it is they are hating. They just have some deep seated need to be angry. And that is the scariest part of all. Feeding the anger beast. 😞

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    • I thought I had read everything Stephen King had ever written (except the Dark Tower series, which I never could get into), but somehow I missed The Mist! I am in the process of rectifying that, as I have ordered it for my Kindle and will start on it once I go to bed, if my eyes will stay open! Yes, I think “anger beast” describes today very well, and we have somebody making sure to keep stoking those flames of anger, never letting them die down. Sigh.

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        • Yes, and now Trump has invited them to the White House! Go figure, for I imagine that they remind him of himself when he was their age. As a teen, he tried to push a fellow-student at boarding school out of a 2nd-story window over some disagreement. And when I look at that smirk on the boy, I can see the same smirk on Trump sometimes. Is THIS what they are teaching at that religious school? Sigh. Really? I never could get interested in the Dark Tower. The Stand is my favourite for being thought-provoking, and I can’t begin to decide my favourite for pure entertainment value. Do you also like Dean Koontz?

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          • My husband love Koontz for awhile but after a bit the books seemed like the same stories recycled, so he lost interest. I love the idea of a Holigraphic Universe and Time Wrinkles, so The Dark Tower was very intriguing for me in that vein. Basically there are a handful of King’s books I don’t like. A few just too violent and depressing for me. I always understand his thought processes but some subjects are just too painful for me. I threw Pet Semetery away after I read it. I had two young sons at that time.

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            • I agree that Pet Semetery wasn’t my favourite, nor was Cujo, for I get much more involved if animals are hurt than people. Wonder why??? But I think the thing I like about most of King’s books is the opposite of your reason for liking the Dark Tower series … they inject enough from the real world to make them perfectly plausible, believable. Different perspectives … it’s what makes it all so interesting!

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    • How can we break the vicious circle if people keep teaching the next generation to carry forward their own prejudices? David once posited in a conversation that children should be removed from their parents shortly after birth and educated by loving, caring individuals. I scoffed at the time, said it was cruel to both parent and child, but nowadays I wonder … Thanks for the re-blog!

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    • I know . Every time I think we can’t sink any lower … we do. It is disheartening, but … we must keep on fighting, yes?

      How have you been? I haven’t dropped by for so long … life keeps me too busy to visit the blogs I would like to, or even to sleep as much as I might like! I must stop by and check for the next party, though, for I always loved your parties!!! Hugs!

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  6. The world has been tipped by a few extremist in our countries. Respect has been replaced with playing on people’s fears. I recently posted a photo from a few years ago showing our then 3 political leaders sharing a joke. They had different views, but they respected each other. That’s gone now and the world is poorer for it.

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    • I would also add that respect has been replaced by mockery, by denigration. You’re right … even when Obama disagreed with another leader, or with a member of Congress, he was always respectful, always civil. It sure didn’t take long for respect to be flushed down the toilet, did it?


  7. Respect and responsibility are two words that may either have to be removed from the American lexicon, or relegated to the antiquated part of the dictionary, if there is such a thing. And, may I add, the same goes for Canada, as much as I hate to admit it. If you aren’t white, you aren’t worthy of living in either nation anymore. And that includes the red folk who were slaughtered and raped by those same white people in order to steal the land the red people lived on. I’ve been told to give up complaining about the past, my people had their chance and could not defend themselves, as if that makes it all right for the whites. Bullshit! We had no chance from the time Columbus and his buddies called us Indians, despite the fact we had nothing to do with India.
    And now the whites are fighting the whites again, just like 150 years ago, because they have to be right. And they don’t care who they have to destroy to prove it. It is a sickening sound that reverberates from the bell of freedom, and a sickening smile on the face of the lady of liberty. “Give me freedom, and I’ll take that as the right to cause the death of anyone who doesn’t agree with me!”
    Make America great again? Funny, but those red hats should be representing the red people, not the white.

    Please delete this comment after you read it, Jill. No one else needs to read my vitriol.

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        • I agree with Ellen…not vitriol at all.

          This whole situation gets me very upset and I do get the respect thing. But a saying that says a lot is: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.

          It’s a fine line, I suppose, not in not speaking up, but the way you do it. I also realize that the hardened trump cult cannot be budged in their thinking, much like a religious fanatic. I do think it’s a mob mentality that continually reinforces itself. Reason cannot prevail in a mob mentality as it just has to run its course, I’m afraid.

          I am torn sometime between being respectful, which can often mean saying nothing and speaking up and trying to do it nicely. I often feel I need to stand up for who I am and what I feel. I feel when a religious view or a political stance is harmful, hurtful or down right dangerous…do we keep quiet? I’m inclined to say no. Of course, here we can all speak up, which I love and need.

          Parents teaching their children either by example or the rhetoric to be hateful, racist, judgemental and cruel is dangerous to the others and society at large. Wars start over this kind of stuff. Religion teaching only the certain few get to go to heaven and that homosexuality is an abomination and that blacks and Latinos are a sub species is beyond terrible and dangerous.

          And there are small things too. I heard of a woman yesterday saying to a friend of mine, that she liked to watch cooking shows, but they now have all these gay people on and she didn’t like to see black and white couples all over the TV either. My friend said nothing. I don’t think I could have let that go.

          Today in a small group I was in, a woman said her son was an atheist because he was married to an astro physicist and that she was a bad influence on him, as she was an atheist. They are both highly educated and she thought that was the problem! It turned them into liberals and atheists. This woman is 86, so I know it can be a generational thing, but so ridiculous! But it was in a group, where most probably felt the same, so I kept quiet.

          I don’t really like confrontation and I tend to ultimately start avoiding these people, but it that a good thing?
          I feel we are so divided now with all the suppressed feelings on either side bursting at the seams. I wonder if the country will just eventually divide or if we might have another civil war. I also see more evidence of the youth, I once had high hopes for in changing society, wane as shown by the Catholic boys and the Native American vet, this basketball team and so many more things in see in the news. My hope in them is starting to die.

          I truly wonder what will happen. This shutdown is going to add to it as well…I won’t go there now.

          So see, Rawgod, I rambled on for too long and you were speaking your heart…both OK.😊

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        • Awwww … you make me blush!!! Thank you, Jerry! And yes, I am a lazy girl … I stayed in bed until 7:00 and then frittered away my day with housecleaning (vacuuming up pine needles), laundry, helping a neighbor, cooking, writing … such a lazy girl I am! 😉


          • No, I refuse to think of you as lazy. But I will admonish you for supporting the useless ending of millions of lives a year for vanity sake. Every spruce tree (or other evergreen) cut down for someone to drape with lights and baubles for a few days is another wasted life. If you must have a tree in the house, please use either a live potted tree, or a man-made tree. I’m sure you see murdered trees as tradition, but I doubt the tree feels that way. It wants to live a full life just like you do. Ban the use of murdered trees.


    • No, my friend, I won’t remove your comment, for two reasons. Ellen and Mary are right … you said what needed to be said. And secondly, if you really and truly didn’t want anyone else to see your comment, you would have made it to me via email, not in comments! And for the record, I agree with all you have said here. Now, deep breaths … I don’t wish to hear that you gave yourself a heart attack over this!


      • No heart attack. No stroke either. As I was about to press the send button, I calmed down. I felt somewhat purified. So I added the last line to assess my words and decide if you wanted them on your blog. I gave you permission to delete them if you so chose, or if your readership so chose. The results are in. The words stand. For as long as WP keeps this site alive.


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