Saturday Surprise — Sukeroku!

It’s funny, for I was reading a story written by a friend/fellow-blogger a few days ago, a children’s story, and I mentioned that all she needed now was an artist who could turn her characters into whimsical pictures to accompany her words.  Then this evening, as I was bopping around the internet, trying to decide with what I might surprise you guys today, I came across some of the most adorable pictures imaginable.  The Japanese artist is known only as Gotte, and his (or her– not sure which) little hamster, the subject of his art, is Sukeroku.  The pictures depict Sukeroku in everyday settings & situations, and they are absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of young and old alike!  If you enjoy these, you can check him out on Twitter,  Instagram  or on the artist’s own website.

And by the way … Jolly was bored, so I let him create the captions …  jolly




I’m late, I’m late, for a vewy important date!


Yum-yum-yum … er … what?  Not supposed to sample da goods?




Please, please, please … lemme drop it in da hole …


Me Hamtaro!!!  King o’ da hamsters!


Garçon … more bread please.


Wanna help me build a fort?


Mewwy Cwistmas!!!


Sewf Portrait … d’ya think I’m any good?


Chores … sigh.


Gettin’ bootiful!


I loves a scawy movie …     


What kinda pie you want?




Nite-nite … zzzzzz

Have a great weekend, my dear friends!!!  

16 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — Sukeroku!

  1. ‘Cute,’ is a description of a lot of the things that bring joy to Asians in general. The artistic renderings are sort of representational of how Asians treat their pets. And nothing is sacred. There is a trend towards something lately that leaves me a little uncomfortable, and that is pet cafes. People can go and order a coffee or meal and then be given an exotic pet to handle. Hedgehog cafes are springing up all over. It is sad really, these nocturnal hunters are disappearing across the world, yet these tiny balls of prickles are woken up and handed over to visitors who can hold, feed or just watch these creatures while they eat their meal. A similar venture involves baby rabbits who are sometimes dressed in frilly skirts or taught to do tricks for the customers, like lifting dumbells or pushing objects across a table. It is a bit sad, and one does have to question whether this is cruel.

    My childhood was full of anthropomorphised animal characters in books (Beatrix Potter books and others) which created my love of animals, but we do have to question the motives of people who want to make those characters just a bit too real. Having said that, I have seen perfectly happy teacup dogs (dogs small enough to be put in a teacup) riding around on motorbikes with their owners, or in backpacks… Seemingly not stressed. But is it right of us to do such things?

    Some how I can’t see you doing any of these things with your six flurries, Jill. The scars would be terrible.

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    • I have written before about some of those pet cafes … a few years ago when they were just beginning to pop up here and there. Like you, I question the morality of it … is it fair to the animals? Probably not, but there is one here near where I live that is a ‘cat cafe’, and I view it a bit differently, for they use rescue cats from a local shelter, cats that might otherwise be euthanized, and while people can pet the cats while they sip their java and munch their lunch, they are also encouraged to consider adopting them for a small fee that is then given to the shelter. But in the case of non-domestic or wild animals, such as hedgehogs and rabbits … I agree with you … they were not put on this earth for the pleasure of humans!

      🤣 Yes, I can imagine me trying to take any of the Sig Six on a motorcycle! Heck, we were just talking this morning about really needing to replace our sofa, but we cannot because Miss Izzy (the autistic furry) would be so traumatized that she might have heart failure. And scars? I have many of those just from breaking up fights or trying to remove a cat from atop a door or bookshelf! They are vicious little critters!


  2. I do not have an artistic bone in my body, Benjamin draws better than I do, except that I stay in the lines when coloring with him. I am always in awe of talented people like Gotte! Are they born with it, I always believed that was true of my younger brother. This wee hamster is too cute and usually rodents are not considered cute by me, well except chipmunks and squirrels. Benjamin will love this post, he loves anything furry! Thank-you!

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    • Like you, I cannot draw, paint, sculpt, and I have zero musical talent. I missed the talent boat altogether, but Miss Goose (granddaughter) is extremely artistic, and daughter Chris is very musically inclined, and has been a drummer in a national pipes & drums band for many years. That’s why I’m so in awe of those who do have talent, like Gotte. I was entranced by these whimsical drawings! Glad you enjoyed them!


  3. We are bracing for the cold weekend: snow on Sunday and sub-zero temps next week — a high predicted of 16 below on Wednesday!! This sort of weather convinces the nay-sayers that global warming is not for real. They don’t weigh the evidence until it seems in their favor!! Take care and have a peaceful weekend.

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