Ask yourself this question:  Why should it be necessary in the United States, a developed Western nation, a nation where people are educated and claim to be good, caring people … why should it be necessary for states to legislate fairness?  Why should a state have to make laws that say, “you cannot refuse to rent a house, or to employ a person simply because they are African-American, or because they are gay”Why do we have to do that?  Aren’t some things just common sense?  Why do you care if the person working in your factory is gay or straight?  They aren’t hitting on you, for Pete’s Sake!!!

Sorry for the rant, but this one galls me to no end.  We learned from the Civil Rights era of the 1950s – 1960s, didn’t we?  Didn’t we learn that all different sorts of people make the world more interesting?  Didn’t we learn that a woman can be just as good a lawyer as a man?  And now, haven’t we learned that gay people are just as nice, just as caring, just as clean, honest and hard-working as straight people are?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed two bills into law last Friday which seek to protect LGBTQ New Yorkers from discrimination and abuse.  The first new law, known as the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) codifies a 2015 executive order banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Under GENDA, New York businesses may not discriminate against transgender or non-binary New Yorkers in employment, housing, education, or public spaces.

The second new law bans so-called “ex-gay” conversion therapy, a discredited form of treatment which purports to turn people with same-sex attractions away from those desires. According to the American Psychiatric Association, “the potential risks of ‘reparative therapy’ are great, including depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior.”

My hat is off to the New York State Legislature and to Governor Cuomo for these two laws.  But I still ask … WHY do we need these?  Why are some people, especially, it would seem, religious groups, determined to either condemn or change gay people???  And why on earth would anyone in their right mind subject either themselves or a loved one to a psychiatric treatment that is known to cause terrible emotional problems???  But wait … you haven’t heard the worst of it yet.  Consider this single sentence from ThinkProgress …

Yet, while both new laws are undoubtedly victories for LGBTQ rights, it remains to be seen whether either law will have staying power in the face of a Supreme Court that is increasingly hostile to civil rights claims brought by non-conservatives.

WHY???  Why does it matter whether claims are brought by conservatives, moderates or liberals?  WHY should civil rights be disavowed?  Is it the intent of the conservative thinkers on the Supreme Court to walk back civil rights reform all the way to the days of segregated bathrooms, water fountains, schools and buses?  The Supreme Court is supposed to uphold the U.S. Constitution, not the doctrine of the Republican Party or the religious right!

Members of religious groups have 1st Amendment rights, the same as anybody else. What they do NOT have is the right to impose their will on the rest of the nation!  What they do NOT have is the right to discriminate against an entire group of people with whom they disagree, or who they simply do not like!  And the United States Supreme Court is supposed to judge fairly what is right for the entire nation, not for only white Christians!

I certainly hope that the New York laws can withstand the bigotry that now resides in the highest court in the nation.  Meanwhile, speaking of the Supreme Court, four conservative members of the Supreme Court joined an opinion calling for an expansion of the rights of religious conservatives to defy laws they disagree with — and a fifth justice, Chief Justice John Roberts, appears broadly sympathetic to this agenda.

One of the Christian right’s top policy priorities is to effectively create two different codes of law in the United States. The first code, which applies to people who do not hold conservative religious views, is rigid and unmoving. The second code, which would apply primarily to Christian-identified conservatives, contains broad exceptions for people who hold the “right” religious beliefs.


The endgame is a world where Christian conservatives can treat much of the law as optional, giving conservative Christians broad immunity from the rules that govern all other Americans.  For example, these groups want to have the legal authority to deny housing or employment to members of the LGBTQ community but would be up in arms if it were suggested that, say, a Jew could deny housing or employment to them on the grounds they are conservative Christians.  That’s the biggest load of you-know-what (see above picture) I have heard, but what’s worse is that, as was the case in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Supreme Court upheld the discriminatory acts!

The executive and legislative branches of our government are already compromised by power, greed and corruption.  If the judicial branch goes the same way, as it appears they are prepared to do, this nation can no longer possibly be called the United States of Anything.  As my wonderful late mother-in-law used to say, “Folks is folks … some are good, some aren’t … but in the end, we’re all just folks”.  Think about it.

35 thoughts on “WHY????????

  1. I am always surprised that people who supposedly follow a man who supposedly was never married and lived with 12 other men around him have a problem with gay people. Jesus somehow sounds rather gay in my book. And don’t get me started on the “Christian Armees” with all the ” give the other cheek” and such… Not sure these people actually read their holy book. I read it twice in different translations and am rather surprised what people make of it all…

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    • You are definitely not the first to put forth the idea that Jesus was gay! My own take is that he is a culmination of the figments of many people’s imaginations, so I cannot say if he was gay or straight, white or black, male or female, for that matter. I’m with you … I don’t know whether these evangelical Christians simply have not read their manual, or are interpreting it in a way that is most convenient for them. Either way, they aren’t practicing what they are preaching.


      • I think it is rather hard to live what you preach for any religion. If believers could be humble and accept that they might be more compassionate to those who do not share their believe. It might even happen one day. But I agree that the person Jesus in the book is a culmination of many ideas.

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        • True … in fact, it is difficult for we, as humans, to practice what we preach. I well remember many decades ago, my mother saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”! Even at a young age I could see the hypocrisy in that. It might happen one day, but if after all these millennium it hasn’t happened yet, I’m somewhat skeptical. 😉

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    • Men who hang out with other men must be gay? A man who doesn’t use a woman for sex must be gay? (Because you know, he was there for a very specific purpose and to marry a woman and then leave her destitute just so he could have sex seems like the antithesis for what Jesus taught.) People who claim to have read the Bible or understand Christian theology AND THEN reject it often prove the opposite once they try to talk about it. You have to at least argue from the known premises of Christian belief and from the Bible since that’s your source for your opinion, right? LOL.

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      • I don’t think he must be gay I think the possibility is high and why would it be a problem? It wouldn’t take away anything of the truth he preached. He was the one who did not judge the tax collector and the prostitute. His followers however often do. He was the one who taught being peaceful in a highly violent time and offer the other cheek but his followers often love to go to war. Don’t get me wrong: I know many Christ followers who are proving his teachings are possible in this life but it is hard because we are human. And that is exactly why he gave his life for us. He and God are fully aware if this and do not judge us for it. And again please do not judge me without knowing me: I grew up in a close knit Christian community. I was a born again Christian, worked for the Church and studied a little theology at University. Believe me I know different interpretations of the Bible. But that’s what it is: different interpretations: catholic, Methodist, Protestant, orthodox…

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  2. When it comes to religion, it’s one of those topics that’s too hot to touch, so i’ll keep opinions to myself. Politics is crazy enough to get me banned on several blogs, lol. 😉
    Altho I do freely admit to enjoying your “politically incorrect” rants & opinions on a wide variety of subjects! Keep it up, your work is very timely and relevant.


  3. I just pulled this off a psychology website.

    “But what is the case is that religion makes statements about the world, both factual and moral, which would be, if they were not supported by social and cultural pressures, considered psychotic and psychopathic.

    This is why I like to say that when a mental illness is sufficiently contagious, we call it a “religion”. Religions by their very nature convince ordinary, otherwise-intelligent people to believe incredibly stupid and evil things.

    Most people don’t want to believe this—even I am a little discomfited by it—but the fact is, ordinary people can be made to do extraordinarily evil things. Indeed, almost all of the extraordinarily evil things that have ever been done were done by ordinary people. How does this happen?

    There are three basic ways: Ideology, authority, and culture. Get people to believe the absurd, order them to obey without question, or surround them in an environment where everyone is behaving the same way, and you can make them do just about anything.

    Religion uses all of these methods, and it uses them with such remarkable efficiency one is tempted to think that it was designed by a brilliant psychopath. (In fact, it probably evolved.)
    So are religious people psychopaths? No. (Religious leaders on the other hand… it’s definitely possible.)

    But religion is psychopathic. Religion, as a force for indoctrinating ideology, enforcing obedience to authority, and inculcating deep, unquestioned cultural presumptions, can only lead our civilization closer to the abyss of self-destruction.”

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  4. Good question, why?

    Could it be because school boards, rather than experts, determine public school curriculum? They can prescribe that schools don’t address anything “controversial”, and don’t teach kids critical thinking skills because that would undermine their families’ strongly held beliefs. (Read Lies My Teacher Taught Me.)

    Could it be because the content of history textbooks in this country is also determined by school boards, especially by the Texas board of education, because Texas is the second-largest buyer of textbooks, and so the publishers do their bidding?

    Could it be because America is basically a two-party country, where there is no room for nuance or deep debate about anything, because everything has to fit into a campaign slogan?

    Could it be because the notion of American exceptionalism — that America is the greatest country in the world — along with the public school tendency to discourage independent thought, has created generations of Americans who automatically reject anything new to them?

    Could it be the extreme capitalism of this country, where media viewer ratings are more important than reporting the truth or questioning and investigating anything at all, let alone in depth?

    I could go on, but I’ll shut up now. 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Excellent question!! Always WHY?? … We should, by this time, already supposedly evolved from past separations because of human differences! Yet … humanity isn’t one step ahead of the reality of centuries or cultures ago! #SadReality … New York new laws:
    ‘While both new laws are undoubtedly victories for LGBTQ rights, it remains to be seen whether either law will have staying power in the face of a Supreme Court that is increasingly hostile to civil rights claims brought by non-conservatives.’

    In the end, we ALL bleed RED!!

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  6. This is truly worrying. I often think that you for what ever reason we get too many wrong people in key position. In the passed certainly in the U.K. we had bodies and groups of people who were truly independent and challenged those in positions of trust. Now increasingly interest groups and people in power are seeking ways to control and limit this independence. We had the BBC who would truly be an independent voice, now due governance changes it’s just happy to print obnoxious headlines from the right wing Daily Mail newspaper by treat the seas unchallenged headlines. These are dark days.

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    • Interesting you should bring up the BBC, b/c American alt media considers BBC to be liberal mouthpiece for the establishment, and would dismissively label as “fake news”. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective, filtered behind our political leanings.

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    • They are dark days, indeed, and it’s often hard to know where to take a stand and how to make a difference. In the U.S., it appears we will have to relive the Civil Rights era before we come out on the right side again. What is wrong with the human race? Sometimes they aren’t very human at all!

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  7. If our latest Supreme Court judge is voting for policies that discriminate against LBGTQ people it’s hard to swallow because we were told what a good Catholic he was and how he worked for the betterment of the poor. The Pope himself has called for all Catholics and others not to discriminate against people who are members of those groups. If his actions prior to becoming a Supreme Court judge was all a show he should be ashamed of himself. His cover has been blown. I’ve worked at call centers and got along fine with gays. My daughter has lived in an area where there are many gays and they keep up their property. She’s never had a problem, worked as an actor with gays, and feels safer living among them than any other place in a big city. My son married into a family with some gay members and gets along fine with them. They’re nice people. Let’s face it. There will always be discrimination and it’s sad but realistic to expect it. It has ugly, deep roots. 😦 — Suzanne

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  8. There is a element of world society that do not want change.. “Life is a process of becoming… a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.” Anais Nin… 🙂

    They try to pass laws, etc in order to protect their belief, the comfort zone they have created, a good many driven by fear… even the Christians are fighting among themselves…and it is not just the Christians but all religions… conservative religious ideology is the root cause of most, of not all, conflicts in today’s world… 🙂

    Not into religion here and life is a better place because of it… 🙂

    “I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief.” Gerry Spence

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    • “conservative religious ideology is the root cause of most, of not all, conflicts in today’s world.” So very true, as I have often thought myself. Like you, I am not religious, for I’ve seen too much to fall for any of the ideology. I also see more than ever today that they do not “practice what they preach”, for they claim to be about love and tolerance, but their actions don’t speak of either love or tolerance. The Gerry Spence quote is spot on. Thanks!


  9. It saddens me to think the United States may soon be governed by Christian zealots who seem to be inflexible on certain matters that should be of no matter to them. These zealots should not be able to stop valid abortions and dictate what a woman does with her body, often on medical advice.Nor have they the right to suggest being gay is abnormal and should be cured. The book they all claim to follow was not written by contemporaries of Christ but by people centuries later who professed to know the actions and thoughts of those they wrote about.It is a book like Aesop’s fables designed to get people to act in a certain way- their way. The intentions may be good but would you bring your children up by The Brothers Grimm stories?No difference, they’re all fairy tales. Since Constantine set out with his Bishops how he bible would be set, using some of the holy books but ignoring others including ones by females including Mary Magdalene, who if all other books are true, was extremely close to Jesus, has distorted the meaning somewhat.The Church has been built by men for men to rule, but the world is not occupied by just men now. According to the bible Jesus was not discriminatory and yet the church feels it can create laws to bring wholesale discrimination in to cover everything from Black Americans to gay persons. The Church has no right to inflict it’s beliefs on other and the Government via the Supreme Court cannot create legal discrimination based on the beliefs of one set of people.since the Government and Religion are to remain separate.

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    • Well said, David. That is exactly what is happening, and our elected officials seem willing to allow it to happen. Karl Marx called religion the ‘opiate of the masses’, and I have always seen it as just that. It seems that is the goal of the religious right, to cram everybody into the same mold, believing the same things, and everybody will go along with whatever the “Christian” government tells them is the “will of god”. In conjunction with this, they wish to erase all differences, rid themselves of ‘other’ and create a homogeneous society of nice white Christian people. This is why the Constitution calls for a separation of church and state, to prevent this very thing. But, just as the electoral college was established to prevent the election of a Donald Trump and failed miserably, this part of the Constitution might also be about to fail. The Supreme Court, as I see it, is the last bastion of hope at this point, and … well, I’m not sure they are up to the task of protecting us from the religious fanaticism that seems to be spreading.

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      • I’d say with the numbers the way they are on the Supreme Court bench that they’ll be finding in favour of the Christian right and be happy to legislate from the Christian point of view, or the fanatics point of view in reality. I’d guess lots of appeals to keep the Church and State separate will be quashed and schools will soon be learning that evolution is wrong as is Global Warming.

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  10. I think about it all the time, because I see the Religious Right taking back all the gains that have been made since the 60s (and earlier). Not just in the US, or Canada, but all over the European-dominated world–though thankfully not everywhere. Why do they do this? In a sentence, because they see themselves as persecuted by that most horrible of monsters, the LEFT. Even worse, the DEMOCRATIC LEFT! In their own colorful language: DEM LEFTIES!!!
    I have been checking out some right wing websites lately, and they seem to really believe that there is an active group of murderous individuals out to get them, to the point they use pseudonyms to protect themselves from DEM horrible LEFTIES!
    In reality, they are afraid because if they could they would kill anyone who isn’t religious and right wing. “Nothing to fear but fear of oneself.” Since we would do this to them, we know they will do it to us. Everyday, and twice on Sunday. What a waste of time that would be…

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