Two For Twoday …

I had every intention of writing a nice, calm peaceful piece this afternoon … something NOT about Trump or his minions, something either funny, promising, or inspiring in one way or another.  But then, a couple of things crossed my radar and suddenly I find myself beating the print off of my keyboard (literally, for I no longer have lettering on my ‘I’, ‘o’, or ‘n’ keys!).  So, I hope you’re in the mood for a few of my snarky snippets …

Non-Press Secretary Sanders leaves climate change to God …

Sarah Huckabee Sanders-1Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told by her boss not to bother with daily, or even weekly press briefings anymore, for the press don’t talk nice to her, and they don’t say nice things about da prez, so why bother?  So … I’m very puzzled as to what her job description is these days, why We the Taxpayers are still paying her the $179,700 annual salary, for she damn sure isn’t doing anything to earn it!  But now I know … she goes on Fox New talk shows and makes a complete fool of herself …

Earlier this week, newly-minted House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said in an on-stage interview that we needed to act on climate change before it was too late. She noted that the “world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,” referencing the tipping point after which scientists say it’ll be too late to address greenhouse gas emissions. She’s right about all that. And she’s especially right to point that out when we have a government that rejects climate science in addition to ignoring science in general.

So then on Tuesday night, during an interview with, of all people, Fox ‘News’ Sean Hannity, Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided that only God should be concerned about climate change, and that our government has bigger fish to fry …

“Look, I don’t think we’re going to listen to her on much of anything, particularly not on matters we’re gonna leave in the hands of a much, much higher authority, and certainly not listen to the freshman congresswoman on when the world may end. We’re focused on what’s happening in the world right now.”

Need I say more?

Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly …

Remember back in July, when we learned that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, did not have the highest-level security clearance necessary to review high-level documents?  The reason was he kept messing up his security review, because he kept ‘forgetting’ to record interactions with a number of foreign officials, primarily Russians.  I had mostly forgotten about it, and I imagine you did too, but yesterday I saw this headline …

Report: Security officials rejected Kushner’s top secret clearance, but were overruled

kushner.jpegTurns out that two career White House security specialists rejected Jared Kushner’s application for a top-secret security clearance after Kushner’s FBI background check raised red flags, and there were concerns about his foreign entanglements.  Kusher’s family businesses leave him vulnerable to foreign influence, they said, and he has not satisfactorily explained some of his Russian connections.  Why is this guy even working in our government???  But wait …

Their supervisor, Carl Kline, who became director of the personnel security office in the Executive Office of the President in May 2017, decided to override their professional opinion and give Kushner the highest level of security clearance despite the concerns of the FBI!!!  Think about that one for a moment, folks!  And … not only that, but this Kline person has also overruled at least 30 other rejections of incoming Trump officials!  I want to know who those people are and what the objections were!  Is our government being infiltrated with Russian agents or those who are entangled with Russian agents?  Who knows?

Those who keep saying that the foundation, The U.S. Constitution, the rule of law, will protect us from a Trump-dictatorship need to think about this one long and hard.  Sure, there are rules in place, but Donald Trump has long since decided that those rules do not apply to him and his chosen minions!  Our lives, our future, are in the hands of a maniacal madman who believes the world is made only for him.

37 thoughts on “Two For Twoday …

  1. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World out there, and still getting madder. So when Cline–alias another mouthpiece for Trump–can override the security rating on known weaknesses in the governmental idiocy, expect it to break soon. Putin is more than ready to step in and save America from itself.

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  2. Quite frankly, the less Sarah Huckabrat Sanders is seen as well as heard, the better I like it. Just add her wasted salary onto the heap of other wasted salaries taxpayers provide for those on Trump’s payroll…I simply love seeing my tax dollars at work! Jared Kushner and many other of Trump’s cast of characters are like an iceberg; you only see about 1/8th of who and what they are, the rest is hidden beneath the surface and that is what is most problematic. It appears that this Carl Kline is much the same, or worse. Rules only work if they are followed and enforced…Houston, we have a problem! Thank-you!

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    • I’m with you there! Every time I see her face, I just want to slap her! I wonder how she can sleep at night, how she can look her own children in the eye and tell them that “honesty is the best policy”? Heh heh … you are really getting the hang of this snarky thing! Go Ellen!!! Give it your best! Yes, a rule or law is only as good as the enforcement. But, what that really boils down to is the rules only work if We The People demand it. We are seriously going to have to start being more vociferous, find ways to hit these jerks below the belt, to make our wishes our demands. If we don’t, we will lose our freedom. Think of the man whose house catches fire. He values that house, so he fights tooth and nail to put that fire out, to save his home. Our house is afire, and if we don’t get off our patooties and fight that fire, we’re going to lose our home.


  3. All I can say is that there are some stinking ‘fish’ in the Whitehouse and all the fishermen are tied up in fishing twine, baited with their own hooks. The current administration is likely the most flagrant that there has ever been when it comes to dubious dealings.

    The few that float to the top of life, are also the scum that prevents a good life for everything else.

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  4. Sigh … if your website were satire, it would be a good way to end a Saturday evening: having a good laugh and then going to bed. But sadly, it is not. World is going crazy. Here we follow the daily Brexit-soap presented by Great(?) Britain, while British friends in the Netherlands start opting for Dutch passports. – Can all the mad ego-maniacs please leave the stage for a few years while the sensible people try to fix the theatre? … Sigh again. Good night. (Still going to bed, but not laughing.)

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    • Oh how I wish it were satire!!! But sadly, no, what I write is the truth. You know that old saying that “truth is stranger than fiction”? I never really understood that until recently. I do now. How have you and the family been? I was thinking about you just last night, thinking I ought to email you, since I hadn’t seen you about for a while. Settling back into the routine?


      • I have been sick this week … 😦 some stupid bug. Nothing serious, just some sort of cold-virus that made my head feel quite mushy and not willing to think. But it seems to be over, luckily. – At lot of people are sick at the moment, I guess it is the season for it. – Hope you are fine!

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        • I’m so sorry to hear you have been sick, but glad to know you’re on the mend! Yes, ’tis the season. I’ve been mostly in hibernation, and when I do go out, I am almost obsessive about hand sanitizer, for I cannot afford even a cold! So, physically, I am fine … mentally may be another story 😉

          Hard to believe that January is almost over and the holidays just over are right around the corner again, isn’t it? I miss our emails … need to start those up again! Take care, my friend, and be well!


  5. I wonder if anyone else got the impression that Sarah Huchabee Sanders Much, much Higher Authority is actually Trump.
    Didn’t I actually say one of my New Year wishes, (what, who says you don’t get wishes at New Year) was that Kavanaugh be looked at again for lying, well there’s just a chance of it happening now.Beware Trump, Kushner and wife, Donald Junior and countless others. I made lots of wishes.

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    • I wondered at first, but no, that can’t be, for he has denied climate change exists and mocks the concept of global warming every time the temps drop in Washington. And Sarah considers herself to be fairly religious, which makes her just another of the hypocrites that speak from both sides of their mouth.

      Yes, I believe that was one of your 472 New Year’s wishes, and I hope they all come true … sooner would be better!


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  6. Yes my friend. I saw Sarah’s interview about a higher power will make decisions for the USA or something like that. All I could was an eye roll and think Lawd have me’cy! As for the security clearances and the Constitution the people have provided the opportunity, actually they celebrate the fact that DJT and his party don’t follow the rules. I sure hope the Mueller team can wrap this up soon, but I fear we may be in a tailspin when it happens. Mercy!

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    • Yes, Trump’s followers DO applaud him for breaking the rules, for defying the rule of law and for attempting to destroy every good thing that Obama did. I’m with you … I will be happy when and if Mueller’s report is finally completed and released, but it will definitely multiply the chaos we already have.

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  7. I am beginning to feel hopeful ! My glass was half empty. It’s now half full! Maybe, trump and his cronies are going to get caught up with, after all. Fingers crossed!!!!! Kushner needs to be put in his place, tried and imprisoned. Huckabee needs to be sent home! She OD’d on the Kool-aid! 💙.

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    • Ha ha … I love your comment on Sarah Huckabee Sanders!!! She truly is naught but a mouthpiece, parroting Trump, dutifully saying whatever she is told. She disgusts me almost as much as Trump. And I do hope Kushner and Don, Jr get what they deserve — life in prison sounds good.

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  8. Jill, you raise good questions. A couple of comments. God gave us a brain to think with. We honor him when we use it to solve our problems. He also told us to take care of the environment. So, by not using our brain to address climate change (or to limit Trump’s EPA that allows peeing in our pool), we are not following God’s wishes. That is the answer to Ms. Sanders comment. Plus, Germany is using their collective brains to phase out coal energy by 2038, announced today.

    As for Kushner, he and/ or Junior will be the next people indicted by Robert Mueller. Stone was getting direction from senior Trump campaign officials after Manafort left as campaign chair. Plus, they both have been less than truthful.

    By the way, we should not lose sight of Stone’s lying was to the House committee that put their report to bed and found nothing. This was the same committee where the Senate chair of their committee went to Paul Ryan and said they disagreed with the House findings.


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  9. Too many key countries are governed by nutters, fanatics, special interest groups and the clearly incompetent. Unfortunately in countries like the US and the UK whatever the leaders do they are still backed by a solid proportion of there vote base. As a result the polls don’t shift to reflect the reality. Surely a tipping point must come when reality dawns.

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    • What a wise observation!!! You are so right! A funny aside since you mentioned your autocorrect … I don’t know if you remember Sarah Palin who ran on the ticket with John McCain in 2008 against Barack Obama. Well, every time I would type her name on my phone, autocorrect would change it to ‘Pain”, dropping the ‘L’! I didn’t even bother to fix it, as I felt it was apropos! 😀

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