Democracy In Action???

Democracy In Action?  No, more like Democracy Inaction.  The GOP, which once stood for Grand Old Party, has decided not to allow any other republican candidate to run against Donald Trump in 2020.  The Republican National Committee (RNC) passed a resolution on Friday that threw their “undivided support” behind Trump, and effectively undercut any other Republicans thinking of running.

The states seem prepared to follow suit.  You may remember a post I wrote a few weeks ago about South Carolina planning to cancel the republican primary in that state?  Since then, Kansas has also indicated it may cancel the 2020 primary, effectively removing any competition for Trump, and it seems likely that other states will follow suit.

Now, there are two ways one can look at this.  One can assume that the Republican Party is so pleased with Trump that they see no reason for him to be challenged by any other republican candidate.  Or … one can assume that the Republican Party realizes what an unpopular candidate Trump is, realizes that if a strong, viable candidate challenged Trump for the party nomination Trump would likely lose, and are trying to protect their assets.  My vote is for the latter, though don’t hold your breath waiting for them to admit it.

For a number of reasons, most prominently the recent government shutdown, Trump’s popularity has taken a hit and in light of Roger Stone’s recent arrest, Michael Cohen’s planned testimony before Congress next month, and the ongoing Mueller investigation, there is real concern in the GOP that Trump could be vulnerable to a serious challenger, such as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, or Ohio’s former Governor John Kasich.

Among democrats, one prevailing viewpoint is that if Trump is the default candidate running on the republican ticket, it is good for the democrats, for with his dwindling approval ratings, he is likely to lose.  Okay, maybe, but this goes against democratic process, which is designed to give the people a choice.  Trump has royally screwed up a number of times, and if the republicans want a different candidate, they should at least be given a choice.  My own hope is that if the RNC blocks other potential republicans from running against Trump, then enough republicans will change their party affiliation and perhaps just this once vote for a democrat.


Franklin Pierce

In case you’re wondering if it has ever happened that a sitting president was not nominated by his party for a second term, yes it has.  Once.  Franklin Pierce, the 14th President, was a democrat, elected in 1852.  His pro-Southern sentiments and his policy of failing to lead on the divisive issue of slavery badly hurt his standing with the voters. Especially damaging was his support for the pro-slavery Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which backfired on him as Kansas was overrun by pro-slavery forces, mostly from the slave state of Missouri. The events angered Northerners everywhere and helped lead to the creation of the Republican Party.

When Democratic delegates gathered in Cincinnati, Ohio, for their convention in 1856, it was clear that they had had enough of Pierce. James Buchanan, who had been defeated by Pierce for the nomination four years earlier, won the nomination on the 17th ballot.

My hope is, of course, that Trump is ineligible to run, having already been removed from office, by the time the primaries roll around.  Short of that, however, the process of nominating and electing a president is seriously compromised if the RNC is allowed to rob their constituents of a choice, a voice.

Donald Trump, by the way, was quite ecstatic when informed that he might not even have to work to earn the nomination …trump-tweet-2.pngIf I were a republican, I would be incensed to be robbed of my right to choose.  The RNC is challenging the very process of fair elections … oh, but wait … they’ve been doing that for a long time with such things as gerrymandering, voter identification laws that are biased against minorities and the poor, and other methods that lead to the disenfranchisement of groups that tend to vote largely democratic.  I guess if you can’t win honestly ….


34 thoughts on “Democracy In Action???

  1. there are two ways one can look at this … No, there are three ways. The third being that there is beaucoup money being funneled into the RNC from the usual sources — who are abundantly pleased with the work of their puppet.

    I know you know this, but it’s worth saying it once again … MONEY TALKS … and is the most influential resource on this planet.


    • You see it all very clearly from across that big pond, my friend. That is exactly my fear if the democrats don’t start pulling together as a team and support a strong, viable candidate with a good solid platform. With some 33 candidates already in the running for an election that is nearly two years away, I’m afraid I’m not as positive as I would like to be.

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  2. Think of it this way: In July, 2020, when Trump is the only Republican candidate, Mueller arrests Trump and puts him in jail without bail. By September he is found guilty, and impeached by Congress. In October he is kicked out of office, and there is no ti e to change the ballots. No Republican runs for president.
    I know, keep on dreaming–Mueller would never charge Trump in July…

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  3. Mother Forker!! I’m sick to death of being so utterly disappointed in the humans scrambling and clawing to get on top of this steaming, stinking dung heap of what we are now calling our government, most of whom are following the giant dung beetle at the top. 😡😞

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  4. WTF, can anyone say dictatorship?! Even President Putin wouldn’t stoop this low, it seems the student (idiotically) has finally surpassed his master. 🙂
    IMHO, Trump running is the best gift for Democrats heading into the 2020 elections, much like the DNC pushing for Hillary over Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primaries, which effectively handed the election to Trump. When asked whether Hillary should run again in 2020, Trump eagerly responded, “I certainly hope so”!
    Well no such luck this go around, Dem. Party already has 3 female candidates officially announcing their intent to run! Looks like we’ll finally have a woman in the oval office at last.


    • Thank you! I actually happened upon their blog a year or so ago, and have been following since. As you said, they don’t post often, but when they do, they hit the nail on the head, and I adore their ‘I-don’t-give-a-shit’ style! I admire anyone who calls it like it is, or as my UK friend Mary says, “Call a spade a bloody shovel!” Thanks again, Mary!

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  5. Such a long game going on here..started with Russia helping to get trump elected for their own purposes and actually probably started long before that. And trump knowing how to manipulate his brain dead base to get and keep their votes. He expertly uses the racism and religious fanaticism that is swelling up from all the hidden dark and evil places in our country. And also knowing he has his fellow republicans by the cajonés because they too need the cult to stay in power. Plus there’s a lot of money being made on the sides that they can all partake in.

    Next we may have an independent (Schultz of Starbucks) running for president to grab votes away from the democrats and ensure another term for trump. I believe Jill Stein was funded by the Russians. Another Supreme Court conservative judge probably because it will be hard for RBG to hang in that long.

    Can you just imagine what trump can do in four more years! Goodbye freedom, democracy, the constitution and fairness and hello authoritarianism, theocracy and major discrimination. Shades of Bosonarlo in Brazil?

    And you think trump will not try to add another third term? Who knows. His age would be against him and the ever pressing climate change, that could be a real game changer, and this worry could all be for naught. We are in a sad and dangerous state of affairs and more than a third of the country are all in.

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    • I have been suspicious of Schultz’ motives, for he cannot win … no independent stands a chance of winning … and he is likely to take votes away from the democratic candidate, giving Trump a boot up. But you bring up something I had not considered, and that is Jill Stein. I never thought that she might have been a tool of the Russians, but now that I think of it, it makes some sense!

      Yes, Ruth says she’s staying on the bench for another five years, but she may not have a choice in that matter. I cringe at the thought of Trump getting to put another of his white, male, uber-conservative choices on the Court.

      I said two years ago that if he is elected to a second term, there is not likely to be an election in 2024, for I believe he intends to find a way to make his a lifetime position. He has praised others for doing the same, which speaks volumes.

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  6. Well, I guess congratulations are due The Donald, for being the biggest dupe ever to set foot in the White House. If he really believes he is the only Republican candidate worthy to run for president of the USA, he is living in a land of one.

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  7. Jill, speaking plainly, it is still a little early for the GOP to back Trump. The reason is the you-know-what is going to hit the fan this year. What got overshadowed by the Buzzfeed story which Mueller said parts may not be true, although they are sticking by it are two other things.

    Rudy Guiliani admitted that people in the Trump campaign had contact with Russia. And, this weekend The New York Times counted 100 contacts between Trump campaign people and Russia, including the President (who said during the campaign that he had no business with Russia). Then Stone is accused of lying about his many contacts with Russia, Wikileaks and discussing these with senior campaign officials on a lean campaign staff.

    So, if I were the GOP, I would hold off, as their boy may not be around to run or they may not want him to run. In fact, he will be a lot less popular this time next year.


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    • I fully agree with you, and I wondered why they would go out on a limb like that, especially at such an early stage of the game. I scratched my head on that one, and pondered if there is something behind the curtain that we aren’t seeing.

      Giuliani has changed his story so many times on so many issues that I don’t even listen to him anymore, just like I don’t listen to Trump. But between that, Roger Stone, Cohen’s testimony next week, the NYT story … they say where there is smoke there is fire … well, I’ll tell you … I’m choking on all this smoke and I’m pretty sure I can see the tips of some flames, too!


      • Jill, many of us have asked what happened to Rudy Guiliani? He went from a respected Mayor to a barking dog who can no longer be taken at face value. That is so unfortunate. He may be entertaining, but he continues to reveal guilt in his client and those around him. Keith


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