It’s Monday … Be Jolly … Or Else

jollyWelcome friends!  It’s that day of the week again … Monday!  Back to work, back to school, laundry piled up in every hamper, a whole week ahead.  Jolly, jolly Monday, yes?  Did you guys have a good weekend?  My friend Emily, who lives on the West Coast of Canada, already has flowers coming up in her yard.  Another friend, Gary, who lives in Yorkshire in the UK, recently posted pictures of flowers that have already bloomed in his garden.  NO FAIR!!!  It is cold here, with 7 straight days of snowfall predicted starting next weekend.  There is nary a crocus in my yard and likely won’t be for at least another 8 weeks or so!  I’ve been CHEATED!!!

Okay … now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s see if we can rustle up a bit to eat and a few laughs, shall we?


Tyler Heep won the lottery in his home state of Iowa!  He won a biiiiiig check!tyler-heep-lotteryWell, the check was big, but the amount was likely worth less than the paper the check was printed on.  You see, Tyler actually won $1 on a scratch-off ticket last week.  Instead of turning it in, he went to the Iowa Lottery Headquarters, and asked for one of those big ceremonial checks.

“The guy came down the stairs and they took me into the back room where the camera was with the Iowa Lottery logo. Sure enough they wrote me the one dollar check and had me hold it up and took the picture.”

So, what did Mr. Heep do with all that money?  He says he bought almost a half-gallon of gas.

Oh I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer wiener (mobile) …

Remember the wienermobile?  According to Wikipedia …

“Wienermobile” is a series of automobiles shaped like a bun which are used to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products in the United States. The first version was created in 1936 by Oscar Mayer’s nephew, Carl G. Mayer, and variants are still used by the Oscar Mayer company today. Drivers of the Wienermobiles are known as Hotdoggers and often hand out toy whistles shaped as replicas of the Wienermobile, known as Wienerwhistles.”

Here’s one of the very first, circa 1940 …


And here’s one circa 1952 …


Well, the wienermobile is still around today!  Who knew?  Best news yet, though, is that they are hiring drivers!  The job, which begins in June and lasts for one year, would involve driving the iconic sausage across the United States, visiting locations including stores, military bases and charity events.wienermobileThe company’s website states applicants should have a four-year degree in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising or marketing.

The “condiments” that come with the job are listed by Oscar Mayer as a competitive salary, benefits, clothing and a company car “guaranteed to turn heads.”

I’ve gotten the details for you and the address to send in your résumé, but hurry, for they are only accepting applications through January 31st … that’s Thursday … so get yours sent in now!

jolly♫ I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
That is what I truly wish to be
Cause if I were a oscar mayer weiner
Everyone would be in love with me

Pick your brain …

sudokyRecently I’ve begun checking to see what day it is … no, no … not day of the week, but national _______ day, such as National Hot Dog Day, etc.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s fun, only takes a few seconds, and I’m always on the lookout for fun things to include in my posts.  Now, the one I want to include today doesn’t actually occur until tomorrow, January 29th, but tomorrow isn’t a Jolly Monday, and while I don’t yet know just what I’ll write about on Tuesday, it’s doubtful that National Puzzle Day will fit in very well … you see the dilemma, right?  Oops … I just gave it away!

rubik-cubeNational Puzzle Day … who knew there was such a thing?  Puzzles are great mental exercise and help keep our minds sharp, whether your choice is a crossword, jigsaw, trivia, word search, brain teaser or Sudoku.  I used to do the New York Times crossword and a Sudoku or two each day, but lately I spend so much time writing that I rarely tackle one.  National Puzzle Day has an interesting origin, though.


Jodi Jill

National Puzzle Day celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and was the brainchild of a writer/columnist, Jodi Jill.  Now, Jodi’s story is not one for a Jolly Monday post, but I strongly urge you to read about her life, for it is a story I cannot even begin to imagine.

crosswordMeanwhile, though, be sure to work a puzzle on Tuesday in honour of National Puzzle Day! is offering free puzzles through the month of January, including one I’ve never heard of, Brain Baffler, which was created by Jodi Jill herself.  Have fun! puzzle-1

And now, my friends, we all have things we have to do.  Think of our friend Hugh on Wednesday when temperatures where he lives are going to dip to a low of -27° (F), which is -33° Celsius.  All of you keep safe and warm and have a great week!  Don’t forget to …share-smile

Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa & Jolly!!!


This one’s for you, Hugh!!!  Keep warm!

33 thoughts on “It’s Monday … Be Jolly … Or Else

    • Good choices both, but you also need some onion and sweet relish. 😊 I do hope the flowers perk back up as soon as the sun comes out! It is -2 (F) here, which is -19 (C) … our temps would kill any flowers that dared to pop their heads out. ☃️

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  1. I love puzzles – not sudokus, but number puzzles and crosswords, now here’s a strange thing – I picked up an American puzzle book in a charity shop and the crosswords were different – I think ours have more black squares?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm … that is interesting. I have noticed even here that certain puzzles have more black squares, just as some have mostly shorter (6 letters or less) words, while some are given to words that span the entire width of the puzzle. Happy National Puzzle Day from across the pond, at any rate!

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  2. Hi Jill.
    Reading about Jodi just blew everything else out of my head. What a survivor. Her parents sound like victims and prosecutors of the worse kind of suspicion of ‘The State’ prevalent in the 1960s & 1970s with the Left-leaning and now flourishing with the Right-leaning. Small wonder she has an issue with forming a relationship. In those circumstances who wouldn’t?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My reaction to Jodi Jill’s story was similar to yours … it took my breath, and once I caught up with my breath, I saw red. That anybody could treat their children that way! You know what part hit me the hardest, I think? The mother calling the children Thing 1,2,3 … and sometimes Mistake 1,2,3 … HOW COULD SHE??? Right … I doubt that she ever fully trusts another human being, or ever will. But I have to admire her tenacity in overcoming so much to have a lucrative career and have built herself a life.

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  3. Benjamin and I are late in visiting today, we’ve been very busy getting prepared for celebrating National Puzzle Day. I had purchased a set of large puzzle piece shaped cookie cutters early last January, that benefited Autism Awareness. They are perfect for making cookies, but we also use them to make Jello into puzzle pieces and on bread for puzzle sandwiches too! Benjamin is thrilled that Miss Jill and Jolly are celebrating and hopes that you “got new puzzles too”! I wonder why Jodi Jill hasn’t written an autobiography, it would be a best seller. I remember that 50’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, they were the only hot dog we would eat as kids. Benjamin saw the newer one in Boston. Benjamin says : “Namaste! Thank-you Miss Jill, for not forgetting my juicebox and sprinkled donut, I will eat it later, that bird juice is big people’s juice”! We have an abundance of smiles to share today, so we are sending a few your way! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Well, I am so glad that you and Benjamin enjoyed Jolly Monday, but I must disappoint him, for I did not get any new puzzles today. As if I would have time to work one! We used to always keep a jigsaw puzzle up on the kitchen table in the winter, but with six furry babes who are sometimes a bit … shall we say, unruly … it’s no longer possible. I imagine Jodi Jill’s story is too painful for her to write. Perhaps when she is old and retires she will. So far, she mostly seems to have written tour guides of Southern Cal and Colorado.

      For Benjamin:
      Namaste! And thank you for joining me to celebrate National Puzzle Day! Yes, the bird juice is for our grown-up friend Hugh, because it is very very cold where he lives, in Minnesota, and he will need it to help him keep warm. Hugs to you, my young friend, and please give your Gem a hug from me also! See you next Monday!


  4. How did JJ ever survive to do what she did/does? Compared to her my life was a wa,k in the park. As I always say, life is relative to your experience, and she had a horrible childhood. But she survived. And if she can…

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    • A good question! I was dumbfounded when I read her story! I simply cannot imagine it. Like you said, compared to hers, we have nothing to complain about. I so admire the way she and her sister taught themselves to read, and the many hurdles she had to scale to get where she is today. Yes, she is definitely a survivor!

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    • You know, looking at that picture of Jodi, I can’t help but feel that she is not female. I am not being judgemental, simply pointing out an impression. What a terrible start in life, but what a triumphant celebration of success. I think though that Jodi has secrets she can’t divulge, at least not yet. But she/he is one amazing human being.


      • Not to be mean, but it would not surprise me to discover she has multiple identities. Her upbringing almost demands it. I do not know if I am seeing what you see, but something struck me as different from the very first picture I saw of her. Off not in a bad way, or a good way, just off. I have no other word for it.
        But however she did it, she survived, and I feel a kinship with her. If you ever read this, JJ, I admire you.

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