27 thoughts on “What Better Way To Start Sunday — Toons!!!

  1. Dear Jill,

    Talk about gallows humor, as that what it feels like nowadays.

    I like the cartoon where the guy says that now he knows which date not to watch the president’s State Of The Union speech.I ditto his thinking.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yep, definitely a macabre sort of humour, but still … we have to laugh, else we will go screaming naked into the street some night! I share your thinking. I’ve seen several on-line petitions to boycott the SOTU address. I cannot watch it, for I cannot watch him that long without being sick.

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  2. Lol. My favorite is “It’s dark, therefore there is no sun. It’s cold, therefore there is no global warming.” Here in eastern New Mexico, where our high temperatures are normally 55 degrees this time of year, we have had high temperatures of 72 degrees for the past two days. Obviously, the polar vortex only goes so far.

    I saw another good cartoon yesterday. The first panel is a weather map of North America, showing frigid temperatures from the polar vortex pushing down from Canada into the United States. In the second panel, there is a border wall between Canada and the U.S., which stops the polar vortex at the Canadian border. Too funny!

    The times we live in are crazy. Laughing about it is a good thing. 😀

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    • That was my favourite too … and unfortunately, just how the ‘leader’ of this nation thinks. We had the polar vortex last week, but then today the temps reached up to 59, which is almost unheard of for February! Ah, but no, there isn’t anything wrong … nothing to see here, folks! I must go in search of the cartoon you mention! Yes, if we don’t laugh, we will go nuts … macabre humour is better than none, I suppose. 😉


  3. Jill, these make me want to laugh and cry. I just read where the fake news is alive and well. There are two doctored stories that the are getting a lot of views – the. Stone seizure had more operatives than the Osams Bin Laden raid – not even close. The incoming Muslim Congresspeople posed for a picture with the same Osama Bin Laden – again not true.

    Trump did not invent political lying although he is known for lying throughout his life. He just realized that the significant amount of lying done by my former party which is much greater than on the Dem side means the truth is a commodity whose currency is welcomed it it helps, but unneeded. And, that is the true farce. Keith

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    • What starts as laughter often turns to tears of … what? Sadness? Hopelessness? I heard of the one about the Stone arrest, but had not heard about the Muslim members of Congress. Ahhhh … the good ol’ conspiracy theories are alive and well. And some will believe them. Sigh. It’s just about enough, don’t you think, my friend? Just about enough.


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