A Baker’s Dozen of ‘Toons …

It has been an odd and exhausting week, hasn’t it?  And not a particularly fun week, if you ask me.  So … I thought, since it’s Friday, maybe it’s a good time to wind down the week by having a few chuckles.

toon-1toon-2toon-3toon-4toon-5toon-6Tom Toles Editorial Cartoon - tt_c_c190206.tiftoon-8toon-9toon-10toon-11toon-12toon-13

Have a nice weekend, my friends!

17 thoughts on “A Baker’s Dozen of ‘Toons …

  1. Jill, all are good, but I like the uninvited debt rhino the best. I think we need to push our Senators with three simple questions.

    Why does he not want to release his tax returns? There seem to be a list of excuses – audit, privacy, politics. What is the man hiding?

    What will it take to act? How far must we diminish our relationships with allies, belittle the press and bully critics before you will act?

    Is this the man you want to spend your dear reputation on?

    While he does all of this our environment is impaired, our planet heats up, our debt gets worse and our civility suffers. Keith

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    • Yep, the uninvited rhino was my favourite as well. Your three questions are excellent, but do you think they even hear us when we ask? It gets discouraging to get boiler-plate responses. Mind you, I won’t stop writing to them, even if only to annoy the heck out of them, but I surely do wish that I felt they were taking our concerns seriously. Perhaps if we were among the top campaign contributors they would listen closer?


      • Jill, I agree on the boiler plate responses. I do think a heartfelt campaign with more than a few alternating between writing and calling. I try to be as pleasant as possible with the staff, but share my concerns.

        I think it is essential to let Congress know that we fully understand what kind of person this President is and we see what is happening.

        As an aside, the Bezos claim of extortion by the National Enquirer may explode on them and Trump, given the possible breach of the cooperation agreement and Saudi ties. Trump celebrated Bezos divorce news, now may seriously regret what has transpired. I call it an “oh s**t” moment. Keith

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        • You are right, of course, we must continue to do whatever we can to make our voices heard. As you say, our elected representatives need to know that we are not blind, deaf & dumb, and that we can see and understand what Trump is doing and how they are enabling him. And, they need to be reminded loud and clear that there IS another election practically ’round the corner.

          Yes, while I’m not a fan of chaos and scandal, I fully believe Bezos’ claims of attempted extortion, and I hope it puts the National Enquirer out of business for good, and that Trump does have his “Oh SH*T” moment! 2019 is definitely NOT going to be a boring year, is it?

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