Saturday’s Snarky Snippets

When I wake on Saturday morning to no less than 12 “breaking news” updates on my phone, you know I’m going to be in snarky-mode.  So, here goes …

Another hat in the ring …

Elizabeth-WarrenElizabeth Warren announced her entry into the 2020 presidential campaign this morning.  While I respect Ms. Warren’s political views, believe she is as well-qualified as any, and while a year ago I would have considered her as my choice, I have to wonder at her decision today.  Given the very public controversy that she stirred over her Native American heritage, or lack thereof, she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the democratic nomination, much less the presidency.  Frankly, I don’t relish the thought of listening to Trump and his faithful followers shrieking “Pocahontas” for the next 21 months! The more candidates who throw their hats into the ring, the more it dilutes the party unity, and that unity is going to be essential to winning an election next year.  I wish Ms. Warren had put country before ego.

He’s baaaaaaack …

roger-stoneLong time ago, July 2016, to be exact, I awarded Trump’s buddy Roger Stone (and his wife) my coveted Idiot of the Week award, and to this day he is still proving worthy of the title.  Stone, who has undoubtedly committed as many crimes as most any man alive, was arrested on January 25th, and indicted by Robert Mueller’s team on seven counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding, witness tampering, and making false statements.  You might think that would take some of the wind out of his sails, that he might ‘sit down and shut up’, right?  But no, this is Roger Stone who, like his buddy Trump, thinks he can do as he pleases and will never suffer the consequences.

Instead of silence, Stone went on a media blitz in a series of television interviews and Instagram posts, decrying the unfairness of his arrest, etc., etc., etc.  Judge Amy Berman Jackson, along with Robert Mueller, is considering placing a gag order on Stone, stopping him from publicly discussing his case.  In the Judge’s words …

“The upshot of treating the pretrial proceedings in this case like a book tour could be that we end up with a much larger percent of the jury pool that’s been tainted by pretrial publicity than we have now, and that’s what it’s my job to balance here.”

Stone’s attorneys argue against it.  On what grounds, you ask?  Because a) Stone doesn’t even have a Twitter account (he was kicked off Twitter more than a year ago for a series of expletive-laden posts aimed at CNN anchors), and b) Kim Kardashian has more followers than Stone.  Is there logic here?  I’m failing to see it.

More bad news …

Dr. Sean Conley, Trump’s physician …

“While the reports and recommendations are being finalized, I am happy to announce the President of the United States is in very good health and I anticipate he will remain so for the duration of his Presidency, and beyond.”

Will any be left standing?

A week or so ago, I read a column by George Will in The Washington Post that posited the most viable candidate in the large field of democrats seeking to unseat Donald Trump was Amy Klobuchar.

Amy-KlobucharHis points made sense, as Will’s points most always do, and I had added her to my list of potentials.  Then today comes the news that Ms. Klobuchar has a history of mistreating her staff.  It is even said it caused such concerns that in 2015, then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid spoke to her privately and told her to change her behavior, though Reid neither confirms nor denies.  Sigh.  Another one bites the dust.  It becomes apparent to me that there will be early and multiple attempts to discredit any and every democrat who plans to run in 2020.  Somebody, republicans and/or Russians, has already begun a concerted campaign to sling as much mud, to dig up as much dirt as possible on every candidate who appears to present a challenge to Trump.  It is gonna be ugly, folks.  I have to wonder if there will be any whose past won’t come back to haunt them over the next 21 months.  Shoot me now.

And on that note, I leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend.Weekend

23 thoughts on “Saturday’s Snarky Snippets

  1. The roster of candidates thus far is CRAZY! I’ve picked my early favorite and hope SHE doesn’t get raked over the coals … but somehow I’m not going to bet on it. Methinks it’s going to be a nasty primary if all stay in the race. BTW, I wonder what venue will be used that can hold all the candidates for debates??!?

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  2. There are many Democrats testing the waters for a presidential run, many more will make the attempt and fall by the wayside. It is early and I will wait and watch and hope that someone (anyone?) can rise to the top and end the “Reign of Trump”. At this point in time, sadly, I’m not yet seeing the “ONE” that will be able to succeed but I could be wrong…I had mistakenly believed that Trump could never win in 2016! Thank-you!

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    • I am of the same mind as you. It will require a candidate with a solid platform, no skeletons in his/her closet, and a bit of likeability. Hillary’s biggest problem, outside of the dirty pool played by the Trump campaign and the Russians, was her lack of warmth, of charisma. A lot of people, even in this 21st century, still vote more on the basis of personality than platform. And the other thing that we need to see is the Democratic Party standing in unity behind that one right candidate, rather than splintering off and fighting among themselves. Like you, I don’t see that “one” candidate who stands heads above the others just yet, and I see disarray in the DNC. We’ve got 21 months, so let’s hope things come together by then.


  3. While I do not turn a “blind eye” to news, I generally do not “live” news, especially politics.. should I become interested in an individual I will use the internet, etc to gather up information as to their accomplishments, etc… it is not up to me to determine if someone is wasting ones time believing they can make a difference… to do that would make me no different than the crowd… 🙂

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  4. Jill, Elizabeth Warren has not been one of my favorites. She brings good points but sometimes projects histrionics? She lost any chance with me when she decided to respond to DJT’s baiting. Sadly, she probably did believe and was proud of Native American heritage growing up. The genetics behind race identity gets complicated. Why she would put it on her documents is beyond me. The field of candidates is going to be ridiculous. I agree at this point she is wasting her time and splitting the vote.

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    • It’s too bad, for she is intelligent and brings good ideas to the table. But frankly, even if it were not for the Native American situation, I don’t think she was electable, for she has the same fatal flaw that Hillary had: lack of charisma. In a nutshell, that was one of the main things that cost Hillary the election in 2016.

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  5. When it comes to the Democratic 2020 field, I think it’s important to talk about them as different players on the same team. They each bring their strengths, and their weaknesses, to the team as a whole. We’re all pulling in the same direction, but play different roles in doing so. I would also caution against making any decisions about the viability of a candidate based on how the media shapes the narrative. We know from 2016 that men and women are treated extraordinarily differently.

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    • Excellent points you’ve brought up, I totally agree. As a party of unity, Dems should uplift each other and mount a concerted effort against the real enemy.
      Best wishes to Ms Warren, she seems to be the best of the bunch so far. There’s talk of a HRC comeback, 3 times a charm and we can finally address her as Madam President!
      Personally I’m holding out for Bernie, but seemingly the odds are against him as the DNC would sandbag him once again in favor of a stronger candidate. It would not surprise me in the least if Hillary announces her candidacy last minute after the front runners start eliminating one another.
      As far as Ms. Klobuchar is concerned, I wouldn’t count her out. HRC is notorious for her temper tantrum and mistreating staff/ secret service, that never stopped her from running. This story is a nothing-burger compared to Donnie’s antics, we’re not even close! There are female candidates in the mix, I’m feeling very hopeful indeed for 2020!!


    • The unfortunate reality, though, is that what comes out in the media will, whether it ought to or not, make a big difference in a candidate’s viability. This is what’s frightening, for already, some 21 months before the election, dirt is being dug up. By the republicans? With help from the Russians? Or other entities? Nothing will surprise me, but if we thought 2016 was a mudfest, 2020 is looking to be much worse. What is needed, I think, is not 30+ candidates vying for the nomination, but for the Democratic Party to unify behind a solid candidate who has a good platform, no dark clouds or skeletons in his/her closet, and is likeable. Hillary’s downfall was primarily that she lacked the ‘likeability’ factor, as well as the fact that she was married to Bill Clinton. Elizabeth Warren won’t be able to escape the Native American issue. I agree that in an ideal world, it would be great for all the candidates to act as a team, supporting each other, and for the voting public to overlook a few mistakes in the past. Unfortunately, though, we live in a very divisive world where some are just looking for an excuse to pounce. And yet, Trump with all his baggage managed a win 2 years ago. I still don’t get that one.

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      • I agree that unifying behind the eventual nominee is critical, but I also think a vigorous primary is important. Let’s test their viability as a candidate and discuss their proposed policy positions to get the strongest candidate. What worries me is that the incentives of big media plus social media platforms being ripe for disinformation makes a vigorous primary based on substantive issues difficult.

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  6. Jill, Mr. Stone relishes being able to talk about himself or his beliefs. His greatest punishment would be to deny him an audience. Trump is the same way. It would be interesting for the news to report only when he tells the truth. It would be wonderful of someone reported “The Presidebny tweeted something, but since we found it untrue, we decided not to report on it.”

    As for Klobochar, no one is perfect and if the Dems are looking for a perfect candidate, they will not find one. I am not condoning bad behavior and poor decisions, but I do think someone’s whole career and nature need to be evaluated as context. Mark Shields noted that the Dems have a bad habit of a circular firing squad – this is a more liberal columnist saying this.

    Again, I am not condoning poor behavior, but context is important. I still think the VA governor should resign for his poor decisions and handling of the issue, yet Shields notes the governor attends a church that is 60% African-American and expanded Medicaid for people needing healthcare,

    I would wager that any politician with a questionable decision in their past is very worried.


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    • Keith, totally agree that the media should find a better way to deal with the lies rather than giving them so much air time. Not sure if Virginia governor should resign in this climate though. Like the phrase circular firing squad. My measure is to look at the track record. I do believe people learn and do change. I agree also his initial handling left much to question.

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    • I love your idea … why, if the media only reported on Trump’s truths, we would likely never have to see his ugly mug on our screens at all!!!

      I agree with what you say about Klobuchar … a mistake or misstep shouldn’t ruin one’s career, depending on what that mistake is, of course. But, you and I both know that the 2020 election season is going to be the ugliest in the history of this nation. Between the GOP, who is gasping for breath and will take desperate measures, and the Russians, who I fully believe are set to do as much damage to any democratic candidate as they can, any slight misstep by a candidate will be blown out of proportion, highlighted, and never allowed to fade from the news. This is why I think both Warren and Klobuchar are now “damaged”.

      I do agree that I think Northam, Fairfax and the other two should resign. Immediately. Northam keeps digging his hole deeper … his latest being that he’s trying to ‘gain a deeper understanding’ by reading an article by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and also reading a few chapters of Alex Haley’s ‘Roots’. Sigh. That statement in itself shows that he still doesn’t get it. And as for Fairfax, he should have stepped down as soon as the first woman came forward. I don’t know what any of them think they can accomplish by insisting they will remain in office, for they have lost all credibility and can only cause more damage.

      As I said, it’s gonna get ugly.


      • Jill, the GOP will be contending with a lot of stuff that is coming home to roost. I wrote this morning that in a seven state area around and including Nebraska, farm bankruptcies through October, 2018 are 45% higher than all of 2017. The ill-conceived tariffs have impacted both markets and prices. The economy will slow in 2018 around the globe and in the US. It is not reported much here, but Italy is in a recession and China slowing impacts everyone, a point the President overlooks. It is to America’s benefit for others to have healthy economies.

        Then there is all of his misdeeds, crimes and unethical actions. At a minimum, Trump has obstructed justice and made money off the Presidency which is a no-no. Per the CIA, at the very minimum, he is an unwitting participant in a Russian influence campaign, but it appears to be much more with Stone indicted and six others found guilty, plus Guiliani saying there were Russian contacts with the campaign.

        Then, there is the issue of tax refunds being reduced and certain manufacturing expansions not happening plus the shutdown. And, we should not forget the President is making it easier for payday lenders to screw the common man and not require all investment advisors to be fiduciaries. I could go on.

        This man is all about giving tax breaks to wealthy people and freeiing industry up to pee on our pool.

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        • I hadn’t heard about the farm bankruptcies (I’ll get over to your post to read more soon), but it isn’t surprising at all. Economists predicted it when he first announced his tariffs. It definitely IS in our best interest for other nations to have strong economies, for we are all interconnected, but this is what Trump and his minions fail to see (or refuse to acknowledge?). We are living in a global world, and isolationism just is NOT going to work, no matter how much he touts it. Globalism is not the horrid thing some claim it to be … it gives us so many more opportunities, not to mention better security.

          I just hope all his misdeeds as uncovered by Robert Mueller and his team do not get swept under the rug by the incoming AG. I don’t trust the DOJ to be open and transparent, and won’t be surprised if they try to bury Mueller’s report.

          As you might guess, I am not looking forward to this tax season, having to explain repeatedly why my clients owe more or will be getting a reduced refund. I tried to tell everyone back in December 2017 that what little additional money they might see on their paycheck would be offset by the elimination of certain deductions and credits at the end of the year, but did they listen?

          You’re spot on with that expression … they are peeing in our pool and frankly I’m tired of it!


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