Kind Of A Jolly Monday …

Happy Monday morning, my friends.  I’ve been a bit under the weather for a few days now, so I’m afraid I didn’t do any baking, but had Jolly run out in the Filomobile for some donuts … I hope you’ll forgive me.donuts-1donuts-2

Last week we had some of the coldest temperatures I can remember.  But then, I can’t remember why I went into the kitchen.  Still … it must have been pretty darn cold for this …pic-1

Or how ‘bout this one … Cowgirls and their horses in the Midwest?pic-2

And this …pic-6

And then yesterday, after a morning low of -6° on Wednesday, we had temps of 50°!  Needless to say, when 6” to 8” of snow melts that quickly, it has nowhere to go, so then you get flood warnings.  But no … nothing unusual about all this, is there now?

I had to laugh at this one yesterday …

Husband ‘calls police on own wife after she refuses to split bill for Chinese’

It happened in Sydney, Australia, where an unnamed man, apparently balked at having to foot the dinner bill, called “000”, Australia’s equivalent of the U.S.’ 911, or the UK’s 999.  The police arrived and reminded the man that the emergency number is for actual emergencies.chinese food“Police are unsure of who eventually paid for the remainder of the succulent Chinese meal,” North Shore Police Area Command said in a statement.

I wonder if he had egg … foo yung … on his face?

And speaking of husbands … how about this one …


Adam Hemsley feeding lemur.  Look at that tail!!!  (The lemur’s, not Adam’s)

The Hemsley Conservation Centre, located southeast of London, is a small zoo & conservation center started by Adam Hemsley in 2015.  They are said to have several animals you don’t see everyday, and if you check out the Centre’s website  you’ll see they have some very positive reviews and adorable pictures.


Precious little meerkats … I would take one for a Valentine’s Day present if anybody felt so inclined.  Though I’m not sure how they would fare with the Sig Six

For Valentine’s Day, they are offering a real deal … for a small donation of about $2, they will name a cockroach after your ex-husband!  Names will appear on the roach board next to the zoo’s cockroach enclosure. Money raised through the endeavor will go toward future zoo projects.

cockroach“For those that don’t quite require revenge, there’s another way to make you feel better about getting back at your ex this Valentine’s Day,” said the zoo in a statement about the program.

Participants will receive a certificate that reads, “I’ve named a cockroach at the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the not so loving memory of my worthless ex!”  A bit harsh?  Perhaps, but I’ve known a few who deserved it. The certificate also grants the holder half-price entry into the zoo!


I told you a few days ago that I am trying to make note of what the ‘National Day of ______’ is this year, right?  Partly that is because our friend Ellen goaded me a few times, saying, “I can’t believe you missed National _________ Day”.  Well, today marks a newly designated day, National Hemp Day!  Mark it on your calendars, folks!  It also happens to be National Football Hangover Day (I’m assuming this has something to do with last night’s Super Bowl which yours truly did NOT watch!  And it is National Thank-A-Mail-Carrier Day, as well as National Homemade Soup Day!  And finally, it is National Create A Vacuum Day, and I have no idea what that means!

I do apologize for the shorter-than-usual Jolly Monday, but how ‘bout a cute animal video to finish off the morning?

jollyHave a great week, folks, keep safe & warm, and please share those gorgeous smiles I see you wearing.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa and Jolly!

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  1. Benjamin is very sad that “Miss Jill is not felling very good” and is happy that Jolly is being helpful by getting these donuts today. He really like the smiley faces and chose the yellow one. He doesn’t want Jolly to “worry about a juicebox, cause I can get one here”! Benjamin and I are probably numbered among the few New England residents that are not thrilled with Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early Spring…we have not experienced any sufficient amount of snow to build a single Snowman this entire Winter! As my Gram used to say : “Groundhogs are only good for one thing, mischief!” But, we did enjoy these snowy photos. We loved the Hemsley Conservation Centre website and signed up to receive their newsletter. Total aside…even a cockroach does not deserve being saddled with the “missing in action” husband’s name, they possess better qualities. We loved the cute dog videos too! Benjamin sends a “gentle neckbuster hug and a Namaste” to Miss Jill, plus a kiss on Jolly’s forehead for being sweet! Thank-you x 2!!

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    • Please tell Benjamin that I send him a big HUG … but no kisses, for I would not want him to catch my germs! I’m glad he enjoyed the donut! I seriously considered skipping Jolly Monday, for like your own cold, I believe mine has morphed into either bronchitis or pneumonia, and I was feeling fairly rotten. But then, I thought of Benjamin, and I simply couldn’t disappoint our little man.

      Isn’t it odd that you haven’t had any major snowfall, while we down in the mid-west have had a total of a few feet! What’s even odder is that it was -6 on Wednesday, and 59 degrees today! The snow melted quickly, but I hear there is more in the forecast.

      Benjamin: Thank you sweet young man, for the gentle neckbuster and Namaste to you, also. I hope I can do better next Monday! Take care of Gem, and here is a neckbuster hug from me to you 🤗.

      Love ‘n hugs to you both, my dear friends.


      • Thank-you again and again! Benjamin has come to love his Monday Morning Breakfast with Miss Jill and Jolly, he would indeed be very sad not to find this post amidst the inbox. I might caution you to do as I say and not as I did, take care that you do not develop a pneumonia that is difficult to treat and saps you of your strength. We are neither of us as young as we used to be or as strong as we like to believe ourselves to be, we may remain resolute but are far from invincible. As to our lack of snowfall, it has been suggested to me by a well meaning few, that it is fortunate that there has been insufficient snow for snowman construction. To which I responded, if it took my last breath and the last ounce of strength that I possessed to build a snowman with Benjamin…it would be well worth both!

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        • You and Benjamin bring a smile to my face more than once every week, and I take so much pleasure in knowing that you guys look forward to our Monday breakfasts, or as my friend David calls them, ‘brekkies’. I’m glad I didn’t let Benjamin down this week!

          Yes, ma’am ,,, I believe I’ve heard that before … “Do as I say, not as I do” … it used to be my mother’s favourite line! That said, I have been a heavy smoker since around age 12-13, and was born with asthma, so I cannot complain when about once a year I get either severe bronchitis or pneumonia, for it is largely my own fault. You are quite right, though, that we are not as young and resilient as we once were, and I do note that each year it is a bit harder to recover from. I threatened to trade my body in on a newer model, but it just laughed … and coughed a bit more.

          And as to your final thought … yes, I fully agree! What better way to go than spending time watching the sheer joy light up the face of our beloved grandchild?

          Hugs to you and Benjamin, my dear friend. ❤


  2. Dear Jill,

    I’m in on donating a couple of dollars to name a cock roach after my ex-husband. This would be an honor and it’s for a good cause.

    I love the cute pet videos. Thanks for some laughs.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. Jill, the Krispy Kremes do look tempting. Except, as noted in my prime number post, there would only be 23 donuts available to make the picture – driver’s carrying fee.

    Your picture reminded me of s fun run at NC State University in Raleigh, where the contestant run a couple of miles to Krispy Kreme, eat a dozen glazed donuts and then run back to campus. Ugh. Keith

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    • Ha ha … I thought about you when I put those there and thought that if Keith had picked them up, there would be at least one missing. Fortunately, Jolly doesn’t eat donuts but prefers cookies. 😉

      Oh my! That ‘Fun Run’ does not sound at all like fun to me! 🤢


  4. Krispy Kremes are my favourite, but I have to go 1200 kilometres to get one. So thanks for sending some up. (Mind you, I don’t really like donut shop donuts, so I had to pass them up. What a life! I sniffed the one Gail took…)
    The snow signs were cute. I woke up to -35 C yesterday with a windchill of -51 C. Just to warm you guys up. And maybe cool Jill down again. Now I know where our 2 youngest cats got their tails. They aren’t as long, but they have grown into beautiful silver and black rings very similar to the lemurs. I doubt they can interbreed, but, something fishy happened. The meerkats are just scrumcious. I guess the Dollar Store lady goes in her PJs.
    Have a good week, everyone. That includes you, Jill!

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    • Now, I like donuts, but the donut hasn’t been made that I would drive 745 miles for! I’m glad at least Gail got to enjoy one! Tell her hello for me, by the way. Your temperatures are unbearable, my friend! I was miserable when it was -6 here! I don’t know how you do it, but I really must remember to stop whining when it gets cold here, for relatively speaking, compared to your temps it is summer here.

      There is a lady across the street from us who actually does go to the grocery in her pajamas! I don’t dress to the nines or anything, but at least a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, for Pete’s sake!

      Thanks my friend … I hope you have a good week too … stay warm!


      • I’m born to take temps from 100 F down to -40 F. You’re not. Everything is relative, and you are probably colder at -6 F than I am at -40. I prefer 70s and 80s, as I’m sure you do too, but I am used to the extremes. I doubt you are. Call it like you feel it. I just like bugging people, that’s all…

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  5. Smiles and hugs to you too!!! – Here it is still very grey, rather mild and wettish… not exciting at all, but no drama either. My mum in Austria is still having loads of snow, so the boys hope it will keep until the February break (three weeks to go) 🙂 Have a good week! Hope you feel better soon! (I asked if I could send some sun … have not seen it around a lot these last weeks … but if I catch some I will try to squeeze it through the router!)

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    • The way this weather is going, the boys may well get their wish, or else it might be summer-like with flowers poking their heads through the ground! Last Wednesday, it was -6 (F) here, and today was 59!!! Still cloudy, grey and rainy, though. I do hope you are able to send me a bit of sunshine! I really need it! And many thanks for the well-wishes … I think what started as a cold has turned to pneumonia … sigh.


      • Pneumonia does not sound good! A friend of mine and her husband were down with flu for a long time beginning of January – in the end it turned out they had pneumonia, both of them! – So be really careful, my friend!
        No chance of sending any sunshine today, I am afraid. Sky looks like you painted it grey with a paintbrush and watercolours. My mind feels like that too, a bit.

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