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The headline catches my eye …

Fox News: The Arrest Of Roger Stone Was Worse Than Benghazi

I ponder … dig through my dusty memory bank.  As I recall, there were a number of fatalities during the attack on the American diplomatic compound and the CIA annex, four of them U.S. citizens. And I seem to remember 11 non-fatal injuries, again four of them U.S. citizens, the rest Libyan.  So … were people killed when FBI agents pounded on Mr. Stone’s door, yelling, “Open up … FBI!”?  Who died?  I hadn’t heard that there were deaths and injuries, had you? fox-stone-raid

I read the article …thearticleI really liked both of the comments. Look, Fox people, Roger Stone is far from an innocent citizen peacefully minding his own business.  He is into the Trump-Russia scandal so deep that I’m surprised he can still breathe.  Stone has been a piece of trash for decades.  For once, he got a taste of what he deserves.  Enough said. Grow up and knock off with the Benghazi comparison, for there simply isn’t one.

Now, remember I cautioned you yesterday that while we are watching that giant Trump-a-ganza of a circus complete with clowns and elephants, there are things going on that we should be aware of?  Well, here is one of those things …

Trump plan to reclassify nuclear waste alarms environmental groups

The Trump administration wants to reclassify some radioactive waste left from the production of nuclear weapons to lower its threat level and make disposal cheaper and easier. The proposal by the U.S. Department of Energy would lower the status of some high-level radioactive waste in several places around the nation, including the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state — the most contaminated nuclear site in the country. Reclassifying the material to low-level could save the agency billions of dollars and decades of work by essentially leaving the material in the ground, critics say. – Associated Press, 10 December 2018

hanfordsiteFacilities which would be affected include the country’s most highly contaminated: the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state, which takes up an area half the size of Rhode Island. Opened in 1943, the site produced the plutonium for the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945, according to its website. The production of nuclear materials carried on until 1987, leaving behind waste that threatened the local environment, prompting the state and federal authorities — including the Department of Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) — to pledge in 1987 to clean up the site, without success.

Other facilities mentioned in the plans are the Savannah River Plant, South Carolina and the Idaho National Laboratory, according to the Associated Press.  Oh … and speaking of the Savannah River site …

US secretly shipped plutonium from South Carolina to Nevada

WTF???  According to the AP report …

The U.S. Department of Energy revealed on Wednesday that it secretly shipped weapons-grade plutonium from South Carolina to a nuclear security site in Nevada months ago despite the state’s protests.

The Justice Department notified a federal judge in Reno that the government trucked in the radioactive material to store at the site 70 miles (113 kilometers) north of Las Vegas before Nevada first asked a court to block the move in November.

Department lawyers said in a nine-page filing that the previously classified information about the shipment from South Carolina can be disclosed now because enough time has passed to protect national security. They didn’t specify when the one-half metric ton of plutonium was transferred.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak said he’s “beyond outraged by this completely unacceptable deception.” He announced at a hastily called news conference in Carson City late Wednesday the state is now seeking another court order to block any more shipments of plutonium as it pursues “any and all legal remedies,” including contempt of court orders against the federal government.

Secretary of Energy … Rick Perry … the same Rick Perry who, back in 2017, said that increased use of fossil fuels will lead to a reduction in sexual assaults.  Save a buck at the potential cost of ours and future generations lives.  What could possibly go wrong?

Here we go again …

Last week, the Trump administration announced it will allow a ministry in South Carolina that only works with heterosexual Christian families to participate in a federally funded foster care program.

That means Miracle Hill Ministries can receive federal funding to participate in the program while discriminating against non-Christians, as well as the LGBT community.

WTF???  When did it become okay for a religious organization to receive federal funds?  And when did it become okay to discriminate???

The organization was in violation of a regulation issued by the Obama administration that states organizations receiving funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) can’t discriminate on the basis of religion or sexual orientation.

But Trump’s HHS, under Secretary Alex Azar, issued an exemption for the ministry to participate in the program, writing that to force it out would be a violation of its religious freedom.  No, no it would not be a violation at all of its religious freedom, but it is a violation of the concept of separation of church and state to allow this bigoted religious organization to collect federal funding.  Period.  What is so damn hard to understand about that concept?

From the ‘You’ve Got To Be Kidding?’ Annals …

You remember Sebastian Gorka, right?  He served briefly as an ‘advisor’ to Trump in 2017, until his connections to an anti-Semitic group in Hungary became known.  He’s never quite gone away though, and is now a contributor to Fox News.  His latest …gorka-rbg

First of all, Gorky, Ruth Bader Ginsburg does NOT ‘have to’ attend the State of the Union address.  If you will look back to last year, she did not attend the State of the Union address then, for she was in Rhode Island for a late-morning “fireside chat” at Roger Williams University’s law school before speaking at a temple in Providence later that evening.  There is no ‘requirement’ that anybody attend!  And second of all, YOU cannot even spell her name right!

But there’s even more.  Remember that fringe group, Q-Anon?  They have put forth the conspiracy theory that RBG is hiding a secret illness, or she is dead.  FOR PETE’S SAKE — do these fools have nothing better to do than sit around and think up fairy tales???  Couldn’t they, perhaps, do something useful to contribute to this world?

Well, now that I’ve got all that out of my system, I’m going to bed.  G’day, my friends!

14 thoughts on “More Snarky Snippets

  1. Jill, when Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters submitted his resignation he was highly critical of the non-news portion of the Fox News network. He distinguished their untruthful BS from the far more reputable news people, one of whom condemned the President for demeaning two reporters.

    Let me speak plainly, before rhey sing praises about Roger Stone saying how wrongfully he was treated, they may want to do a little reading. Like the US President, they will find a man who lies, demeans and attacks people. And, like the President, they would find a man guilty as hell. Keith

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    • I fully agree. Stone is every bit as deserving of a jail cell as is Trump. Fox News has entirely too much power in this administration, don’t you think? They have now told the prez that he should announce a state of emergency on February 16th. I wouldn’t be surprised if he followed their orders.


      • Jill, I should have included the reference that Peters resigned from Fox News as a commentator. He was frustrated by people who never served in the military not calling the President on the carpet for actions that place the world in more danger.

        Stone learned from Roy Cohn and Richard Nixon, two men who enabled the McCarthy communist witch hunts. Trump follows Stone’s rules and was mentored by Cohn as well.

        Between the two of them, Trump learned to attack critics, to never apologize, to sue everyone, to not worry about what is true and being covered in the news is good in spite of what they are saying.

        To sum up, Nixon abused the power of the presidency which led to the jailing of over 20 associates, Cohn advised one of the most mean-spirited and indecent men in US history in McCarthy who ruined the lives of many people, and Stone and Trump may follow suit. Keith

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        • Yes, I remember applauding Col. Peters decision, his backbone and integrity. I think there can be no doubt that Trump has placed the world in more danger in many ways, not the least of which is addressing climate change.

          I knew Stone had worked for Nixon, and in the back of my mind I thought he also had ties to Cohn, but couldn’t remember for sure. I do know he has been an a$$ from the very beginning of his political career.

          Let us hope that Stone, Trump and the multitude of others involved in scamming the American public and stealing an election, end up behind bars before long. No … sigh … I don’t believe it will happen, but I can still hope.

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          • Jill, Stone, Paul Manafort, Lee Atwater and Karl Rove are cut from the same cloth – mudslinging politics where the truth only matters if it serves the purpose of your candidate. If you remember “All the President’s Men,” Stone was one of the young pranksters that disrupted adversaries’ campaigns. Nixon did not want to run against Senator Edmumd Muskie, so these pranksters did all kinds of pranks and dirty tricks to get Muskie to withdraw. Nixon wanted to run against the more liberal George McGovern, did so and shellacked him. We should not forget the Watergate break-in was of the DNC headquarters – does that ring a bell with Trump, Stone and Wikileaks? If Stone is involved, fairness and lawfulness are irrelevant. Keith

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  2. Snarky snarky, Jill. Good for you. Seems dumpo trumpo is a more fitting name than even I knew, dumping his nuclesr waste in anyone’s back yard but his own, or his friends’. All you wannabe assassins out there, don’t you need to do some target practice? Oh, yeah, none of you would read this leftist bs, you can’t understand the big words, can you:
    wannabe – a person who would like to be famous, but doesn’t have the guts or brains to do something amazing for the world, so they only can do things to the world, like shoot the nice guys from behind hidden blinds. God told them to do it, not their fault!

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