The Shame Of Our Nation …

“The Trump administration says it would require extraordinary effort to reunite what may be thousands of migrant children who have been separated from their parents and, even if it could, the children would likely be emotionally harmed.” – Associated Press, 02 February 2019

Say WHAT???

The first thing that comes to mind is … let’s get somebody to ‘remove’ Trump’s youngest (known) son, Barron, and then say we cannot likely return him.  I wonder if Trump would just shrug his shoulders and say, “Oh well,” as he obviously expects the parents of those stolen immigrant children to do?  In truth, it might be a kindness to Baron, for just look at how Trump’s other children have turned out.

According to Jonathan White, who leads the Health and Human Services Department’s efforts to reunite migrant children with their parents …

“It would destabilize the permanency of their existing home environment and could be traumatic to the children.” 

Where was the concern about the trauma to the children when they were unconscionably stolen from their parents?  Where was the concern when they were dragged, screaming and crying, from the arms of the only caregivers they had ever known?

The reality is that the government did a piss-poor job of record-keeping and now has no earthly idea where a vast majority of these children have landed.  They didn’t even know how many children they had separated from their parents and greatly underestimated the number.  They still don’t know, but Health and Human Services’ assistant inspector general, Ann Maxwell, said that the number of separated children was certainly larger than the 2,737 listed by the government in court documents.  They didn’t even keep records!!!

People, these are lives we are talking about here, not electric light bulbs!  One does not simply take children from their parents, put them into cages, and then dispose of them willy-nilly without so much as a thought to remembering who went where!!!

“The department’s inspector general report didn’t have a precise count, but Maxwell said staff estimated it to be in the thousands.”

You may remember in June that Judge Dana Sabraw ordered all children held in U.S. custody to be returned to their parents, an order that still has not been completely fulfilled.  The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is requesting that Judge Sabraw amend that order to include children who were released to sponsors before his initial ruling.  A hearing is scheduled for February 21st.  ACLU attorney Lee Gelernt said …

“The Trump administration’s response is a shocking concession that it can’t easily find thousands of children it ripped from parents and doesn’t even think it’s worth the time to locate each of them.”

I agree.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) claims that to review the 47,083 cases in an effort to track down these children would require too much time, too many man-hours.  Seriously???  We place a cost on the value of a child’s life and that cost isn’t worth hiring extra staff???  The department claims that 90% of these children were released to ‘close relatives’.  I don’t believe them.  How, after all, can they make that claim when they admittedly do not know where the children went?

On January 4th, The Guardian reported that the U.S. has stopped cooperating with the United Nations’ investigators over potential human rights violations occurring inside the U.S.:

Quietly and unnoticed, the state department has ceased to respond to official complaints from UN special rapporteurs, the network of independent experts who act as global watchdogs on fundamental issues such as poverty, migration, freedom of expression and justice. There has been no response to any such formal query since 7 May 2018, with at least 13 requests going unanswered.

Nor has the Trump administration extended any invitation to a UN monitor to visit the US to investigate human rights inside the country since the start of Donald Trump’s term two years ago in January 2017. Two UN experts have made official fact-finding visits under his watch – the special rapporteurs on extreme poverty and privacy – but both were invited initially by Barack Obama, who hosted 16 such visits during his presidency.

Paradoxically, the Trump administration’s decision to shun the UN’s independent watchdogs places the US among a tiny minority of uncooperative states. There are very few countries that resist international oversight from UN special rapporteurs – one of them is North Korea.

Imagine, if you will, being a parent of a young child, living in a country where turmoil and violence are the norm.  Imagine wanting to protect your child, wanting to give your little boy or girl a better life.  You’ve heard that the U.S. is one of the ‘greatest’ countries in the world, the ‘land of opportunity’, so you give up everything you have, which is little enough, to make the long trek on foot to a place where you believe you and your child can live in safety, can carve out a life, can have a hope for the future.  And then … suddenly, bright lights shine in your eyes, booming angry voices scream at you, guns are pointed at you, and your child is taken screaming and crying, while you are powerless.  Imagine being told, then, that you will likely never see your child again because … “We don’t remember where we put him, and it’s just too much trouble to figure it out”.

This is the United States of America under Donald Trump.

38 thoughts on “The Shame Of Our Nation …

  1. Dear Jill,

    The overwhelming impression that the casual observer gets is that the president’s administration feels imposed upon to what’s right, to reunite children with their parents. What really gets me are those righteous pro-lifers who tout the importance of each child’s right to life but who turn their backs on this atrocity.

    I had someone tell me the other day that these children who were forcibly removed by US agents from their refugee families at the SW border, are living in a palace compared to their former living standards. I blew as I could not contain my rage. Children suffer serious trauma when separated from families and NOTHING, NOTHING is worth this harm on children.

    I’m having a hard time dealing with the president’s cruelty and those who support him.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Dear Gronda, I’m concerned for your peace of mind as well as your health. I totally understand your frustration, but seething anger certainly does not bode well for a person’s blood pressure and well being. If your friend or family member don’t seem to comprehend the trauma of separation inflicted upon families, then sadly their compassion and consciousness level are low. They just don’t feel the same way we do. No amount of yelling/ anger is going to change their position if they are incapable of empathy for their fellow human beings.
      May I suggest donating to RAICES, Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services is a non-profit focused on “providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families and refugees in Central and South Texas,” according to the organization’s website.
      If you’re located near one of the detention centers, you can volunteer with Freedom for Immigrants and actually have some human to human contact with the detained migrants. If you’ve got the means, you can also pledge through Freedom for Immigrants to host a migrant who would otherwise be detained. When you sign up to volunteer, the organization also offers other ways you can get involved, even if you’re not located at the border.
      Just a few suggestions to redirect your anger energy toward something constructive and helpful for the migrant children and their families. *Peace & Love* ❤


    • Yes, my friend, the pro-lifers only seem concerned with the life of a human when it is an unborn, white baby. These are children with brown skin, so … really they don’t care. The other thing that galls me is the attitude of our government, that … “Oh, well, it would take too long to figure it all out now” attitude. Do they not understand that these are not statistics, but HUMAN LIVES we are talking about?

      You are a better woman than I, for if somebody had said that to my face, I would be in jail tonight on charges of assault and battery! I’m tired .. I’m done with these arrogant bastards who define ‘humanity’ as white, male, Christian. You are right … there is NOTHING that justifies the behaviour of the U.S. toward immigrant children. This is the worst abomination of the U.S. government since the internment of Japanese-Americans in camps during WWII.

      I’m having a hard time with this, also … is this what we have become, or is it an aberration? Can we turn this around? Sigh. Hugs!

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  2. This is a scandal of the worst kind. The history books will castigate in print all who had anything to do with it. and rightfully so. It’s one more black mark on the history of the U.S. Unlike “A Christmas Carol”, I doubt this will have anything close to a happy ending. The ghost of a dead partner and three others never visited Trump. Even that probably wouldn’t have changed his way of doing things. He doesn’t seem to have the necessary empathy or shame. When he’s gone from office, he’ll leave a mess for someone else to clean up. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Yes, and because it involves children, it may well tie the Japanese internment camps as the most unconscionable act by the U.S. The thing that disturbs me the most is that attitude by officials of, “Oh well, it would take to long to sort it all out.” When did human life become a disposable commodity to our government? Your mention of A Christmas Carol has given me an idea, though! 😀

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  3. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Incredibly wrong, cruel, and sadistic. Where are all the fetus loving pro-life people to cry their outrage? Where are all the ones claiming that children need both their parents so gay people shouldn’t be allowed to adopt. Here is the thing I can not understand. I read many reports of them moving these kids very late at night / early morning in secret. Many of the children went to Christian foster /adoption agencies, others went to for profit juvenile detention facilities. What I do not understand is why the very people who clearly have a racial hatred of brown people immigrants wanted so many of these children of all ages kept here in the US? Is it a religious thing? They are doing everything they can to kick out the DACA kids, so why kidnap and keep these other kids? It doesn’t make sense, there must be something going we are still not aware of yet. Hugs

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    • Dear Scottie, this may seem unfathomable to us but the reality is… there’s a huge international child trafficking operation going on that seldom make the evening news. Tens of thousands go missing every year in the US alone, most of these poor children are undocumented migrants. Many are used in the sex trafficking industry, for harvesting organs, or sacrificed in satanic rituals (esp at the highest level of gov’t).
      Hmmm, makes me wonder how convenient that these separated kids cannot locate their rightful parents. Oh sorry, our paperwork was not very accurate, we don’t have any records for this child…. so the detainees will have to be “relocated” to some undisclosed location at the gov’ts discretion. Poof, vanished, gone!
      Just google: “US Foster Care System a Breeding Ground for Human Trafficking”
      “The Catholic Church and Pedophilia: Trafficking Children as Sex Slaves”
      “Migrants organ trafficking in the US”
      Scottie your suspicions are warranted, migrant kidnapping makes perfect sense… if one choose to pierce that veil.

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    • Many thanks for the re-blog, Scottie! This situation is largely un-reported these days and I think most were unaware of it … I know I was. I hope many people see this and start asking some questions, making some demands on our lawmakers. For our government to take such a “oh well, whatever” attitude is horrid and makes me even more ashamed than I already was of this nation. I cannot answer your question, for I’m not sure what the reason for keeping those kids here is … I think it may be as simple as bureaucratic bungling, but then … who knows … perhaps there is more to it. In the current administration … the one that promised transparency … nothing is clear and everything is covered in a layer of smoke & haze. There seems to be an underlying reason for almost everything these days. Sigh.

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  4. Jill, and while all of this maltreatment is going on, Berlin based Transparency International announced the US has fallen in their Corruption Perception Index four grade points to 71 dropping out of the top twenty. The average for Democratic countries is 75. Lack of government checks and balances and attacks on civil discourse are the cited reasons. This was measured in 2017, so I would not be surprised to see us fall more in 2018.

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    • I have no doubt that we will fall even more. Another report just came out yesterday … Freedom House’s Freedom In The World Report, and we have dropped far below most of the EU, UK and Canada in terms of political rights and civil liberties. This treatment of these children puts us on a par with most third-world nations, in my book.


  5. Trump’s and his cronies certainly don’t care about these children and neither do his cult or the despicable evangelical so called Christians. If you look at human history you can see the writing on the wall. We are not a very nice species in the aggregate.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    There really are no words …. SMGH!! … ‘The Drumpf administration says it would require extraordinary effort to reunite what may be thousands of migrant children who have been separated from their parents and, even if it could, the children would likely be emotionally harmed.” – – Associated Press, 02 February 2019.

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  8. The story unfolded is sick. Where were all the voices telling Trump not to do it. Where we’re the people in charge of doing it when it came to record keeping? This is going to be a hideous problem in 2020 for whoever succeeds Trump and I hope heads will roll from all those who were complicit. Little kindness was shown to all those children taken from their parents and put in camps,there was bullying and sexual abuse in some cases. These kids are going to need their parents to help them get over this trauma.

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    • I agree … the whole thing sickens me, but what I find most horrifying now is the callous disregard with which these children’s lives are being taken. It’s as if … “Oh well, it’s just a few thousand kids … we’ve got bigger things to worry about, like building a wall.” I wonder if, by the time we have a real government that takes seriously its commitment to the people, this mess can even BE straightened out? We have truly become a third world country, undeserving of any respect, when we place such a small value on the life of a child. Sigh.


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  9. IMO, this is just ONE of the many catastrophes taking place under tRumpsky’s rule (one of the worst, I definitely agree). But what can we expect? It’s totally obvious he hasn’t a CLUE on what he’s doing. He bounces from one issue to another, leaving disaster in its wake.

    But hey … so long as people keep wearing those MAGA caps, we’re good. Right?

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    • You’re right … this is one of many, but this one strikes a deeper chord, partly because it involves children, and partly because of the nonchalant attitude of those in OUR employ who are just shrugging the whole thing off. And this … THIS is what he calls “making america great again”? The small ‘a’ is not an oversight, by the way. Sigh.

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  10. WTF and this time I don’t apologise for my language. I don’t even know where to begin shouting my disgust at that orange baboon and his “Schergen”. That’s German and I need to ask L.E.O what it means in English… ah, henchmen. Really?! I start to suspect that not even hell is going to want him in their vicinity.
    His youngest name is Baron???? I really pitied the boy when he had to stay up for celebrating his fathers ” win” two years ago oh no it was three… He looked terrified and confused and I somehow thought:” that boy might be Trumps undoing” we’ll see.

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    • I said exactly the same when this first crossed my radar … WTF??? Such a lack of conscience over the lives of thousands of children, not only by Trump but his hired thugs as well. Is this truly what those who support him want, I wonder? If it is, then … they are not people I want to even know.

      As to Barron, I, too, felt sorry for him at several key points, but I also see the same arrogance in his eyes that I see in his older half-brothers Don, Jr. and Eric. Too early to tell, but considering that both his parents are ego maniacal, sel-focused, dispassionate jerks, I’m not sure he stands a chance of turning out to be a nice guy.


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