A Shutdown Hiatus …

So, Trump has “magnanimously” agreed to open the government for three weeks sans the $5,7 billion he has demanded for his atrocious border wall.  And he is hailed a hero … for doing what he could have done 35 days ago and saved this nation both mega-dollars and many, many headaches.  I, for one, have no praise for him … he’s a day late and a dollar short.  His reasons for finally agreeing to a very short-term truce?  His ratings in the polls were plunging and … La Guardia International Airport in New York was closed, with others sure to follow suit since workers were largely done working without pay.

Don’t get me wrong … I am thankful that the government will re-open for 21 days, at least.  However, a solution seems unlikely to be worked out during that time, and then what?  Trump didn’t capitulate … he is still demanding his ego-toy aka border wall … he just figured he better appease his base before he woke up one morning to find his approval ratings in the single digits. And, as I said, he could have stopped the bleeding long before, but didn’t care enough about the citizens of this nation to do so.  So no, folks, don’t applaud him or pat him on the back … he is still the same vulgar, self-serving Donald Trump.

Now, you would think that everyone would be breathing a sigh of temporary relief at the news, right?  Wrong.  Remember Q-Anon?  Back in August, I posted a re-blog of Gronda’s explanation of the group.   In a nutshell, it is a group of Trump-supporting conspiracy theorists who believe that Trump, at some unspecified point in the future, will declare martial law and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will hand down hundreds of sealed indictments against Deep State “traitors” like Hillary Clinton, George Soros and President Barack Obama. The group had their 15 minutes of fame last summer and have rarely been heard from since.

Today, Q-Anon crawled out from under their rock to express their outrage at Trump for, as they so succinctly put it, ‘caving’ on the border wall.  Sheesh … a bunch of nuts!  There is, however, reason to be concerned, for this is a radical, gun-toting group who, though lacking depth or organization, know no bounds.  Last June for instance a man with an AR-15 drove onto the Hoover Dam in an armored truck, demanding the government release evidence validating Q-Anon.  Already I have seen some tweets by Q-Anon members calling for the group to “Take the situation into our own hands.”

Surprisingly, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus Mark Meadows praised the agreement to pause the shutdown until February 15th, although he said that Trump promised him he would not back down on his demand for the border wall funding.  He indicated that if the democrats don’t agree over the next three weeks to fund the border wall, he expects Trump to use “executive action”, in other words declaring the state of national emergency he has been threatening for weeks now.

And oh yeah … a few of the Fox ‘News’ pundits – the same ones who goaded Trump into this catastrophic shutdown 35 days ago – are not happy either!  Awwwww … poor babies …coulter-tweet

cernovich-tweetAgain, folks, this isn’t the end of the shutdown, but merely a deferment.  On February 15th, it is quite possible that the whole mess will begin anew.  Trump deserves no praise for finally doing what he should have done more than a month ago, and his motives are his own, not our best interest.

32 thoughts on “A Shutdown Hiatus …

  1. Here’s an interesting video about the economics of the government “shutdown” and as he points out, spending 7% less during that time than they spent in 2018, doesn’t qualify as an actual shutdown. What do you say?


  2. speaking of the shutdown, I came across this article that was interesting, what do you think?


    This shutdown is a symptom of a much bigger problem, the unwillingness of both parties to actually compromise and come to agreements on issues that are good for the country. it’s not all about the wall as the president likes to blabber on about, it’s about so much more than that. Don’t let the headline mislead you.

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    • I agree with much of what the article says … true compromise is going to be the only winning ticket. I am dead set against the wall, for it will not solve whatever immigration problems we do have, which are grossly overstated by Mr. Trump. It is a costly thing that won’t do a thing other than feed Trump’s ego and appease his base. However, if he and the republicans are truly willing to sit down and talk about border security sans wall, then I’m all for it. Yes, both chambers of Congress need to be able to hold open debates, get ideas moving on the floor, let people listen to all sides. It is unconscionable that Mitch McConnell forbade a vote on the very bill the Senate had already agreed to. The leaders of both chambers have entirely too much power. But … on the whole … Congress is far too partisan. They are supposed to be accountable to us, the citizens, the taxpayers… not to either party. Sigh. Thanks for the link, Scott … very astute observations here.


    • Oh, he and Fox won’t part ways for long … there will be some beautiful reconciliation and Coulter will apologize for her remarks, for Fox and Trump need each other … their legitimacy depends on one another. Pelosi likely knows the law, the Constitution, as well as any … she is currently serving her 17th term in the House! 17!!! And yes, she has bested Trump in round #1, but … I fear there is coming a new battle, even bigger and more destructive than the last. Sigh.


  3. This is not the end, just the beginning of another chapter in the never ending story. I am relieved that the unpaid workers will receive the monetary compensation they are due. However, this is a temporary solution that will not remove the overriding issue in the long run. Trump has already made it clear that he expects to win his wall. Just as a bandaid does not heal a wound, but simply cover it in an attempt to allow it to heal…in 3 weeks when this one is torn off, the bleeding will be profuse. I hope that I am wrong, but if Trump does not back down on his wall and the Democrats stick to not funding his wall, there is little room for any sort of compromise and the cost will be higher for We the People. There is a saying : “We live in hope and die in despair”, may it not be true! Thank-you!

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      • I visited Google to listen to the pronunciation … you know I always complain that they go too fast, so I had to listen about 10 times, and the best I could come up with is it sounds like Ki-gwu-eh. I know, you said don’t even try, but you know I am a defiant wench 😉


    • You have hit the nail on the head. Too many people are cheering, but this will only last for 21 days, until February 15th, unless one side blinks, and I don’t look for either to do so. Pelosi should not, and in fact I will be furious if they agree to give $5.7 billion dollars to Trump for his bloody wall. And Trump has said over and over and over ad nauseam, that he will not budge on his ‘demand’, so where does that leave us? This hiatus may well be naught more than a steam valve to relieve a bit of the pressure before returning to a stalemate. It may be Act I of a three-part play. Or … it may be the transitional bridge that takes us, unwittingly, from a free nation to a dictatorship. Some say I am an alarmist and that cannot happen. I hope they are right.

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  4. Well said, Jill. This was a huge win for Nancy – got what she was demanding and gave up nothing. The “Master of the Deal” just caved before a superior being! Bring on the funeral!

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    • Thanks John!!! I’ve missed you! Yes, this was a win for Nancy, for the nation. BUT … we aware that this was one battle, and the troops are already re-arming. I fear the reprisals will be vast. I fear the reactions of the wild animal who has been temporarily caged. Will we be cheering on February 15th? I fear not. Sigh. Yes, I am jaded and cynical … with good reason. Hugs to you, my friend!


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Q-Anon, Ann Coulter, Mike Cernovich, etc. … don’t celebrate too much!! This will happen again … in 3 weeks!!
    ‘A solution seems unlikely to be worked out during that time, and then what? Drumpf didn’t capitulate … he is still demanding his ego-toy aka border wall … he just figured he better appease his base before he woke up one morning to find his approval ratings in the single digits.’

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        • Nope … when the pundits say he ‘caved’, all they are doing is pricking the bear, and he will be more determined than ever to get his revenge. In 3 weeks, I suspect either we will see another shutdown (really only a resumption of the old shutdown) else a state of national emergency will be declared and he will use the military to build his damn wall with OUR money. Sigh.

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    • Indeed, this is exactly why the democrats put Pelosi in the position as Speaker of the House, and why I supported that move. She may not be personable, but the woman knows how to get the job done! But … this is a very temporary agreement, and with neither side willing to give, I don’t see it lasting beyond the 21 days. Then what? That is what we should all be concerned about. There are several possibilities, none of them good. The media are taunting him, and I think that may well just add fuel to the fire, on top of Roger Stones early morning arrest. Sigh.

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  6. Dear Jill,

    Although I’m grateful for this hiatus, that’s what it is. The president dealt himself a losing hand, played it badly and then lost.

    Mos of his base will continue to stick to President Trump like glue but some have moved on as this shutdown was the best Democratic Party ad ever that the president and his GOP party cronies don’t give a damn about average hard working Americans.

    Democrats owe conservative hardliners like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and others a thank you, for giving the president the shovel to bury himself and his GOP party. If they think they are so tough that they can mess with the lives of so many hard working folks, then they can run to be the next US president. They’ve done a lot of harm and their advice was worth squat.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are so right. I cannot remember another time when we had a president who listened to a handful or radical pundits such as Coulter, Limbaugh and Hannity, rather than trusted advisors with years of political/government experience. The RNC must be holding their heads and groaning right about now. Coulter makes me literally sick, even more than the rest. Trump has dug a hole he cannot get out of without some of the mud clinging to him, but I fear for us, the nation, the people, for when he is trapped, he is like a caged animal … downright mean!


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      • Jill, I placed my comment here, as I agree with what Gronda said. He caused his own bad hand by reneging on a deal with Senate leadership (his own party) before Christmas. I also want to add an obvious point which is lost on too many – the boss shut down the government saying his employees are not getting paid. Usually, the President wants to keep the government open.

        The other three major factors that led him to cave are Wilbur Ross’ very insensitive remarks, six GOP Senators joining with the Dems and the Roger Stone announcement. In my view, Trump looked to move the Stone story off the headlines with the shutdown. Trump lives by the twelve hour news cycle, so when he gets bad news, he must do something or tweet something.

        The other thing the Stone annoucement did is it further emboldened some GOP leaders painting a picture of the President they have chosen not to see. Keith

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        • I agree that the reasons you mention are a large part of his reason for being willing to make a very short, temporary deal, and I think his dropping approval ratings factor in also. I also agree that he basically said his employees weren’t getting paid, but then he went a step further, demanded that over half of them work anyway as basically slaves, and when confronted, lied and said they supported his shutdown and they didn’t need their pay … that they could “adjust”. I know you don’t like name-calling, but ‘bastard’ is the only word I can think of … well, the nicest one I can come up with … for this ‘person’. Question for you: do you think that between Michael Cohen’s testimony next month and Stone’s arrest yesterday, it will be enough to finally convince Congress to take action to remove Trump from office?


          • Jill, I think the Stone arrest is a major step. The next arrest will likely be someone related to the President, then it will really get ugly. Just look at what he did today when a Senator questioned the veracity of Junior. When Mueller charges Junior for lying to Congress that will really set him off. Keith


    • Thanks Scott! The next three weeks may be interesting, yes? I like that we agree on something! Though, in truth, we mostly agree, I think, but maybe have different viewpoints on the details. Have a great weekend!


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